Friday Feb 27, 2015

New Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12.1.3 Public VM

A new publicly available VM image of EDQ 12.1.3 is available on OTN here.

The VM image is suitable for testing, evaluation, demonstration and training of Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Watchlist Screening.

Note that the VirtualBox appliance requires 4GB of memory, and therefore a host machine with at least 8GB of physical memory available (preferably more).

The following software is installed in this VirtualBox image:

· Oracle Enterprise Linux (64-bit) 6.6

· Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

· Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Customer Data Services Pack

· Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Address Verification

· Oracle Watchlist Screening

· Oracle Database Enterprise Edition

· Oracle WebLogic Server

· Oracle SQL Developer

· Oracle Java SE Development Kit Version 7, Update 71

· Oracle Java SE Development Kit Version 8, Update 25

Thank You,

The Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Product Management team

Visit the Oracle Enterprise Data Quality page on OTN.

Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

Malware sites offering Oracle 'patches'


It has come to our attention that there are non-Oracle sites offering Oracle 'fixes' for genuine Oracle error messages.

You probably already don't need to be told, however:

please do not download these fixes as

  • they are not authorized by us in any way and
  • are more than likely to be dangerous to your system

If you do encounter one of these sites please inform us immediately via  Communities or create a SR and we will rectify the situation.

If you are unsure if a patch can be trusted, contact us as well via  Communities or create a SR.

Proactive Support are already investigating some known sites.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to make people aware that

any article in MOS is copyrighted by Oracle.

So please refrain from re-posting MOS articles on external sites. Instead, if you find a useful article and are interested in sharing it, please pass a description and the MOS Document ID, so that users can easily find the article.

Tuesday Apr 01, 2014

EDQ 8.1.11 Maintenance Release Available

for 8.1 customers only[Read More]

Monday Oct 21, 2013

Oracle Data Integration 12c

Oracle Data Integration 12c is available[Read More]

Friday Aug 23, 2013

The A-Team Chronicles

The A-Team is a central, outbound, highly technical team comprised of Enterprise Architects, Solution Specialists and Software Engineers [Read More]

Thursday Jul 18, 2013

Bundled Patch ODI Released!

new bundled patch ODI is released[Read More]

Thursday Jul 04, 2013

Information Centers for Data Integration Products

Information Centers (IC) are special KM documents within My Oracle Support (MOS).

They act as entry points to provide more information about product specific information.[Read More]

Friday May 17, 2013

Extended Support for Oracle Warehouse Builder 10.2 is going to expire

We would like to inform you that Extended Support for Oracle Warehouse Builder 10.2 is going to expire on 31 July 2013!

Customers can choose to upgrade to Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) 11.1 or 11.2. The recommendation is to upgrade to OWB 11.2 to benefit from the longest support window and patchsets. For further information and upgrade instructions, you can refer to the following article :

Oracle Warehouse Builder 10.2 Premier and Extended Support Status [ID 1113493.1]

Saturday May 04, 2013

ODI: When to use RDA and RCC ?

For Oracle Data Integrator there are two troubleshooting tools available, RDA (Remote Diagnostics Agent like for most other Oracle products) and RCC (Repository Consistency Checker). So which do I use and when? 

  • RDA can be used to help diagnose issues in an ODI 11g environment and with other integrated products (e.g. Oracle database, WebCenter components and integration points).
  • RDA cannot help to verify the consistency of a repository.
  • RDA is not intrusive and can (and should) be used in development and production environments.
  • RCC must be used prior to ODI upgrades to verify if repository is consistent.
  • RCC should NOT be used on a production environment, only on a cloned environment.

See following notes for more information:

How To Run RDA for Oracle Data Integrator 11g (Note 1457914.1)
Using OCM (Oracle Configuration Manager) and RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) For Troubleshooting ODI (Note 1398483.1)
How To Use The Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) - Repository Consistency Checker (RCC) Tool (Note 1058107.1)
How To Analyze The Damaged Text Entries Detected By The ODI Repository Consistency Checker (RCC) Utility (Note 1061732.1)

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