Wednesday Sep 24, 2014

Oracle Mobile Application Framework Version (2.0.1) Now Available

The Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Version (2.0.1) has been released September 23, 2014. 

Apple iOS 8 Support

The new release has support for Apple iOS 8. Updating to MAF 2.0.1 is necessary to stay current with the latest Apple iOS AppStore upload requirements.  Apple has just changed several upload requirements in the first part of September 2014, and MAF 2.0.1 has been enhanced to meet these ever-changing upload requirements that were frequently introduced without any prior warning.

Enterprise Application Management and Security Enhancements

MAF 2.0.1, has a tighter integration with Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) to manage iOS version of MAF applications.  Mobile Application Framework by itself provides robust encryption and tight integration with enterprise security infrastructure.  However, when you need Mobile Application Management, Data Leak Policy Enforcement, and Containerization support, Oracle Mobile Security Suite is Oracle's recommended solution.

Enhanced Tooling Support

JDeveloper users are used to using the “Run Configurations” feature in order to test their code.  Previously in MAF, this was never hooked up and the only way to run an app was to deploy it via the applications menu.  Now the run/debug configurations are setup to build/deploy and run the applications in either release or debug mode.

There are also a number of enhancements for AMX Components, for both data display and visualization.

See the  New Oracle Mobile Application Framework Version (2.0.1) Now Available blog entry to see the full details.

Monday Sep 15, 2014

Top 10 solution documents for Weblogic Server J2EE June 2014 -Aug 2014

The following are the top 10 documents linked to SRs as solutions, for Weblogic Server J2EE issues, from June 2014 thru August 2014.

1215249.1 Spring Framework Support in Oracle WebLogic Server Versions.   Provide summary of  Spring Framework versions support in WebLogic Server.
1584779.1 Socket Leaks When Calling Web-Service Over SSL This is a known bug 16810786  Fixed  10.3.5 with patch and fixed by 12.1.3.
1300770.1 WLS Web Application: Error page configuration! Using error-page tags to configure custom error pages for specific error codes in the 'web.xml', causes a problem where the custom error page isn't loaded properly.
1284413.1 InvalidAlgorithmParameterException when client invokes secure webservice on WLS, due to "trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty"  When client invokes secure Webservice on Weblogic 10.3.3 (WLS), the following exception is observed, resulting in SOAP fault: SEVERE: AbstractWebServiceBindingComponent.dispatchRequest Unable to dispatch request
1436012.1 The exception is seen on the log file while navigating to a page that access a file which size has been recently modified. Specifically, this error is shown is the particular file has decreased its size.
1306295.1 Deployment Issue - BEA-2156203 A version attribute was not found in element persistence in the deployment descriptor   An application which is working on WLS 10.3.3. On WLS 10.3.4 and above when compiling EJB's using the utilities included with WLS, you will notice the errors.
1679110.1 WebLogic searches the entire jars in the classpath to determine the Jaxp implementation class to load WebLogic Server got hangs intermittedly, and in thread dump it shows lots of threads were blocked trying to get lock: java/util/Collections$SynchronizedList, e.g.,
1476767.1 "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.LocalStrings" With WLS11g (Java 6) And SAAJ When Having The wls-wsat.war Deployed If the web service (using saaj-impl 1.3.jar) gets deployed before “wls-wsat.war” there are no issues with the service, but “wls-wsat.war” fails to deploy with the error:
948932.1 After upgrade to Weblogic 10.3 (with JRockit upgrade), the following JSP compilation failure occurs. Exception: Failed to compile JSP /xxx/Search.jsp Search.jsp:19:2: The code of method _jspService(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit
966191.1 WLS 10.0 MP1: JAVA.NET.PROTOCOLEXCEPTION IN THE LOGS.   On deploying their web application 'abc-portal-5.2.5.war', on WLS 10.0 MP1, customer is frequently experiencing the below error:In servlet context "weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext@584e97 - appName: 'abc-portal-5', name: 'abc-portal-5.2.5.war', context-path: ''" failed, Didn't meet stated Content-Length,

Monday Aug 18, 2014

Exclusive Expert and Peer-Led Sessions—Only at Oracle OpenWorld

With more than 2,500 sessions, dozens of hands-on labs, hundreds of demos, four Exhibition Halls, and countless meet-ups, Oracle OpenWorld is the place to learn, share, and network.

Planning ahead is always a smart move and here are some links to help you plan your Oracle OpenWorld schedule.

You will hear directly from Oracle Thought leaders, Oracle Support experts and their peers about how to succeed across the Oracle stack—from Oracle Consulting Thought Leader sessions dedicated to the cloud to hands on demos showing the value of My Oracle Support—Oracle Open World is your one stop shop for everything Oracle.

Featured sessions include:

Visit the Support & Services Oracle OpenWorld website to discover how you can take advantage of all Oracle OpenWorld has to offer. With 500 Services experts, 50+ sessions, networking events and demos of powerful new support tools, customers will find relevant, useful information about how Oracle Services enables the success of their Oracle hardware and software investments.

Thursday Aug 14, 2014

Top 10 solution documents for JDeveloper/ADF/MAF April 2014 thru July 2014.

The following are the top 10 documents that are linked to SRs as solutions, for JDeveloper/ADF issues, during 5/2014 thru 7/2014. JDeveloper/ADF

1465411.1 Where to Find Oracle Java Development Products Documentation The purpose of this document is to assist you to locate the Oracle Java Development product documentation.  This note is linked to the SR when documentation solved the issue.
971256.1 How to Request the ADF Libraries Source Code This document describes the process for requesting access to the ADF Libraries Source Code. It is a guide for the customers to show the process behind it.
1599898.1 Supportability on Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) with Oracle ADF   Currently, Oracle ADF is NOT CERTIFIED with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.  There are plans to certify it for Oracle ADF, and versions, first half of 2014, subject of change.
1328698.1 How To Install the ADF Runtime Libraries 11g Release 2 in WebLogic Sever 10.3.5 / 10.3.6 ?  Note - Oracle ADF 11.1.2.X Application Development Runtimes are provided as a patch for the complete Oracle ADF Runtime and is available through Oracle Support.
1466449.1 Where to Find the Oracle Java Development MOS Communities and OTN Discussion Forums   This document is to assist you to locate the Oracle Java Development product documentation.
401694.1 Oracle JDeveloper Releases Provide a release matrix for Oracle JDeveloper
1401400.1 Stuck Threads Showing "ReentrantLock" in ADF Faces Application in Standalone WLS. You have developed an ADF Faces application in JDeveloper 11g. The application runs correctly in the Integrated WebLogic Server
1555476.1 How to bypass compatibility mode in IE 8/9 browsers and force the target ADF page to the maximum document mode supported by the browser (standard mode) ?  Since Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 1, a popup warning is shown to the user when the ADF application is running in the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. The popup warning will only show when your Internet Explorer is run with Compatibility View Mode enabled.
1380442.1 Stuck Threads in Sessions Replication in WLS Cluster 10.3.5 for ADF Application  You have developed an ADF application that is deployed in Managed Servers in a WLS Cluster 10.3.5. Intermittently, your cluster hangs because of stuck threads.
1461023.1 After Patching ADF to version a Popup Window Shows with a Warning About Running Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode

Monday Aug 11, 2014

Learn, Connect and Explore at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Oracle OpenWorld is once again upon us and Oracle Services will be front and center! More than 500 experts from across Services will be on hand September 28 - October 2 to share best practices for adopting and optimizing Oracle technology.

[Read More]

Friday Jul 18, 2014

Oracle Critical Patch Advisory -- July 15, 2014

This Critical Patch Update provides 113 new security fixes across a wide range of product families including: Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Java SE, Oracle Linux and Virtualization, Oracle MySQL, Oracle Hyperion, Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Business Applications and more.[Read More]

Friday Jul 11, 2014

Prepare for My Oracle Support (MOS) Release 14.3—Browser Requirements

If you have a CSI number, then you are eligible for technical support for your Oracle products using the My Oracle Support (MOS) portal.

With the rollout of My Oracle Support 14.3 on July 18, 2014, there will be changes to certified browsers.

If your browser is not upgraded, you may encounter issues or receive unexpected results and the solution will be to move to the certified browser. Fixes will not be generated for browsers that are no longer supported.

Check your browser version before July 18 to minimize any adverse impact later, when you do need to use MOS for any research or to file an SR.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Mobile Application Framework Training

There is training for Mobile Application Framework(MAF) on line.  The Oracle Mobile Platform YouTube channel is a focus on Oracle's strategic initiatives around Mobile. The channel is being launched with a phased release of over 40 videos giving you a complete end-to-end training in Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF.)  The following videos are available now:

Introduction and Overview

Designing and Developing a MAF Application

UI Development in Oracle MAF

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

This informative training will give an insight into what MAF is all about.

Subscribe to Get Notifications of Updates, News, Releases and More!

There's a powerful feature on the My Oracle Support (MOS) system that is relatively hidden, that you may wish to take a look at.  It will allow you to subscribe to various product updates, bugs, alerts, etc, using your email address.[Read More]

Thursday Jun 26, 2014

JDeveloper/ADF release 12.1.3 now available

The new JDeveloper release 12.1.3 is now available.  See the JDeveloper OTN site for Downloads, Documentation and Whats New.

Monday Jun 23, 2014

Information on ADF Mobile Best Practices and Design

The ADF Mobile Design Wiki contains information on Best Practices, Design Principles, Example Applications, Patterns, Components and Child Pages. The Example  Applications  give the developer a guide to coding constructs, from the very simple to the more complex.

The Common Patterns list gives information on common patterns, comments, appearance, behavior, and usage, that are used by the ADF Mobile Developer.

The Components list is a set of user interface components that are available in ADF Mobile. This information provides the building blocks for designing Native Phone and Tablet apps. The component information describes appearance, behavior, usage and gives sample code for these components.

The Child Pages give information on component options, appearance, usage, code samples and resources. They are an excellent resource for developers to model their code after.

The ADF Mobile Developer can benefit from understanding the Best practices, Design  Principles, and Patterns as defined on the ADF Mobile Design Wiki

Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

How can I learn more about ADF?

Look to the Oracle Technology Network for a wealth of information, tutorials, best practices and coding examples. The place to start is the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) web page. The Oracle ADF page has basic information and downloads for ADF, but the real wealth is in the links to other pages. [Read More]

Wednesday Jun 04, 2014

Top 10 solution documents for Weblogic Server J2EE Feb 2014 - May 2014

The following are the top 10 documents linked to SRs as solutions, for Weblogic Server J2EE issues, from Feb 2014 thru May 2014.

1163020.1 How to configure Filtering class loader in weblogic.xml   To configure the Filtering Class Loader to specify a certain package is loaded from an application, add a prefer-application-packages descriptor element.
The string "X-Powered-By: Servlet/2.4 JSP/2.0" is showing up in the servlet response header.
How to stop Weblogic from including servlet/JSP version details in the x-powered-by HTTP response header.
1490080.1 WebLogic Server in a Cluster Environment Throws NotSerializableException for CDI Applications at com.sun.jersey.server.impl.cdi.CDIExtension When running in clustered environment, server start-up is not clean when you have CDI applications deployed.
1268138.1 Sample TwoWay SSL implementation for JAX-WS Webservice!   In this sample provided the recipient checks for the initiator's public certificate. Note that the client certificate can be used for authentication.
1584779.1 Socket Leaks When Calling Web-Service Over SSL This is a known bug 16810786
1598617.1 Secure WebService call throwing CANNOT RESOLVE URL FOR PROTOCOL HTTP/HTTPS through web server(APACHE) plug-in.   
1056121.1 How to Timeout Weblogic Webservice Client   How to timeout a WebService client with and without using Stubs.
1568638.1 When packaging Jersey JAX-RS libraries into webapp throws NoSuchMethodError()  When attempting to include custom Jersey implementation libraries in to web application in a OSB domain.
1118264.1 WLS 10.3: Intermittent XA error: XAResource.XAER_RMERR In WebLogic 10.3, a CMP EJB sometimes throws the exception.  
1608951.1 How to get More Details About Error BEA-101215 Malformed Request. Request parsing failed Code: -1   Which was seen when accessing the application via loadbalancer?

Friday May 09, 2014

Top 10 solution documents for OWSM and OAG/OEG

The following are the top 10 documents that are linked to SRs as solutions, for Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) and Oracle API Gateway (OAG/OEG) , from 1 Jan 2014 thru 1 May 2014

1481062.1 Enterprise Manager Cannot Invoke WS Policy Manager When Managed Servers SSL Port Is Enabled  According to the documentation which mentioned that by default the OWSM auto look up feature tries to connect over SSL.
1604041.1 Error Message " "Too many open files" in Gateway logs or warning:  cannot create interrupt pipe for thread:  Too many open files
1569900.1 Misconfigured Policy Accessor URL in config/fmwconfig/policy-accessor-config.xml or Any Inconsistent SSL configuration in the Weblogic Domain can break OWSM.
1618855.1 Error "WSM-00035 : Error in Signature reference mechanism compliance : Expected : thumbprint , Actual : direct" When Using SAML With OWSM. A SAML based OWSM service policy is used, such as oracle/wss11_saml_or_username_token_with_message_protection_service_policy Requests sent to the service fail even though the correct client policy is attached on the client side.
1419373.1 SBL-EAI-08000 Error While Calling Siebel UCM (Universal Customer Master) Organization Service From SOA 11g  Unable to process SOAP Header child element 'wsse:Security' with 'mustUnderstand="1"'(SBL-EAI-08000).
726219.1 For debugging purposes when you have a problem or during development, you may want to increase this log level to get further details.
1485851.1 After an upgrade from FMW or earlier to FMW or later, Web Services secured with OWSM fail.
1311343.1 Importing an OWSM 11g Custom Policy File in EM Fails with WSM-02079 "Insufficient Permission To Access EJB" Error  When trying to import a custom Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) policy file using Enterprise Manager (EM) in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g following these steps in the docs, it fails .
1585107.1 How To Configure SMTP And Send Reports Through Email On OEG?  
1358581.1 How to Change the Database Instance Being Used By OWSM 10g  The database ORAWSM schema has been moved from one database instance to another. How can the OWSM instance be changed to use the new database instance?

Monday Apr 21, 2014

Top 10 solution documents for JDBC Jan 2014 thru Mar 2014

The following are the top 10 documents that are linked to SRs as solutions, for JDBC issues, from Jan 2014 thru Mar 2014.

401934.1 Starting With Oracle JDBC Drivers: This FAQ provides practical information when starting with Oracle JDBC drivers. A description of the Oracle JDBC drivers is provided so that you can choose which Oracle JDBC driver can be used with your Java application.
1361107.1 Troubleshooting ORA-3137 [12333] Errors Encountered When Using Oracle JDBC Driver: Oracle Customer Support has observed a large volume of issues reported by customers experiencing ORA-3137 [12333] and occasionally ORA-3137 [1010] errors when connecting to an Oracle RDBMS using the Oracle JDBC driver.  This document enumerates troubleshooting approaches that have proven successful.
566573.1 Fast Connection Failover (FCF) Test Client Using 11g JDBC Driver and 11g RAC Cluster  how-to demonstrates a simple java client that shows how to use and verify the Implicit Connection Cache with Fast Connection Failover (FCF) against an 11g RAC cluster.
1140473.1 JDBC Connection Hang  JDBC client is waiting for Database return result, but you can't see any session from Database in the V$Session view.
762286.1 End To End Examples of using SSL With Oracle's JDBC THIN Driver: The following how-to demonstrates, creating a self signed oracle wallet for the server and client, configuring the database to use TCPS with the server key, configuring an SQL client to connect to TCPS and create simple java clients that shows how to connect through to TCPS in several different examples.
467804.1 How To Determine The Exact JDBC Driver Version (9.x - 11.x) For Standalone Programs Retrieve diagnostic information about your JDBC/JDK environment that is especially useful for Support Analysts .Includes: database version, JDBC driver version, JDK version, PATH, BOOTSTRAP, list of jars in the JRE extensions directory, CLASSPATH and JDBC URL. (Standalone Programs)
467808.1 Standard JDBC diagnostics for Application Servers Retrieve diagnostic information about your JDBC/JDK environment used within a Java Enterprise container that is especially useful for Support Analysts. Includes: database version, JDBC driver version, JDK version, PATH, BOOTSTRAP, JRE Extensions directory, CLASSPATH and JDBC URL and debug flags information. ( Application Server specific)
944692.1 Master Note: Understanding the "OALL8 is in an Inconsistent State" Exception   "OALL8 is in an inconsistent state" - primarily in application server log files but also sometimes in the log file from a large standalone Java application. The exceptions were intermittent and could not be reproduced at will.
297490.1 Is Transparent Application Failover (TAF) Supported on the JDBC Thin Driver?  The Oracle JDBC thin driver does not support TAF. TAF is only supported by the JDBC OCI driver.  Transparent Application Failover (TAF) is a feature of the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Oracle Call Interface (OCI) driver.
334471.1 Understanding Transparent Application Failover (TAF) and Fast Connection Failover (FCF)   This note is intended to give explanation on two RAC concepts, Transparent Application Failover (TAF) and Fast Connection Failover (FCF).


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