Wednesday Aug 15, 2007

Technical Note: Managing Ajax Container

Student: Master, what is Ajax?

Zen Master: Ajax was a Greek hero, but if you tell that to any Java programmer you might become the subject of ridicule. But do not get offended. Ajax today means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and it is a hero among Web development applications.

Student:  Then, Master, what is Ajax Table Container?

ZM: Answers to your questions are everywhere, but I recommend you read this Technical Note on Managing the AjaxTableContainerProvider.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2007

Blog Portlet: A Technical Note

Everyone knows what is a blog.

 Q: Then what is this Blog Portlet in Portal Server?

A: Blog Portlet allows portal users to manage weblog posts from a portal page. You can create, edit, and delete weblog entries. Additionally, this portlet provides a simplified interface for creating weblogs and weblog user accounts.

Q: This is exciting, I want to read more about this Blog Portlet.

A: Sure you can. We have published a Technical Note on Blog Portlet recently. I am sure it has all the information you want.

Monday Jul 30, 2007

Doc Center For Portal Server 7.1 Update 1 Published

A new version of the Documentation Center is available for Portal Server 7.1 Update 1. Click here to see the entire document collection for this release.

Download Portal Server 7.1 Update 1.

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Command-Line Utilities to Administer Communities

Portal Server community administration can be done from either the Portal Server Management Console or through command-line interface (CLI). 

For the Portal Server 7.1u1 release, the command-line utilities for community administration was consolidated into a technical note.

 Each entry has the command (long and short formats), description, syntax, and options.

Instructions to administer communities from the Portal Server Management Console is available in the online help.

Tech Article on Web Services for Remote Portlets




A technical article is now available in BigAdmin on administering Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) for Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 written by Sunil Bhaskaran. You can also find this information in a WSRP chapter in the Sun Java System Portal Server Administration Guide.

Another technical article by Rajesh Thiagarajan and Marina Sum, in a four part series titled Open-Source Portal Initiative, "describes the WSRP Project's system and deployment architectures, its build and deployment processes, and the procedure for creating remote portlet windows."

Monday Jul 16, 2007

Portal Server 7.2 Build B5 available

 OpenPortal Mascot

Portal Server 7.2  Build 5 is now available in the OpenPortal project.

Highlights of this build are support for Sun Application Server 9.1, GlassFish V2, integration with SAW, Mirage, AES encryption for SRA,  new consolidated sampleportals and much more.

Checkout Getting started with OpenPortal and follow the Install Instructions and Release notes to try the latest B5 build.

Thursday Jul 12, 2007

Blog maintenance: Updated tag cloud

Blog maintenanceQuick FYI -- The tag cloud / top tags section on the blog has been moved to the top on the right nav bar. Also, the tags for each entry on the blog have been reviewed and refreshed. We hope that the tags now better serve locatability of the desired topic/content. 

Any comments/suggestions to further enhance the experience on this blog most appreciated.

Monday Jul 09, 2007

Post-Installation Troubleshooting For SRA

Information is now available on BigAdmin on post-installation configuration issues and solutions for the Secure Remote Access (SRA). This documentation has a list of common issues that occur after installation of the SRA and tips to solve them.

Click here to read the troubleshooting guide.

Friday Jul 06, 2007

Blog maintenance: New section for Portal documentation

I added a new section for Portal Documentation in the blog's right sidebar. This section has links to documentation for some of the past releases of the Portal Server. You can use this section to directly access documentation for a particular release instead of having to search through the maze at I also added a few more links under the Useful Resources section. Let us know if there are any other links that will be useful to share from the blog.

Thursday Jul 05, 2007

Getting Started with OpenPortal


To get started, request the observer or contributor role in the OpenPortal project. This gives the details ...

You can grab the source from the project's subversion repo:

The build instructions are here:

And the install instructions:

Windows is still flaky it is best to start with Linux or Solaris at this point.

And finally, subscribe to the users and dev aliases:

The OpenPortal developers are happy to start answering your questions and help you get involved in the project.

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

Building Blocks: Document provides technical overview


For those who want to take a closer look at the building blocks of Portal Server and the technology that powers this wonderful product, there is a very handy document in the Portal Server 7.1 document collection.

This will give a fair idea to someone who wants to evaluate Portal Server prior to installing and testing the product. The Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Overview explains quickly the major features Portal Server.

Friday Jun 29, 2007

Portal Server 7.1 Update1 Documents Published

Portal Server 7.1 Update1 documents were recently published. Click the image to go to the document collection.


Thursday Jun 28, 2007

Documentation on the Community Feature

Documentation on the Portal Server community features, community services, and community sample portal is available in the Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Update 1 Community Guide.

In prior releases, this guide was titled Sun Java System Portal Server Community Sample Guide. In the 7.1 Update 1 release, the title as well as the structure of the guide has been changed.

The Community Features section discusses how to manage communities, set up community templates, and customize Sun Java Web user Interface Theme.

The Community Services section discusses how to deploy and configure the various portlets (such as Wiki Portlet, Surveys Portlet etc.) and includes documentation on the Portlet Application Framework.

The Community Sample Portal section provides an overview of the Community Sample portal and areas of customizations to the Community Sample portal UI.

Monday Jun 25, 2007

IPC StoryBoard Explored

If you are thinking of a simpler way to write the shopping cart example from my previous tutorial, check out the new IPC Tutorial. This explains how much easier it is now to drag and drop events with the help of StoryBoard .

StoryBoard is the new Feature introduced in the Portal Pack 1.3 Beta. Right now it provides tooling support for InterPortletCommunication for JSR 168 portlets. The tool will be enhanced in the future to enable support for the Eventing feature of JSR 286 portlets.

Also, checkout Satya's blog to  know more on IPC StoryBoard .




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