Tuesday May 13, 2008

Voice-over Screencast to Demonstrate the Simple API for Workflow (SAW) Plug-in

The SAW feature in OpenPortal is intended to offer a generic workflow API, to perform human workflow interaction with various workflow engines. This generic workflow API will ship with a default implementation for Java Composite Application Platform Suite. Currently, the Workflow API, Workflow Tag Library, Sample portlets, and Tooling Plugins for developer IDE's are provided in the SAW home page.

In this screencast, you will learn how to:

  1. Perform human workflow interaction with Java Composite Application Platform Suite workflow engine
  2. Add SAW plug-in in NetBeans IDE,
  3. Create a simple web application using the drag and drop features in SAW plug-in 
  4. Create a simple a simple SAW portlet, which lists tasks based on task ID


Sunday May 11, 2008

Expense Report Widget showcasing SAW in Project WebSynergy

The expense-report widget, that is delivered as a part of the Project WebSynergy bundle, models a typical workflow scenario  where SAW (Simple API for Workflow) could be used. In an organization, employees raise expense reports and submit them to the managers to be approved or rejected. Once submitted, the report triggers a workflow process(in a workflow engine like JavaCAPS), and becomes a pending task for the associated manager. When the manager approves/rejects the report, the report goes to the next step in the workflow process.

This widget has been integrated with a simple JavaCAPS workflow process. If a workflow engine is unavailable, the SAW calls to the  Workflow engine can be disabled using the preferences. If the call to the workflow engine is enabled without configuring the engine, it results in a system error.

 In addition to Workflow, this widget has the following features: 

  •  JMaki - Uses JMaki Yahoo Datatable
  •  Usage of ServeResource feature of JSR286 portlets for Ajax requests (For Displaying Report Details)

Click here to know more about this widget....

Here is a step-by-step screencast showcasing the widget.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2007

OpenPortal@FOSS.IN 2007

One of world's largest FOSS events, FOSS.IN 2007 is opening in Bangalore. Sun is a platinum sponsor of this event. Sun is participating in almost all the events throughout the five days of conference: Project days,Presentations Demos, Hack center, BoFs, Lightning talks
Click here for the official FOSS.IN page.

OpenPortal is also registering its presence via a host of demos and BoF sessions.Check out this blog for more details

Thursday Aug 23, 2007

SAW is Ready

SAW Is AvailableAs indicated in one of the previous blog entries, the SAW API and its implementation for Sun Java CAPS is now available for download here.
Lot of exhaustive material viz. Understanding SAW, SAW User Guide, Java Docs of the API and its implementation for Sun Java CAPS are provided. Please go through them and let us know your feedback to users@saw.dev.java.net. Do check out this blog for more details
There are many more things viz. Out of the box task management portlet, Netbeans Tooling to develop workflow portlets on their way. Do explore, join SAW and help us enrich it.
Please feel free to contact us at users@saw.dev.java.net and we would be happy to answer any question regarding SAW.

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

Consumables from the OpenPortal Community

OpenPortal Community Some time back we had decided to open source some on the key components of the Sun Java Portal Server product in a piece-meal fashion. The idea was to enable those components to be consumed by other communities or software products (refer this article for the goals).

Since then we have open sourced the Portlet Container (based on the JSR168 standard) implementation, the WSRP implementation, the JSFPortlet bridge, and also created some new innovative projects such as Portal Pack (NetBeans and Eclipse), SAW and Mirage. And to further walk the talk, I am happy let you know that some of these components have already been consumed back by the enterprise class open source Portal Server implementation in the OpenPortal community.

A successful open source community is about adopting other communities and getting adopted by other communities, I would like to welcome other communities and software products who believe in open source to come and look at what we have to offer as part of the components mentioned above.

To go back to the article that states the goals of the OpenPortal community --

The objectives for the Portal Server open-source initiative are threefold:

- Expose Portal Server's mature and proven enterprise-class capabilities to the community and evolve it there through active participation from the community of developers, users, partners, and like-minded individuals.

- Build composable, decoupled, and lightweight components that can be used by the developer community and other projects, for example, components that serve as development or test runtimes in tools.

- Collaborate with other portal, middleware, or similar open-source efforts in the software universe for the benefit of the community.

Note: Please stay tuned for news on JSR286 and WSRP 2.0.

Thursday Jul 26, 2007

Welcome new contributor to SAW

PyramidsThe recently launched SAW (Simple API for Workflow) project seems to be attracting lot of interest and momentum.

I would like to welcome Hisham Galal, to SAW as a non-Sun contributor. Hisham, who hails from the beautiful country of pyramids Egypt, is currently working for an Information Technology company. He is currently working in the area of workflow.

Quoting Hisham about his inclination towards SAW -- "I am interested in SAW because in my work I saw a lot of requests on workflows from the customers but most of the systems have their own implementation of designing workflows and I found your project will be very helpful in that."

Monday Jul 16, 2007

Portal Server 7.2 Build B5 available

 OpenPortal Mascot

Portal Server 7.2  Build 5 is now available in the OpenPortal project.

Highlights of this build are support for Sun Application Server 9.1, GlassFish V2, integration with SAW, Mirage, AES encryption for SRA,  new consolidated sampleportals and much more.

Checkout Getting started with OpenPortal and follow the Install Instructions and Release notes to try the latest B5 build.

Sunday Jul 01, 2007



SAW an abbreviation for Simple API for Workflow, is LIVE! Check it out here.
SAW is an open source effort towards making a generic workflow API scalable across multiple workflow engines. The default implementation will be supported with the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite.

For details, read my blog here. Stay tuned on announce@saw.dev.java.net for further announcements.




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