Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

Jazz up your Portal UI

Currently, the web designers design the portal's look and feel via a web based UI -  which they may not be entirely comfortable with.

Wouldn't it be nice if portals provide a method by which the designer is able to use professional web design tools that he is already familiar with to create a beautiful looking portal.

Well, now its possible. For more details on how, click here.
For screencasts on how it can be done, click here.

This feature is available as part of Portal Server 7.2.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

Screencast: Documentum Portlets

Documentum Portlets Documentum portlets are now available for Sun Java System Portal Server. These portlets from Documentum provide Documentum Content Management functionality, including tasks like creating, locating, viewing and managing all types of content. Documentum eRoom, Web Publisher and ECI Services portlets can now be integrated and deployed in Sun Java System Portal Server.

The following screencast demonstrates integration and deployment of these portlets in Sun Java System Portal Server -- Documentum Portlets Screencast .

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Voice-over Screencast to Demonstrate IPC StoryBoard Feature for NetBeans 5.5/5.5.1 IDE

ScreencastHere is a new voice-over screencast that demonstrates the IPC StoryBoard feature for NetBeans 5.5/5.5.1 IDE. In this screencast, I have explained the IPC StoryBoard feature with the help of a fund transfer portlet application created in NetBeans 5.5.1 IDE, following the procedure in Uma's tutorial.

Thanks to Satya, Vihang, and Deepak for providing feedback. I would also like to thank Anjana Rudra for graciously lending her voice and Manu Samuel from the IEC Media design team for the production support.

Watch the screencast and look out for more in the future.

Friday Jul 06, 2007

Screencast: Syndication of Portlets and iGoogle Gadgets

Here's a new screencast that demonstrates the syndication of Google gadgets from iGoogle to the Sun Portal Server, and also syndication of portlets/channels from the Sun Portal Server to iGoogle. The gadgets are syndicated with the help of the open source Google gadgets wrapper portlet from PALAB. The content from Sun Portal Server is syndicated to iGoogle using a Javascript/AJAX script as discussed in a previous post

Monday Jun 25, 2007

Portal Server 7 Samples Screencast

There are 4 portal samples available with Portal Server 7.  Here's a quick overview of each sample and pointers to the screencasts available for the samples.

Portal Welcome page

  • The Enterprise Sample is a business portal based on a fictitious company named Adventure Sports Café and showcases key features of the Sun Java™ System Portal Server.  Checkout the screencast
  • The Developer Sample highlights content that would be helpful to a developer trying to understand the inner workings of the Sun Java™ System Portal Server. Checkout the screencast

The fourth sample is the Welcome Sample which is a welcome page that provides a single point of access to the portal samples and pointers to the product documentation and support.

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

Portlet Coordination made easy via NetBeans Portal Pack

Coordination remains one of the most talked about topics with respect to portlets. And one of the popular means of enabling portlet coordination is via the event model.

CoordinationThe Eventing (also referred to as Inter-Portlet Communication) feature in the Sun Java System Portal Server as well as the decoupled Portlet Container component built out of the OpenPortal community now has tools support in the form of an IPC Story Board feature in the NetBeans Portal Pack.

Check out Satya's blog entry introducing this feature, and especially the screencast that illustrates usage via a sample Shopping Cart application.  

Also note that the upcoming new versions of the Portal Standards, Portlet 2.0 (JSR286) and WSRP 2.0, will provide support for  portlet coordination through more than one mechanism including events. Support for those will also similarly make it's way into the Portal Pack.

Friday Jun 01, 2007

Portal Delegated Administration Screencast

Delegated Administration is another one of the new features in the upcoming Sun Java System Portal Server 7.2 release.

delegated adminThe Delegated Administration feature allows ordinary users other than the super administrator to administer/manage Portal Server resources.

I have recorded a screencast to give a preview of this new feature. It shows how a super administrator can assign delegation of existing portal resources to other portal delegated administrators.

Check out the screencast here -- Portal Delegated Administration Screencast

Thursday May 31, 2007

Portal Desktop Design Tool Screencast

design As indicated in an earlier posting, one of the main features of the future Portal Server 7.2 release will be the Desktop Design Tool. 

The Desktop Design Tool will be an easy to use tool for portal administrators to design and customize a portal page's layout and theme.

To give a preview of this upcoming feature, I have recorded a screencast that shows how this tool can be used for adding new content, changing the layout of the page by rearranging  tabs and channels, and finally, changing the theme of the page.

Check out the screencast here -- Portal Desktop Design Tool Screencast

Saturday May 12, 2007

Private Communities and Community Management features in Sun Java System Portal Server 7

A previous posting (also this) had introduced the Communities/Collaboration feature set which was one of the big themes behind Sun Java System Portal Server 7.

To show where that whole area is logically evolving into next, Maneesha has recorded another screencast that highlights the notion of Private Communities, Community Management and more..

So check out the screencast here -- Private Communities in Sun Java System Portal Server 7

Friday May 11, 2007

Ruby on Rails Portlet on OpenPortal Portlet Container


 The long standing debate of Ruby on Rails vs. JavaEE applications will continue to stand for some time. But I believe in the notion of "If you can't fight them, join them". So Ruby guys, here is some good news for you. The OpenPortal Portlet Container Project will soon support Ruby on Rails applications so that they can be treated on par with JSR-168 portlets. So whether you are writing a Java portlet or a Ruby on Rails application, you can invoke them using the OpenPortal Portlet Container.

The ROR application is treated as a first class citizen by the OpenPortal Portlet Container. A new container implementation is provided so that the ROR application can be invoked. A ROR application can now be bundled in a Web Application Archive (war) due to the efforts of the Rails Integration project. To enable ease of use and minimal knowledge of Java/JavaEE a plugin on NetBeans 6 is developed. NetBeans 6 supports Ruby on Rails application development. The new plugin leverages the same so that with a few clicks a war is created which the Portlet Container can recognize.

    The screen cast for the development of the Ruby on Rails portlet can be found here. The screen cast shows how one can deploy and aggregate the now famous simple ROR blog application into the OpenPortal Portlet Container.

Thursday May 10, 2007

Introducing Eventing Plugin with Netbeans and OpenPortal


The OpenPortal Portlet Container provides a custom way to perform eventing between portlets. I have created a NetBeans plugin  demonstrated in the EventingDemo which depicts how easy it is to write portlets which generate and consume events.

The NetBeans plugin with the upcoming Netbeans 6 release, makes it easy to drag and drop the Java code for the portlet to generate/receive events. It also introduces appropriate XML entries in the custom xml file required by the Portlet Container.

Have a look!!!

Wednesday May 09, 2007

Introducing CMS infrastructure with OpenPortal and NetBeans

The OpenPortal Project  will soon have a Content Management System (CMS)  infrastructure and an open CMS out of the box . This CMS, currently implemented as a Document Management System  is JSR170 (JCR standards) compliant and uses Apache's Jackrabbit and Object Content Mapping (OCM) .

  The interesting part is that Document Management  functionality is exposed via tag libraries where the tags can be dragged and dropped in the portlet page and developer can have his/her own  CMS presentation . For this we have the NetBeans plugin . Check this out in the CMSDemo . This CMS solution is in progress and we plan to enhance it further for Article Management, Jobs Management and Ad Management.

Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

Portlet Container 1.0 and Portal Pack 1.1 now available

Portlet Container 1.0 FCS is now available as part of the Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Preview release. You can download the same from here.  Here are some links to related resources

The Netbeans Portlet Plug-ins help developers to develop, deploy and test portlets on to the Portlet Container 1.0.  There are new versions of the Portlet Plug-ins that are now available that work with the above Portlet Container version. The Netbeans Portlet Plug-ins are available as the part of  Java EE 5 Tools Bundle Update 3 Preview.

Checkout Deepak's  and Satya's blog for more details.

Wednesday Dec 20, 2006

Portlet Container and NetBeans Portlet Plugin

This Portlet Container open source project milestone 1 beta is now available as the part of Java Application Platform SDK Update 2 release. You can download the same from here.  Here are some of the links to the documentation.

Java EE SDK download

The Netbeans Portlet Plugin is also available which works with NetBeans IDE 5.5 or above, current release of NetBeans Portlet Plugin helps developers to develop, deploy and test portlets on the Portlet Container 1.0,  You can download the same from here .  Here are some links to the plugins documentation

For more details refer to Deepak's and Satya's blogs.

Thursday Jul 20, 2006

Portal 7 Communities Screencast

One of the key and compelling new features of the Sun Java System Portal Server 7 release was support for Communities and Collaboration. See Paul's writeup that introduces this feature-set and explains why "Community Portals" have the potential to impact how we use the read/write Web.

To follow up on that, Jeff just recorded a screencast that demonstrates the usage of Communities in Portal 7, including the Community samples that ship with the product.

Check out the screencast (it runs about 6 mins) and his blog.

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