Thursday Feb 07, 2008

WSRP Eventing and Shared Render parameter preview

The OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 2 binary is now available for download. The binary along with install instruction is available on the Open Portal WSRP download pageThis is the second milestone release from the OpenPortal WSRP Project that implements the OASIS WSRP version 2.0 specification. The main intent of this release is to preview the following optional features defined in the WSRP version 2.0 of OASIS specification.
  1. WSRP Eventing
  2. Shared/Public render parameters
Pls follow the instructions in coordination preview document on how to test and use these features that'll help you to understand the implementation.

Here are the links to the complete set of documents for this milestone.
  1. Install Instructions
  2. User Guide
  3. WSRP v2 Coordination samples
Stay tuned for more optional feature implementation in the future milestones of the OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 project. If you would like to keep track of future announcements and additions to the OpenPortal WSRP Project, please subscribe to the alias.

If you have questions on how to use the OpenPortal WSRP Project and other comments/suggestions/requests, we urge you to join the alias.

Please report any issues that you encounter while trying OpenPortal WSRP version 2.0 milestone 2 to

Thursday Jan 10, 2008

Portlet Container 2.0 Beta2 released

DownloadThe OpenPortal Portlet Container 2.0 Beta2 has been released. This release is based on JSR 286(Portlet 2.0) proposed final draft. This release contains following features and enhancements..

  • Eventing
  • Public Render Parameters
  • Resource Serving
  • Portlet Filters
  • Validation based caching
  • Request Dispatcher Include from all lifecycle
  • Request Dispatcher Forward from all lifecycle
  • Container Runtime Options that includes escapeXml and actionScopedRequestAttributes
  • Taglibrary enhancements

Netbeans Portlet Pack 2.0 Beta2 is available that helps developers to develop, deploy and test portlets on the Portlet Container 2.0 Beta2.

Thursday Dec 27, 2007

WSRP version 2.0 milestone 1 binary now available

The Open Portal WSRP Project has recently released the milestone 1 binary of WSRP version 2.0 implementation. The same is available for download here. Here is the link to the install and user guide for this milestone.
  1. Install Instructions
  2. User Guide
The WSRP version 2.0 milestone 1 release is the first release from the OpenPortal WSRP Project that implements the OASIS WSRP version 2.0 specification. The main intent of this release is to provide a base platform for developers to build optional and additional features that are defined in the WSRP version 2.0 specification and demonstrate to WSRP users the basic usecases of using both the versions.

Technically since all the major features of the WSRP version 2.0 specification are defined optional, we already have a WSRP version 2.0 implementation, by just porting the version 1.0 implementation to 2.0 schema's and claim version 2.0 compliance. However to have a meaningful version 2.0 implementation, the optional features are required to be implemented. The OpenPortal WSRP Project addresses/implements these optional features in the subsequent milestone. Please check the WSRP version 2.0 Project page for more details.

So what exactly is there in this release ?
  1. Provides a base v2 implementation by porting v1 implementation to v2 schema's.
  2. Provides both version 2.0 and version 1.0 WSRP Producer implementation.
  3. Supports sharing of resources like registration-handle/portlet-handle across v1 and v2 WSRP Producer services.
  4. Provides both version 1.0 and 2.0 implementation of Consumer.
  5. Provides the necessary administrative interface to create a v1 or v2 Consumer.
  6. Supports backward compatibility by supporting both v1 and v2 stacks.

Note : The code base uses OASIS WSRP public review 04 schema to demonstrate the above

Stay tuned for future announcements on optional feature implementation, Please subscribe to

Wednesday Dec 05, 2007

OpenPortal @ FOSS- 1st Day

From Left : Vihang, Deepak, Ganesh, Sandeep, Mahipal

 OpenPortal campaign @ Foss.IN's first day started with a bang at Bangalore. It was very well
received by the developer community. The BoF sessions were a hit which is evident from the fact that 2-3 BoF sessions needed to be conducted parallely.
OpenPortal team also gave a handout of all community projects under the OpenPortal umbrella. It also made a well-crafted survey received eagerly by the developer community. On the first day itself, we were able to collect around 80-90 responses.

Sandeep explaining portal fundas.The survey responses were very positive and almost everyone had something or the other to look forward to from Portal and wanted to at the least become an observer.

 BoF's gave a wonderful way of interacting with the community.


Vihang explaing about portal and collecting the surveysThe enthusiasm received re-affirms the fact that the developer community and the market in general has been awaiting a cutting-edge Enterprise level OpenSource Portal Server.

Now FOSS.IN moves to penultimate day where we are trying our best to maintain the momentum.

Picture5Check out the BoF announcement booth which was marked as "BlockBuster"



Monday Dec 03, 2007

Develop/Deploy Portlets using PortalPack2.0Beta

I just created a new voice over screencast on how to develop portlets using PortalPack 2.0 Beta with NetBeans 6.0 Beta 1 and GlassFish V2.
The screencast demonstrates how to develop a simple portlet using PortalPack and deploy it on OpenPortal Portlet Container 2.0 Beta. Check it out

Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

OpenPortal at Glassfish day in Beijing

Vihang was at Glassfish day in Beijing to talk about OpenPortal. His talk was well received and participants showed a lot of interest in OpenPortal's new features. You can read more here

  1. Vihang's blog: OpenPortal@Beijing
  2. Carla King's Blog
  3. Arun Gupta's Blog


Thursday Nov 01, 2007

WSRP v2 draft 4 public review

The OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets TC has recently approved Web Services for Remote Portlets Specification v2.0 as a Committee Draft and is available for public review. The public review starts from 31 October 2007, and ends 15 November 2007.

This specification was previously submitted for a 60-day public review on 24 July 2007, this 15-day review is limited in scope to changes made from the previous review. All changes are highlighted.

The specification document and related files are available here.

Highlighted PDF copy is available here:

The schema and wsdl files are available at:

Monday Oct 29, 2007

Running Web Applications/Portlets as desktop applications

Mozilla Labs has an interesting technology - Prism - that aims to quickly bridge the gap between web applications and the computer desktop. Instead of trying to come up with a completely new presentation technology like Flex, Silverlight, JavaFX etc. they have a simple program called Prism that will allow any web application to run outside the browser as a desktop application, so that each web application runs in its own window. It isn't rocket science and there have been similar technologies in the past. But Prism is much more usable and easy to use. I use Prism to run my Gmail and Yahoo Mail as desktop windows. That way my Firefox is free for other stuff and next time I have to restart my browser (which I very frequently do because Firefox can leak memory like a sieve) I don't have to bring up Gmail and Yahoo Mail again. Also the performance of Firefox is not affected because of the email clients that are constantly open.

 There has always been a requirement to run JSR 168 portlets on the desktop as native desktop applications. Prism can be a great solution to do this in a simple and easy manner. Just double clicking on an icon on the desktop will bring up a JSR 168 Portlet running inside Prism. And with Google Gears we can perhaps even make the portlet work offline. :)

Thursday Oct 11, 2007

OpenSSO and Liferay integration

You may ask, "Why are you blogging about it here?". Well...isn't open source all about being open, collaborative and helping each other? OpenPortal Portal Server tightly integrates with Access Manager and leverages all (well almost!) of its features. It so happened that I was investigating into pluggable SSO for OpenPortal and ended up writing an auth filter as a prototype. Recently noticed that Liferay integrates with CAS using an auth filter. So thought why not try this with OpenSSO. You can read a rather lengthy blog here if you care about the details.

Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

JSR286 : Article on main features

Deepak, Uma, Manish and Satya have written an article that describes the new features of JSR 286 as defined in the public draft. The article also contains samples(both source and binary) for the new features.

In order to the deploy and try the samples you need Portlet Container 2.0 beta.

Download the Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Beta that contains Portlet Container 2.0 Beta.

Friday Oct 05, 2007

Brilliant Set of Portal and SRA Administration Tips

Ajit from the Portal group has added a brilliant set of tips in his blog that will be useful for all Portal users and administrators. The tips cover administration and configuration topics for the Portal and SRA. 

 Here's a list of all the tips on his blog

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Portal at CEC 2007 in Las Vegas

It has been a quiet week so far on the blog. Hopefully we'll pull up our bootstraps and start making noise again. :) 

If you are planning to be at CEC 2007 this year, then mark these two sessions in your schedule.

 Session ID
 SFT9898Next generation Portals: Enabling Enterprise 2.0 with Collaboration and AjaxJai Suri
13:00 -14:00
 SFT9939OpenPortal and Portal Server 7.2 - Architectural Overview
Tom Mueller
18:00 -19:00

Hope to see you there!

Monday Sep 24, 2007

Sun's Portal Named to Leaders Quadrant

Gartner The Sun Java System Portal Server was named to the leaders quadrant in Gartners latest Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals!  Visit "On the Record" for more info. 

Thursday Sep 20, 2007

AJAX Internationalization (I18n) in Portal Server


Student: Master, After reading this  I got idea of what is AJAX , AJAX Table Container.

 But I want to know how AJAX become international hero?

Zen Master:   To be international hero , AJAX got Internationalized  to reach global world. How? , I would suggest you to read here Technical note on AJAX I18n in Portal Server.

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

WSRP 1.0 beta and Portlet Container 2.0 beta

WSRP 1.0 beta and Portlet Container 2.0 beta is now available as part of the Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Beta release.

The Java Portlet Specification, 2.0 (JSR 286) adds new features like events, public render parameters, resource serving, and portlet filtering to the Portlet Specification, 1.0 (JSR 168). Portlet Container 2.0 Beta provides a preview of these new features as defined in the JSR 286 Public Draft 1.

You can download the same from here.  Here are some links to related resources


The Portal Pack 2.0 Beta (NetBeans Portlet Plug-in) is available as a separate download that helps developers to develop, deploy and test portlets onto the Portlet Container 2.0 Beta.  




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