Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

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My neighbour Ozay and I, each have one small garden. Because it is spring time in the Northern hemisphere, we rolled up our sleeves and prepared to get dirty.  We have engaged in a healthy competition to decide who will be able to produce healthier and more abundant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants this year?

Every year around this time, we start searching in the internet for the best hints. Oh my goodness, there are so many sites out there that are written for this subject! When I start reading, many times I start to branch from here to there, and sometimes hours go by before I realize that I was surfing pointlessly, having lost the essence of what I was originally searching for.

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Thursday Apr 04, 2013

MOS Community "Middleware Certification"

Do you know ...

 ... What's New in the  My Oracle Support (MOS) Communities space ?    The Middleware Certification Community !!

Typically the MOS Communities are dedicated to specific products and the discussions are about specific topics within that product.

Its’ forum philosophy is well accepted – anybody can post a question, answer a question, search, learn and share experiences. The direct interaction with peers of the same interest group combined with contribution of experts from Support guarantees smooth and fast resolution and topical discussions. 

Middleware Certification crosses the border and covers most of the products within the Fusion Middleware product suite.

The scope of the Middleware Certification is to assist you to locate certification information and how to interpret them. 

If you don’t know much about the MOS Communities please check out this video and note "Taking Full Advantage of All Information Available in My Oracle Support (MOS) [Video] Note 1455667.1". It also explains how to subscribe to the communities which you are interested in.

By the way, for Development Tools there are Communities for Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Application Express and SQL *Plus - see the permanent references in the Communities section on the right.

Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

Just Released - Fusion Middleware 11gR1 Patchset 6 (

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11 G Release 1 is now on patchset 6 with version number
Download it from

  • Oracle Technology Network (OTN) - FMW downloads
  • Oracle Software Delivery Cloud ( OSDC)
  • My Oracle Support (MOS) - Patches - for Portal, Forms, Reports, Discoverer patch 16471668

Find more announcement details in Note 1535341.1. It is strongly recommended to move forward to the latest patchset to benefit from latest feature set and product defect fixing.

Considering, Oracle Reports users should check Alert Note 1522543.1.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2013


The "classic" set of Oracle development tools is represented by Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. Around "since ever", nevertheless modern and shipped within latest Oracle Fusion Middleware releases. Certainly the tools changed a lot compared to the early ages, state now they adopt latest technologies and are well embedded into the Oracle Middleware architecture.

Oracle Application Express (aka Apex, formerly known as HTML DB) is a smart, browser based development tool, a well recognized additional option for PL/SQL application programming.

Furthermore, SQL*Plus and SQLDeveloper as basic utilities of every developer are in focus here.

Proactive Support

So - the technical scope of this blog is clear - all around SQL and PL/SQL development tools.
But - what's "Proactive Support"?

The main goal is to improve customer experience with our Support offerings.
Find and highlight hot topics, catch and remove pain points, increase quality of content and services.
There are so many details in MOS My Oracle Support (MOS) like  MOS Community Communities, Information Centers, Power Search, Advisors, Webcasts, .... - we will help to discover them. 


This is the official blog of the Proactive Support Team for Developer Tools: Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Apex, SQLDeveloper, ... . Find information about our activities, publications, product related information and more.


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