Wednesday Nov 28, 2007

OpenPortal@FOSS.IN 2007

One of world's largest FOSS events, FOSS.IN 2007 is opening in Bangalore. Sun is a platinum sponsor of this event. Sun is participating in almost all the events throughout the five days of conference: Project days,Presentations Demos, Hack center, BoFs, Lightning talks
Click here for the official FOSS.IN page.

OpenPortal is also registering its presence via a host of demos and BoF sessions.Check out this blog for more details

Friday Jul 27, 2007

Portal Server Localization

Portal Server is now localized in the OpenPortal source repository!

Today we have checked-in the localization files for 7 languages in the OpenPortal repository. You can check out the latest Portal Server sources - the localization files are in the location - .../openportal/portal/l10n/src  

Portal Server is localized in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean. 

The localized Portal Server is simpler and easier to use... To provide a seamless experience to localization users, all the l10n files are bundled in the core Portal install units (pkgs, rpms etc). There are no separate l10n install units.

To find out more, visit the OpenPortal Localization wiki

Wednesday Jul 25, 2007

Developing JSF Portlets with NetBeans Visual Web Pack & Portal Pack Plug-in

The NetBeans Visual Web Pack helps developers create JSF based web application using drag and drop support for JavaServer Faces components. The current version of Visual Web Pack doesn't have support for JSF based Portlet Applications. Most probably this functionality will be addressed in the future version of Visual Web Pack. But many users who have been migrating from Sun Studio Creator to NetBeans 6.0 are asking about this feature in various forums. So I spent some time to find out if it's possible to build JSF Portlet with the current version of Visual Web Pack and Portal Pack plug-in.

With a few manual steps you can actually get JSF Portlet Builder functionality using NetBeans Visual Web Pack and Portal Pack Plug-in togather. For more details read here

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Tech Article on Web Services for Remote Portlets




A technical article is now available in BigAdmin on administering Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) for Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 written by Sunil Bhaskaran. You can also find this information in a WSRP chapter in the Sun Java System Portal Server Administration Guide.

Another technical article by Rajesh Thiagarajan and Marina Sum, in a four part series titled Open-Source Portal Initiative, "describes the WSRP Project's system and deployment architectures, its build and deployment processes, and the procedure for creating remote portlet windows."

Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

The Design Story: Yesterday, Today...

 [Click image to see enlarged view]

The past two iterations of work on the Portal Server Admin console have been an interesting journey in design work.

We started by teasing the Portal Server Console out of the Identity Console. Endless meetings with white boards filled with diagrams of everything that needed to be presented to the user in the console, and how they should be grouped. Denim was my friend those days. At the end of all this we had a spanking new console with a navigation scheme that had a good amount of "scent". What is scent you say? It is a concept that Jared Spool uses, and that I happen to like. The idea is that a well designed website should let users know that they are on the right track. The 7.0 console had the ability to lead you to the area that you wanted to go, and to find your way back there with ease the next time you wanted to.

The next iteration of work was adding the Visual Display Design Tool. A Direct Manipulation Interface that lets the Administrator interact directly with what they are working on - a portal page. This advances the UI further along the continuum of task awareness (note: I did not say task based, task centric etc.. I should blog sometime about my reasons for avoiding those terms...). One of the unique tools in this round of work was comics to tell stories. It was a lot of fun to do, and was a lot more effective in ensuring a shared understanding of the work. Plus it was a lot of fun to put together!

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Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

Browser Testing Nirvana

IE6, IE7, Safari, Firefox

As part of the OpenPortal project we strive to make the UI as visually appealing as possible and Portal Server 7.2 is full of advancements in this area.  Why?  We want you to touch it, feeling connected to your portal services.

That means we do a ton of browser testing via our great QA team to ensure our UI is consistent across browsers.

And now thanks to Parallels with Coherence,  UI development and testing should be a whole lot easier.  With it, I can run all the major browsers simultaneously and see changes instantly without switching machines/keyboards.

Just one small thing we do to help ensure a better user experience for you. 

Monday Jul 16, 2007

Portal Server 7.2 Build B5 available

 OpenPortal Mascot

Portal Server 7.2  Build 5 is now available in the OpenPortal project.

Highlights of this build are support for Sun Application Server 9.1, GlassFish V2, integration with SAW, Mirage, AES encryption for SRA,  new consolidated sampleportals and much more.

Checkout Getting started with OpenPortal and follow the Install Instructions and Release notes to try the latest B5 build.

Thursday Jul 12, 2007

Blog maintenance: Updated tag cloud

Blog maintenanceQuick FYI -- The tag cloud / top tags section on the blog has been moved to the top on the right nav bar. Also, the tags for each entry on the blog have been reviewed and refreshed. We hope that the tags now better serve locatability of the desired topic/content. 

Any comments/suggestions to further enhance the experience on this blog most appreciated.

Wednesday Jul 11, 2007

Secure Remote Access (SRA) in 7.1

InformationVisit my blog entry for information on what all traffic and components are involved in executing psadmin commands on the gateway alone node. There have been several queries from folks asking for this information so I have added the same today on my blog. Hope it helps folks.

Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

JSF Portlet Bridge 1.2.1 and 1.1.5 released

We've released JSF Portlet Bridge 1.2.1 and 1.1.5. The changelog contains issues resolved as well as any new features added.

If you find any issues or have any feedback for features, etc., please let us know!

To know more about JSF Portlet Bridge, you can read the article JavaServer Faces Technology-Based Portlet Bridge

Ohloh tracks OpenPortal project

Ohloh The OpenPortal project has an entry on the Ohloh web site for tracking information related to the OpenPortal community. This includes information about committers, code size and makeup, and licensing. If you use software from any of the OpenPortal projects, please add OpenPortal to your stack on Ohloh. We would also welcome any user reviews.

Monday Jul 09, 2007

Post-Installation Troubleshooting For SRA

Information is now available on BigAdmin on post-installation configuration issues and solutions for the Secure Remote Access (SRA). This documentation has a list of common issues that occur after installation of the SRA and tips to solve them.

Click here to read the troubleshooting guide.

Industry Spotlight: Portlets Yahoo! Group

Click here to join portlets
Click to join portlets

If you are a portlet developer and/or user (or for that matter, in the business of building and/or using the infrastructure that serves as the runtime environment for portlets and more, i.e. portal servers) and are not aware of the Portlets Group at Yahoo!, you should consider checking it out.

The description on the group site states "This group is created with the objective of discussing portlets and related technology, their usability and problems associated with them. Portlets related technologies, standardizations and specifications like JSR 168, Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP), and JSR 170 (JCR) are some of the discussion issues. Though there is no restrictions, you can discuss anything related to portlet..", as well as "..Popular open source and commercial portal servers can also be discussed here..".

The group was founded in November 2003 and today has an impressive membership roster of 5800+ individuals.

Friday Jul 06, 2007

Screencast: Syndication of Portlets and iGoogle Gadgets

Here's a new screencast that demonstrates the syndication of Google gadgets from iGoogle to the Sun Portal Server, and also syndication of portlets/channels from the Sun Portal Server to iGoogle. The gadgets are syndicated with the help of the open source Google gadgets wrapper portlet from PALAB. The content from Sun Portal Server is syndicated to iGoogle using a Javascript/AJAX script as discussed in a previous post

Blog maintenance: New section for Portal documentation

I added a new section for Portal Documentation in the blog's right sidebar. This section has links to documentation for some of the past releases of the Portal Server. You can use this section to directly access documentation for a particular release instead of having to search through the maze at I also added a few more links under the Useful Resources section. Let us know if there are any other links that will be useful to share from the blog.



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