Thursday Jul 05, 2007

Getting Started with OpenPortal


To get started, request the observer or contributor role in the OpenPortal project. This gives the details ...

You can grab the source from the project's subversion repo:

The build instructions are here:

And the install instructions:

Windows is still flaky it is best to start with Linux or Solaris at this point.

And finally, subscribe to the users and dev aliases:

The OpenPortal developers are happy to start answering your questions and help you get involved in the project.

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

Building Blocks: Document provides technical overview


For those who want to take a closer look at the building blocks of Portal Server and the technology that powers this wonderful product, there is a very handy document in the Portal Server 7.1 document collection.

This will give a fair idea to someone who wants to evaluate Portal Server prior to installing and testing the product. The Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Overview explains quickly the major features Portal Server.

Monday Jul 02, 2007

New Portlet Action support in Eclipse Portal Pack

Eclipse Portal PackA new version of Eclipse Portal Pack is uploaded on the Eclipse Portalpack site.

To learn how to use this new version to easily add portlet action support to your portlet visit my blog.

Sun Portal now supports EMC Documentum Portlets

Back in January 07, we started a project to support EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management Portlets in Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1. The portlets in Content Management and Web Publisher categories are pre-packaged Web Development Kit (WDK) components that include Java server pages,  Java classes, and XML files. These portlets  provide core content management and content services for creating, viewing, submitting and publishing various types of content.

eRoom portlets provide a dashboard view into EMC Documentum eRoom and offer the ability to manage multiple project eRooms. 

ECI Services portlet is built using ECI Services framework with adapters to search various repositories, databases and and web sites.

All these portlets are  JSR 168 standard based and customizable. For further details, please visit this link Sun Java System Portal Server Documentum Portlets 

Monday Jun 25, 2007

IPC StoryBoard Explored

If you are thinking of a simpler way to write the shopping cart example from my previous tutorial, check out the new IPC Tutorial. This explains how much easier it is now to drag and drop events with the help of StoryBoard .

StoryBoard is the new Feature introduced in the Portal Pack 1.3 Beta. Right now it provides tooling support for InterPortletCommunication for JSR 168 portlets. The tool will be enhanced in the future to enable support for the Eventing feature of JSR 286 portlets.

Also, checkout Satya's blog to  know more on IPC StoryBoard .

Portal Server 7 Samples Screencast

There are 4 portal samples available with Portal Server 7.  Here's a quick overview of each sample and pointers to the screencasts available for the samples.

Portal Welcome page

  • The Enterprise Sample is a business portal based on a fictitious company named Adventure Sports Café and showcases key features of the Sun Java™ System Portal Server.  Checkout the screencast
  • The Developer Sample highlights content that would be helpful to a developer trying to understand the inner workings of the Sun Java™ System Portal Server. Checkout the screencast

The fourth sample is the Welcome Sample which is a welcome page that provides a single point of access to the portal samples and pointers to the product documentation and support.

Saturday Jun 09, 2007

Portal Server at Sun TechDays in Mexico

Sun Tech Days 2006-2007I had the pleasure of giving a talk on Portal Performance and our AJAX desktop at the Sun Tech Days event in Mexico last month.  You can download the presentation from the Mexico event site, it was part of Track 1.

All of the Tech Days events are very highly recommended for all developers and cover quite a wide spectrum of technologies.  But it just so happens that the portal talk fit in perfectly.  Because after talking about NetBeans and WebServices and features of the Java language I had a chance to say, this is how it all comes together. And, by the way, everything that I talked about you can download, install and start developing your portlets.  And, yes, we have this all integrated with NetBeans. 

I usually don't have too much trouble speaking in front of an audience, but speaking in front of developers is always a challenge.  That is even more so when 300 to 400 people show up.  But, fortunately the talk was well received and I was still answering questions half hour after I finished. I had the greatest time and my thanks go out to the Sun Tech Days event organizers in Mexico and to all the attendees.

It truly is wonderful to have a chance to show off your work and my experience shows that when we show Portal Server to developers, we all win.

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

Portlet Coordination made easy via NetBeans Portal Pack

Coordination remains one of the most talked about topics with respect to portlets. And one of the popular means of enabling portlet coordination is via the event model.

CoordinationThe Eventing (also referred to as Inter-Portlet Communication) feature in the Sun Java System Portal Server as well as the decoupled Portlet Container component built out of the OpenPortal community now has tools support in the form of an IPC Story Board feature in the NetBeans Portal Pack.

Check out Satya's blog entry introducing this feature, and especially the screencast that illustrates usage via a sample Shopping Cart application.  

Also note that the upcoming new versions of the Portal Standards, Portlet 2.0 (JSR286) and WSRP 2.0, will provide support for  portlet coordination through more than one mechanism including events. Support for those will also similarly make it's way into the Portal Pack.

Thursday May 31, 2007

Portal Desktop Design Tool Screencast

design As indicated in an earlier posting, one of the main features of the future Portal Server 7.2 release will be the Desktop Design Tool. 

The Desktop Design Tool will be an easy to use tool for portal administrators to design and customize a portal page's layout and theme.

To give a preview of this upcoming feature, I have recorded a screencast that shows how this tool can be used for adding new content, changing the layout of the page by rearranging  tabs and channels, and finally, changing the theme of the page.

Check out the screencast here -- Portal Desktop Design Tool Screencast

Tuesday Feb 06, 2007

Norway Citizen Portal

The country of Norway  has implemented Sun Portal to create the world's first, open Web 2.0 government portal. 

The Norwegian government has deployed a combination of Sun hardware and software technologies, powered by the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), as the foundation of its national rollout of the "eNorway 2009" initiative designed to provide the country's citizens with Web-based access and support for all government services.


Read the full article here

Thursday Feb 01, 2007

Portal Community Wiki

The enterprise-class Portal open source project is a community of Users, Developers, Partners, and Evangelists creating an industry leading enterprise-class Portal. This community is part of a collection of Open Source Middleware Communities.

The Portal Wiki is a valuable informational resource addressing the requirements of this broad Portal Community. The wiki is open for reading to all. Contributors to existing or new wiki topics need to have a registered user id.

The Portal Wiki is hosted in the following URL
Here are the links to Wiki of each Portal Component

Wednesday Dec 20, 2006

Portlet Container and NetBeans Portlet Plugin

This Portlet Container open source project milestone 1 beta is now available as the part of Java Application Platform SDK Update 2 release. You can download the same from here.  Here are some of the links to the documentation.

Java EE SDK download

The Netbeans Portlet Plugin is also available which works with NetBeans IDE 5.5 or above, current release of NetBeans Portlet Plugin helps developers to develop, deploy and test portlets on the Portlet Container 1.0,  You can download the same from here .  Here are some links to the plugins documentation

For more details refer to Deepak's and Satya's blogs.




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