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My neighbour Ozay and I, each have one small garden. Because it is spring time in the Northern hemisphere, we rolled up our sleeves and prepared to get dirty.  We have engaged in a healthy competition to decide who will be able to produce healthier and more abundant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants this year?

Every year around this time, we start searching in the internet for the best hints. Oh my goodness, there are so many sites out there that are written for this subject! When I start reading, many times I start to branch from here to there, and sometimes hours go by before I realize that I was surfing pointlessly, having lost the essence of what I was originally searching for.

I wonder; Is it too much to ask for ONE site that gives all of the information I need in a tidy manner?

People working in IT also encounter many problems everyday. They also must increase their knowledge steadily, and prepare themselves for problems to come in the future.  For this reason, it is very important for them to find and access the most current and useful articles, and the most common questions, problems and their solutions.  It is most beneficial if they can find this all in a single place.

Meanwhile, other departments are constantly contributing new information to the pile:

  • Support Service groups continually solves problems and creates new articles. In time, the number of these documents steadily increase.
  • Software is continually updated with new versions and new patches.
  • Knowledge is constantly turning over.  An article that was very popular a few months ago, may loose its importance today

Well, how are we able to choose the most important and most topical ones, easily and quickly?  How will we be able to keep the most frequently encountered problems and solutions and most up to date documents in our favorites lists?  If you, like me, are wondering, “I wish there was a professional team that would tidy up and manage my favorites links for me, adding new articles and removing old ones, etc,” then I have an answer for you.  Welcome to the world of our Information Centers!  It looks similar to a large “Favorites links” list, created and managed by our support experts who work on hundreds of problems daily. They group and present the most useful and current articles in a single place for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an Overview on your product, or you are looking for latest “most frequently encountered problems / solutions,” or you are in the process of upgrading to a new version and looking for most useful articles, or if you’re simply wondering about the latest “News and Announcements.”  Information Centers are created just for you, and they’ve recently been updated with a more professional look and feel!

A regular glance at the “News and Announcements” and “New Articles” sections will keep you in the loop. Having a short look at the “Troubleshoot” and “Community” sections, especially before filing a service request, may save you time by identifying a known issue with a solution.  In the “Usability” sections, you can find the information necessary to get the most from your product.  Articles on latest patches, what you need to know about installation and configuration, the knowledge that you must have before starting an upgrade project, and much more are prepared for you by support experts and presented in an always up to date manner all together in one place.

Here are the Development Tools Information Centers :

How jealous would Ozay be, if I had an Information Center on growing vegetables?  I would spent much less time getting lost in the weeds of the internet, and much more time enjoying my garden!


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