Thursday Aug 30, 2012

SmartView - Support for MS Office 64 added

(thanks to Nancy, who shared this with me) 

New for Smart View v11., Patch 14362638,  

Microsoft Office 64-bit is now supported

Information for 64-Bit Microsoft Office Installations:

In this release, Smart View supports the 64-bit version on Microsoft Office.
If you use 64-bit Office, please note the following:

  • Oracle provides separate Smart View installation files for 64-bit and 32-bit Office systems. .
    • smartview-x64.exe is the file for 64-bit Office installations.
    • smartview.exe is the file for 32-bit Office installations.
  • The 64-bit version of Smart View pertains only to the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office and not to the version of the operating system. Customers with 64-bit operating systems and the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office should install the 32-bit version of Smart View.
  • You cannot install the 64-bit version of Smart View from EPM Workspace (13530466).
  • Although Planning Offline is supported for 64-bit operating systems, it is not supported for 64-bit Smart View installations. If you use Planning Offline with Smart View, you must use the 32-bit version of Smart View and the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office.
  • In 64-bit versions of Excel 2010 SP1, the presence of Smart View functions may cause Excel to terminate abruptly and may prevent Copy Data Point and Paste Data Point functions from working. This is a Microsoft issue, and a service request has been filed with Microsoft. Workaround: Until the Microsoft fix, use the 32-bit version of Smart View. (13606492)
  • The Smart View function migration utility is not supported on 64-bit Office. (14342207)
  •  (corrected the version from ..103 to ...300 - sorry for the confusion this might have caused)

OBIEE patching support about to end soon

To all Users of the older release OBIEE

Patching support for ends in September (1 year after patchset release).
After September, there will be no more one-off patches available for or lower versions.

Customers may apply patchset so they can continue receiving one-off patches if situations arise.

Note: is a QA-tested patchset (collection of all bug fixes from merged together) and is not an upgrade.

Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

Proactive Support Sessions at OUG London and OUG Ireland

Oracle Proactive Support Technology is proud to announce that two members of its team will be speaking at the UK and Ireland User Group Conferences this year.

Maurice and Greg plan to run the following sessions (may be subject to change):

Maurice Bauhahn
OUG Ireland BI & EPM and Technology
Joint SIG Meeting
20 November 2012
BI&EPM SIG event in Ireland (09:00-17:00)
OUG London EPM & Hyperion Conference 2012
Tuesday 23rd to Wednesday 24th Oct 2012

Profit from Oracle Diagnostic Tools Embedded in EPM

Oracle bundles in many of its software suites valuable toolsets to collect logs and settings, slice/dice error messages, track performance, and trace activities across services. Become familiar with several enterprise-level diagnostic tools embedded in Enterprise Performance Management (Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, Remote Diagnostic Agent, Dynamic Monitoring Service, and Oracle Diagnostic Framework).
Expedite resolution of Service Requests as you learn to upload output from these tools to My Oracle Support.

Who will benefit from attending the session?
Geeks will find this most beneficial, but anyone who raises Oracle technical service requests will learn valuable pointers that may speed resolution.
The focus is on the EPM stack, but this session will benefit almost everyone who needs to drill deeper into Oracle software environments.

What will delegates learn from the session?
Delegates who participate in this session will learn:
  1. How to access and run Remote Diagnostic Agent, Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, Dynamic Monitoring Service, and Oracle Diagnostic Framework.
  2. How to exploit the strengths of each tool.
  3. How to pass the outputs to My Oracle Support.
  4. How to restrict exposure of sensitive information.

OUG Ireland BI & EPM and Technology
Joint SIG Meeting
20 November 2012
BI&EPM SIG event in Ireland (09:00-17:00)
OUG London EPM & Hyperion Conference 2012
Tuesday 23rd to Wednesday 24th Oct 2012

Using EPM-Specific Troubleshooting Tools

EPM developers have created a number of EPM-specific tools to collect logs and configuration files, centralize configuration information, and validate a configured installation (Ziplogs, EPM Registry Editor, [Deployment Report, Registry Cleanup Utility, Reset Configuration Tool, EPMSYS Hostname Check] and Validate [EPM System Diagnostic]). Learn how to use these tools on your own or to expedite Service Request resolution.

Who will benefit from attending the session?
Anyone who monitors Oracle EPM environments or raises service requests will learn valuable lessons that could speed resolution of those requests.
Anyone from novices to experts will benefit from this review of custom troubleshooting EPM tools.

What will delegates learn from the session?
  1. Learn where to locate and start EPM troubleshooting tools created by EPM developers
  2. Learn how to collect and upload outputs of EPM troubleshooting tools.
  3. Adapt to history of changes in these tools across time and version.
  4. Learn how to make critical changes in configurations.

Grzegorz Reizer
OUG London EPM & Hyperion Conference 2012
Tuesday 23rd to Wednesday 24th Oct 2012

EPM Detailed overview of new features and improvements in Financial Management products.

This presentation is a detailed overview of new features and improvements introduced in Enterprise Performance Management for Financial Management products (Hyperion Financial Managment, Hyperion Planning, Financial Close Management).
The presentation will cover a number of new product features from recently introduced configurable dimensionality in HFM to new functionality enhancements in Planning.
We'll close the session with an overview of upgrade options from earlier product releases.

Friday Aug 24, 2012

Recorded SmartView Webcast

Along the line of our previous blogpost I received a gentle reminder to mention our recorded Advisor Webcast regarding SmartView from December '11:

You can find the

of that Advisor Webcast at the links above.

So - if you are not familiar with SmartView yet - check out the recording.
You will get an overview of its features and an idea on how it works.

Transition from Excel Add in to SmartView

For all of you that have received the information about the End of Life of the classic Excel Add In for Essbase, and now wondering what to do once it is no longer with us.
Oracle has released a White Paper with the title: "Moving from Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in to Oracle® Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition".

You can find it here:

It gives you some of the reasons why SmartView is preferred to the classic Add In:

Smart View is the Strategic Office Add-in for Oracle EPM and Oracle® BI products including Oracle® Essbase. Smart View is vastly improved from the Oracle® Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in many ways. Here are some reasons to consider for moving from Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in to Smart View:

  • Improved feature functionality over Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in
  • Single add-in for multiple products as opposed to only Essbase
  • Rich functionality specific to the data source (Essbase, Planning etc.)
  • Support for Word and PowerPoint
  • 64-bit Office support
  • Support for newer versions of Office and Windows O/S’s
  • "When accessing EPM sources, end users like to see the same type and quality of chart across all Office products."
  • The new release of Smart View allows users accessing EPM sources from an Office environment to render the same type and quality of charts across Office products - Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.
  • Improved architecture keeping pace with newer trends in Office and Analysis
  • HTTP(s) makes access possible via internet/

As well as a number of tips on how to migrate and how to use some of the features.

Looking for more information about SmartView? - visit its Documentation on technet

Thursday Aug 23, 2012

Hyperion EPM Info Channels

Additional to the already mentioned YouTube channel, we now feature a link to the LinkeIn User Group "Hyperion EPM Info" make sure you join that group on LinkedIn to stay up to date with their announcements.

You find this in our link section under "EPM Blogs and User groups".

 If you prefer other networks you can also  join their channels on:

Oracle EPM Webcasts - YouTube Channel

We just learned that a YouTube channel exists for Oracle EPM:

Currently there are three videos for the use of OTN, and how to find the EPM Documentation, and the EPM installation Documentation and an introduction to ERPI.

However, we expect more to come this way, and I will be happy to forward any suggestion that is made in our comments to the EPM Information Development Team.

Friday Aug 10, 2012

OBIEE SampleApp BP1 (image V207) is now available

OBIEE SampleApp BP1 (image V207) is now available for public download from the SampleApp home page (

SampleApp V207 is a Virtual Box image with a fully operating OBIEE environment including a comprehensive set of illustrative examples and best practices for OBIEE BP1.
The image integrates several preconfigured applications: OBIEE BP1, Oracle Database (Apex, OLAP, ODM & ORE), Oracle TimesTen, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Internet Directory, and more…

The whole image download size is in the region of 22GB.

Hyperion Disclosure Management Webinars

For anyone interested in Hyperion Disclosure Management, a series of webinars are now available.

The “TD Webinar” series is focused on Taxonomy Designer, specifically regarding the SEC extension taxonomy use case.

The webinars starts with an introduction to XBRL Reporting and Disclosure Management as it applies to the SEC Interactive Data Mandate.  The remaining webinars provide a more in-depth look at XBRL terminology and the Taxonomy Designer tool, starting with the simpler SEC 1st year taxonomy use case and increasing in complexity with 2nd year taxonomies and more advanced topics. 

These Hyperion Disclosure Management Webinars can be accessed via the KM Video Index at Doc ID 1463345.1.


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