Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

EPM System 11.1.1.x is approaching End of Premier Support

(in via Mel)

Are you still running on EPM 11.1.1.x?

Then it may be a good time to upgrade to EPM 11.1.2.x as the Premier Support for 11.1.1.x  is coming to an end in July 2013.

After July 2013, Sustaining Support will continue to be provided in accordance with  Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy

Upgrading also allows you to benefit from the new features in EPM 11.1.2.x

If you like to read more, check out  KM Doc ID 1511588.1

Tuesday Feb 26, 2013

Youtube video: Choosing an EPM deployment path

(in via Jan)

In case you have never done an EPM installation, or are unsure which of the options to chose when installing, you may want to spend 6 minutes of your time to watch this useful video:

Choosing a Deployment Path for Your Oracle EPM System Installation, Release

it was released today on the Oracle EPM Channel on YouTube.

We recommend subscribing to this channel or regularly visiting it for updates. (It's also on our blogroll, in case you forgot the link ;))

Friday Feb 22, 2013

OBIEE End of Error Correction Support

(in via Lia)

Just to make you aware of the upcoming end of the grace period, we blog about this again:

The  Oracle Lifetime Support Policy states that once a new version is released, older versions of a product get a grace period in which they still receive some maintenance and bug fixing. This grace period is usually one year.

So with the release of of OBIEE in March 2012, OBIEE was put into its grace period.

Now - a year later the OBIEE grace period will end on March 1st 2013 (also see KM Doc 1530991.1 ). This means that there will be no further new fixes, patches, or bug repairs be done to this version.

We therefore recommend to upgrade your system to OBIEE, by following the steps outlined in the KM Doc: Upgrade Advisor: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) from to (Doc ID 1434253.1)

Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

OBIEE certification update

(in via Lia)

Some new Client Operating Systems were added to the OBIEE certification in January:

So from now on, the OBIEE Application is supported on pretty much all Apple Operating Systems (save those that slipped me here).

More Fusion Middleware certification information can be found  here.

Did you notice our new certification communities? All questions regarding "does version X work with version Y?", "Is Version X Supported on Operating System Z" or "What Data sources can be used as Repository for Version A" can and will be answered by the moderators and participants.

Where to find these? Simply go to either:

Monday Feb 18, 2013

ODTUG Conference returns to Australia

Great news - the dates for ODTUG BI/EPM Conference in Melbourne (Australia) have been announced: 

BI/EPM Seriously Practical Conference

21st & 22nd March 2013

Over the 2 days you will hear from  presenters covering various Oracle BI & EPM products with information including enhancement tips, tricks and techniques.

Not only does the conference offer you to hear direct from the  presenters but also a great opportunity to "meet & greet" between sessions.

To kick-start Day 1 you will hear from Haleem Jan Babar (Oracle Director of EPM BI Architecture & Technology APAC) for the "Keynote: What's Coming in Oracle Bi and EPM".  Proactive Support will also be in attendance, with Paul Anderson presenting on various Support avenues including recent changes and resources & systems available to you. 

Want to know more?

Visit the full agenda - available at:

ODTUG BI/EPM - Melbourne

Visit the Oracle Development Team User Group (ODTUG) - Melbourne website at:

Are you interested in Oracle User Conferences around the world?

A summary of upcoming events where Proactive Support will be attending is available in blog entry "Team Schedule".

Thursday Feb 14, 2013

retired Business Rules and the migration to Calculation Manager

(in via Nancy)

With the retirement of Business Rules as of the EPM v11.1.2.2 release, a white paper has been written  "Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) to Calculation Manager Migration White Paper (Doc ID 1528121.1)" to assist in the migration when upgrading from previous versions of EPM to  It is published as an attachment to the KM document that can be downloaded for reference. 

Additionally, an Advisor Webcast took place on January 10, 2013 – Migrating Business Rules to Calc Manager.  To view the recording of this session or to access the presentation, please refer to KM article: "Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived recordings (Doc ID 740966.1)".

Once the Welcome to the Oracle Advisor Webcast Program page is displayed, select Oracle Business Analytics from the Select a product to get started drop-down list then navigate to the Archived 2013 tab.

Additional to the Webcast there is a thread in the Planning community in which questions and answers towards the Webcast and the migration are collected.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

Where are your questions now?

Based on the fact that compatibility questions are asked in a good percentage of Support Cases (SRs), it seemed necessary to decipher this area for our customers.

Initiatives included the MOS "Certification"-Tab that you can use to check if your system/OS is compatible with your release of an Oracle Product (lately including EPM), and of course for EPM there has always been the  compatibility matrix. And for BI we have a similar one here.

But of course these may not answer every last question that you may have towards compatibility, and therefore
on January 31st 2013 we have launched 2 new Certification Communities:

Our Moderators have been busy posting information on common questions that customers are asking in Service Requests.

Certification in this case is equivalent to "supported on", "compatible with" "Compatibility Matrix" etc.

Want to be the first customer to take advantage of our new Certification Communities in BI and EPM?

Take a look and see if we already posted the information you are looking for.

Should you not find the information you need, please post to the community and our moderators are happy to answer your question.
There is no need to log a Service Request, just a post is all you need to get your question answered.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

Log in and see what these communities can do for you!

Wednesday Feb 06, 2013

OBIEE 11g is Available For BI Enterprise and Exalytics

(in via Ian)

The Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition patch set has been released and is available to download from  My Oracle Support.

Per the patch readme: 

  • This patch set is available for all customers who are using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition,,, BP1,,, and 
  • Oracle Exalytics customers must only install this Oracle Business Intelligence patch set if it is certified for the specific Oracle Exalytics patch or patch set update that they are applying. For more information see Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation and Administration Guide for Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and the Oracle Exalytics certification information.

The Oracle Business Intelligence patch set is comprised of the following patches:
Patch 16094198 (1 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Installer. (generic)
Patch 16094192 (2 of 7) Oracle Real Time Decisions. (generic)
Patch 16080520 (3 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. (generic)
Patch 16094205 (4 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence ADF Components. (generic)
Patch 16094211 (5 of 7) Enterprise Performance Management Components Installed from BI Installer (port-specific)
Patch 16067995 (6 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence. (port-specific)
Patch 16097082 (7 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer  (generic)


  • The Readme files for the above patches describe the bugs fixed in each patch, and any known bugs with the patch.
  • This patch is cumulative, and therefore, contains all of the fixes included in the earlier,,, and patch sets.
  • However, lists of fixes from included patch sets need to be looked up in the respective patches' readme files, and are not included in the above patches' readme files.
  • The instructions to apply the above patches are identical, and are contained in the readme file for patch 16094198.
  • Please bear in mind, that the readme states to apply patch 13952743 for JDeveloper, too.

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