Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

Web Space Server - Localization

Web Space Server has out-of-box localization for 22 languages , out of which Sun provides localization support for Japanese (ja) and Simplified Chinese (zh_CN). Remaining languages are community driven.Also it has been Internationalized which allow localization in new languages which does not shipped out of box.

For further details on Localization (L10n) , Refer my personal blog entry :  Web Space Server - Localization

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

How to do I18n and L10n in WebSynergy

Recently we have defined a common way to do I18n and L10n in WebSynergy. This process will be used for I18n/L10n during development of WebSynergy. It can also be used to develop new porlet with taking advantage of existing UI Tag lib and Language util class for I18n/L10n.

Details can be found on my personal blog entry .

Thursday Sep 20, 2007

AJAX Internationalization (I18n) in Portal Server


Student: Master, After reading this  I got idea of what is AJAX , AJAX Table Container.

 But I want to know how AJAX become international hero?

Zen Master:   To be international hero , AJAX got Internationalized  to reach global world. How? , I would suggest you to read here Technical note on AJAX I18n in Portal Server.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2007

Konichiwa and Ni Hao, The Portal Post readers!

In the past few months, The Portal Post has made a lot of progress. We have grown our readership and contributors by many fold. We are now increasing our reach even more with translations into other languages. Thanks to our brilliant team members, Takashi Komazaki and Leon Fan from the Portal L10N team, The Portal Post is now being translated in Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

I have added links to the Japanese and Simplified Chinese blogs on the right hand side menu bar. Hopefully this trend will continue and we'll be able to say Hola, BonJour, Buon Giorno, Zdravstvuite and many more Hellos to The Portal Post readers.

Thanks again to Koma-san and Leon for being the  first.

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007

New SDN Article: Configuring Portlets for Internationalization and Localization

i18n image 

Mahipalsinh and Marina have just published a new SDN article titled -- "Configuring Portlets for Internationalization and Localization"

The article uses a sample portlet to describe the procedures for internationalization, localization, and deployment of internationalized portlets on Portal Server. That is, you learn how to display portlet content in various languages and how to add new language support to existing portlets.

Note: for all Portal Server related articles, you can use the "article" tag on The Portal Post.

Friday Jul 27, 2007

Portal Server Localization

Portal Server is now localized in the OpenPortal source repository!

Today we have checked-in the localization files for 7 languages in the OpenPortal repository. You can check out the latest Portal Server sources - the localization files are in the location - .../openportal/portal/l10n/src  

Portal Server is localized in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean. 

The localized Portal Server is simpler and easier to use... To provide a seamless experience to localization users, all the l10n files are bundled in the core Portal install units (pkgs, rpms etc). There are no separate l10n install units.

To find out more, visit the OpenPortal Localization wiki

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Hello from the Globalization(G11n) team!

GlobalizationGone are days when the Localization(L10n) support came in much later than the product release! We ship the product with 7 languages for every release we do. This means the product is fully localized in all aspects during the development cycle and there is only one multi-language release of any version. The official Sun supported languages are : German(de), Spenish(es), French(fr), Japanese(ja), Korean(ko), Simplified Chinese(zh-cn), Traditional Chinese(zh-tw).

We are members of Portal Globalization(G11n) team and are very excited to use this forum to discuss Portal Internationalization(I18n) and Localization(L10n) topics. We made lot of changes for the OpenPortal project to simplify the mechanics of how we manage l10n sources and how the translations get built and packaged with the product. For instance, we eliminated the need for separate l10n packages! We look forward to your suggestions and comments to improve our product for non-English customers.

The current release is Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Update 1 and we added lot of cool stuff in this release. Some of these are AJAX Container, Blog Portlet and Community feature enhancements- all of these are i18n ready and localized in 7 languages. We'll be blogging about each of these in more detail in the near future.

The G11n team for OpenPortal can be reached reached via this blog, or via the or

(Image above shows Community Membership , Documentation Channel of Portal Server Community Sample Localized in Japanese Language)




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