Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

WSRP 2.0 specification approved by OASIS

Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) specification version 2.0 has been approved as an OASIS standard. Here are the links to the approved specification.

  1. HTML:
  2. PDF:
  3. XML Schema:
  4. WSDL:

The OpenPortal WSRP Project implements the above all the mandatory and some of the major optional features defined in this specification and milestone 3 binary is available for download.


Monday Mar 10, 2008

OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 3 available

The OpenPortal WSRP Project v2 milestone 3 is now available for download.  The OpenPortal WSRP Project version 2.0 is now feature complete and will be OASIS WSRP specification compliant whenever the OASIS WSRP specification would be approved.

The OpenPortal WSRP v2 milestone 3 previews the following features, some defined in OASIS WSRP version 2.0 specification.

  1. WSRP 2.0 getResource
  2. WSRP 2.0 Caching
    1. Markup Caching
      1. Expiration Markup Caching
      2. Validation Markup Caching
    2. Resource Caching
      1. Expiration Resource Caching
      2. Validation Resource Caching
  3. Tomcat 5.5 support
  4. Migrated code to the latest WSRP 2.0 schema

You can download the OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 3 from the project download page.


This is the last major milestone build from the OpenPortal WSRP Project, the future milestones are expected not to add any major new features to the WSRP version 2.0 implementation rather provide pluggable extensions mechanisms to consuming portals to implement some of the WSRP version 2.0 features such as Portlet Management, CC/PP etc.  

Here are some of the documents that are related to this milestone

  1. Whats new in milestone 3
  2. WSRP installation on Glassfish
  3. Milestone 3 preview document
  4. WSRP installation on Tomcat
  5. WSRP User Guide

Stay tuned on the future milestones of the OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 project. If you would like to keep track of future announcements and additions to the OpenPortal WSRP Project, please subscribe to the alias.

If you have questions on how to use the OpenPortal WSRP Project and other comments/suggestions/requests, we urge you to join the alias.

Please report any issues that you encounter while trying OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 3 to

Thursday Dec 27, 2007

WSRP version 2.0 milestone 1 binary now available

The Open Portal WSRP Project has recently released the milestone 1 binary of WSRP version 2.0 implementation. The same is available for download here. Here is the link to the install and user guide for this milestone.
  1. Install Instructions
  2. User Guide
The WSRP version 2.0 milestone 1 release is the first release from the OpenPortal WSRP Project that implements the OASIS WSRP version 2.0 specification. The main intent of this release is to provide a base platform for developers to build optional and additional features that are defined in the WSRP version 2.0 specification and demonstrate to WSRP users the basic usecases of using both the versions.

Technically since all the major features of the WSRP version 2.0 specification are defined optional, we already have a WSRP version 2.0 implementation, by just porting the version 1.0 implementation to 2.0 schema's and claim version 2.0 compliance. However to have a meaningful version 2.0 implementation, the optional features are required to be implemented. The OpenPortal WSRP Project addresses/implements these optional features in the subsequent milestone. Please check the WSRP version 2.0 Project page for more details.

So what exactly is there in this release ?
  1. Provides a base v2 implementation by porting v1 implementation to v2 schema's.
  2. Provides both version 2.0 and version 1.0 WSRP Producer implementation.
  3. Supports sharing of resources like registration-handle/portlet-handle across v1 and v2 WSRP Producer services.
  4. Provides both version 1.0 and 2.0 implementation of Consumer.
  5. Provides the necessary administrative interface to create a v1 or v2 Consumer.
  6. Supports backward compatibility by supporting both v1 and v2 stacks.

Note : The code base uses OASIS WSRP public review 04 schema to demonstrate the above

Stay tuned for future announcements on optional feature implementation, Please subscribe to

Thursday Nov 01, 2007

WSRP v2 draft 4 public review

The OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets TC has recently approved Web Services for Remote Portlets Specification v2.0 as a Committee Draft and is available for public review. The public review starts from 31 October 2007, and ends 15 November 2007.

This specification was previously submitted for a 60-day public review on 24 July 2007, this 15-day review is limited in scope to changes made from the previous review. All changes are highlighted.

The specification document and related files are available here.

Highlighted PDF copy is available here:

The schema and wsdl files are available at:




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