Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

Managing Daily tasks

This can be cumbersome at times because we plan to do many things a day but execute only a few (or even nothing gets done the way we expect). The problem was due to the way the tasks were kept track of (using notepads or text editors make things worse as tasks keep on piling and sometimes gets lost after months), therefore in trying to find a software solution I came across this free tool TaskPrompt .

The tool is a customized one where we can prioritize daily tasks and everytime you open the program, all incomplete tasks pop up and will trouble you every five minutes typically like an alarm snooze. If you are honest, you won't delete the task, neither mark it complete, so the best thing one can do is to keep fingers crossed with heads down and focus on the task till it goes out of the away, or else more tasks pop up which may be embarrassing at times, but its a powerful motivation in that one can focus on the to do list just for the sake of getting rid of them.

Though this may not be the complete solution (execution is what matters of course), it may be a step in the right direction if you are serious about executing what you plan to.

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Write, write, write.........

I am back after a long gap of nearly a month, but I don't want to give any lame excuses for not blogging like too much work, no time, personal commitments, no interesting topic, etc, but I would rather say that I am a bit lazy these days to put out my thoughts in writing which neatly brings me to a rather interesting but often neglected topic, the art of writing, which will do wonders.

One should write not because of trivial reasons like it will improve their writing skills, enforce clarity etc, but for the reasons mentioned below.

1. Planning the day: What you write is what you should do and what you should do is what you should write. Unfortunately it requires writing daily about your next day plans and thats why most people fail do this as a habit, but the moment it stops, it just slips away and its not too easy to get back to writing ways again. The same holds true for blogging too.

2. Write out your new ideas: People generally speak or gossip till they get tired, but when asked to write, to the surprise they run out of interest too quickly because of the thinking involved (even bloggers) and this is where writing helps. As a blogger its easy to get stuck may be due to lack of ideas or thoughts, opinions, etc, but once you decide to blog, the ideas will flow automatically from your mind, similar to water flow from falls. But everything should start from one point, the desire to write, therefore keep writing, which will stimulate new ideas and thoughts.

3. Enough, do add your own benefits of writing after you experience it. (Remember the number of exams and assignments we wrote till 21 from school to university levels). The good news now is there is no one to force us to write about what we may or may not wished to write at that stage (especially deriving results from equations), therefore we are free to write without any limits or rather sky is the limit.

Therefore everyone SHOULD write and the best way to share your thoughts so that all others enjoy reading your stuff is to BLOG.

Saturday May 05, 2007

When you get stuck in work

I believe many times people ask these questions themselves

What to do when I don't know how to do it?
Who will help me?...., etc

Remember I am talking about technical problems.

1. The first thing one should do is Google search to find the solution. (Yes, there won't be accurate solutions, but for every problem you face, the likelihood of you getting a solution or a tip which will take you in the right direction to solve the problem is nearly 100%).

2. For specific problems, it's better to visit appropriate forums straightaway (for example in case of java related issues visit and search there, so that all the responses will be java specific).

Repeat steps 1 and 2 till you get the solution (Don't try on your own at the first place, you will be wasting time when there is a solution available for your problem already).

In a highly unlikely scenario where you don't make any progress from steps 1 and 2, go through the related documentation, if you are still stuck, finally ask help from experts.

The reason why you should not approach others at the first place is when you do that you will become dependent on others at the first place, which inculcates a bad practice in you, also if one can find solutions by his/her own effort, it will last in memory forever and will induce the habit of problem solving in you. Now I realize why experts always advice others to solve problems by themselves. At the best case, if you don't depend on anyone, then you are an expert!

I apply the above steps for any of my technical issues, but the bad habit it creates is a total dependency on search and user forums, occasionally if I don't have connectivity to net, it's a pain to sort out things.

Friday Mar 30, 2007

The King of Good times....

I got a chance to travel by Kingfisher Airlines some time back. I should say it was fantastic flying experience. I was really impressed with the pleasing smile of the cabin crew (perhaps one of the compulsive reasons to travel:)) and the way they approach guests. I had a pep talk with the co-pilot too after the flight landed and overall it was a great experience flying with them and it's one of the best projects of Kingfisher group. Vijay Mallya rocks!!!

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

Have you ever asked these questions....

How to find what you love to do?
How to Harness The Power of Positive Thinking?
How to Be Charming?
The Myth of Thinking Big
....Questions galore.

The answers for all such questions can be found here. An excellent repository of short, precise and concise lessons for self improvement.

Wednesday Jan 24, 2007

Life without Google

Just got a taste of working without Google. Had to ramp up on an implementation, got out of office, struck with a technical issue in home (unfortunately I didn't have a home connection, therefore no access to Google :)), looked helplessly for resource, finally things resumed back in office where Google came to rescue. This is the the kind of influence Google has on developers. Moral: Always stay connected to Google....



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