Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

JSR286 : Article on main features

Deepak, Uma, Manish and Satya have written an article that describes the new features of JSR 286 as defined in the public draft. The article also contains samples(both source and binary) for the new features.

In order to the deploy and try the samples you need Portlet Container 2.0 beta.

Download the Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Beta that contains Portlet Container 2.0 Beta.

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Tech Article on Web Services for Remote Portlets




A technical article is now available in BigAdmin on administering Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) for Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 written by Sunil Bhaskaran. You can also find this information in a WSRP chapter in the Sun Java System Portal Server Administration Guide.

Another technical article by Rajesh Thiagarajan and Marina Sum, in a four part series titled Open-Source Portal Initiative, "describes the WSRP Project's system and deployment architectures, its build and deployment processes, and the procedure for creating remote portlet windows."

Wednesday Jun 27, 2007

New SDN Article: OpenPortal JSF Portlet Bridge Project

JSFPortletBridge ProjectThe fifth article of the running series "Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun" is out on Sun Developer Network -- 

JavaServer Faces Technology-Based Portlet Bridge

In the article, Deepak and Marina describe various aspects about the OpenPortal JSF Portlet Bridge Project which develops the integration library that enables JSF technology-based applications to be run and deployed as JSR168-compliant portlets, including it's design philosophy, the procedure for modifying JSF applications to comply with the JSR168 specification (illustrated via a sample application), and the Portlet Bridge's tag library.

Wednesday Jun 13, 2007

New SDN Article: Authoring Community Services With Portal Server

writerThe Communities/Collaboration feature set in Portal Server 7 has been evolving at a good pace.

One of the key requirements in that area was the need to provide the ability for developers to write their own collaborative applications that could plug right into the community infrastructure and be used alongside the ones that are provided out-of-the-box.

Jeff has written a new article on SDN that explains how to do just that, i.e. create collaborative applications that are community aware. The article goes into great detail and uses the Shared Bookmarks Portlet from the OpenPortal Portlet Repository Project for illustration purposes.

You can get the article here (PDF) -- Authoring Community Services with Portal Server

Tuesday May 29, 2007

Article on the OpenPortal WSRP Project

Rajesh and Marina have written an article titled "Open Source Portal Initiative, Part4: Web Services for Remote Portlets". This article provides complete information on download/build/deployment of the WSRP project at java.net. The WSRP Project is a part of Sun's overall OpenPortal initiative.

The other articles in this series are :

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

Web 2.0 Communities via the Sun Java System Portal Server

Portal communities Tom has published an article that describes how Web 2.0 concepts are a perfect complement to Portals, and in particular how the Sun Portal product makes effective use of Web 2.0 features and concepts to help users be more collaborative and productive.

So check it out here -- Creating Web 2.0-Enabled Communities With Sun Java System Portal Server


Sunday Mar 25, 2007

New Article: Intro to Enterprise-class Portlet Container Open Source Project

Deepak and Marina have put together an article on the Enterprise-Class Portlet Container Open Source Project titled --

Part 3 : Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun : Portlet Container

This article describes the Enterprise-class Portlet Container Open Source Project and Portlet Container 1.0 release milestone recently developed in the project. Also explained are the procedures for installing and deploying Portlet Container 1.0 release milestone and how to test portlets.  Finally, it also explains the motivation behind the project and how other projects, tools and environments can benefit from it.

Here are the links to other articles in the same series

Wednesday Mar 21, 2007

Introducing Portlet Specifications - Redux Article

Wesley and Marina have done a complete refresh of the popular "Introducing Java Portlet Specifications.." article. It now not only covers the Java Portlet Specification 1.0 (JSR 168), but also takes a peek at the ongoing work on the upcoming Java Portlet Specification 2.0 (JSR 286).

In addition, it walks through a sample Weather Portlet tying together leverage of the Portlet Repository Project, the Portlet Container Project, and the NetBeans Portal Pack Project.

So check it out -- Introducing Java Portlet Specifications: JSR 168 and JSR 286


Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

Portlet Container 1.0 and Portal Pack 1.1 now available

Portlet Container 1.0 FCS is now available as part of the Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Preview release. You can download the same from here.  Here are some links to related resources

The Netbeans Portlet Plug-ins help developers to develop, deploy and test portlets on to the Portlet Container 1.0.  There are new versions of the Portlet Plug-ins that are now available that work with the above Portlet Container version. The Netbeans Portlet Plug-ins are available as the part of  Java EE 5 Tools Bundle Update 3 Preview.

Checkout Deepak's  and Satya's blog for more details.

Friday Mar 02, 2007

Incorporating Workflow Into Sun Portals With Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite

Java CAPSTraditionally, performing tasks on multiple portals is tedious and inefficient as enterprises adopt back-end business processes and must then continually manage them. Hence, demand has steadily mounted for the capability to perform tasks on just the portal itself instead of on multiple sites with a single-point solution; that is, a solution that not only handles the process interactions but also enables end users to seamlessly perform tasks as "hooks" in the process.

Through an example, this article describes how to automate human workflow by integrating Portal Server with Java CAPS.

Check out the article -- Workflow into Sun Portals with Java CAPS.

Friday Feb 16, 2007

Redesigned SDN Portal Server Hub now live!

Portal SDN HubThe Portal/Portlet marketplace continues to expand and gain momentum worldwide (\* as estimated by Industry Pundits). The developer ecosystem is an instrumental part of that growth. To mirror that, and help fuel it further, the Sun Developer Network Hub for Portal Server has been redone from ground up to appeal to a wide audience of developers that are interested in all things related to the world of Portals and Portlets.

It now has information, resources and pointers right from the latest on the Sun Java System Portal Server product-line, the Enterprise-class Portal Open Source Project that is gaining momentum on java.net, to the latest advances in Portlet technologies/standards, to information about the next generation Portal/Portlets Tools (including those from NetBeans), and more..

So calling one, calling all,  check it out  -- http://developers.sun.com/portalserver

Wednesday Nov 08, 2006

Managing Portal with Scripts

A new article is available on Sun Developer Network which details how to leverage scripts for managing Sun Portal Server 7.  While the administration console is intuitive and powerful, scripts allow individuals a great number of advantages for performing repetitive or even a series of commands.

 Readers will like this article for its breadth and technical overview of the portal CLI.

Tuesday Oct 31, 2006

Portlet Repository Explained

Following on the heels of part I of the Portal Open Source series of articles, here is part II --

Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun, Part 2: Portlet Repository

The article focuses on what the portlet repository is, why it will benefit everyone, and how you can participate.

The authors encourage the community to join hands together and build a rich and vibrant ecosystem of free and opensource portlets.

Friday Oct 20, 2006

Portal Open Source Intro article

The team just published a new article on SDN that gives the high-level perspective on the Portal Open Source initiative. Specifically, in terms of goals and objectives.

Check it out -- Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun, Part 1: Overview

This is part I of a series that will go into more depths on various aspects of the overall effort, including the components/capabilities, some of which will surface as sub-projects of the parent Enterprise-class Portal Open Source Project.

p.s. sorry for part II of the service interruption (a.k.a lack of activity) on this blog. We hope to do much better moving forward. And appreciate your readership.

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Friday Sep 15, 2006

Enterprise-Scale Databases in Sun Portal Server Collaboration features

An earlier post described the compelling collaboration/communities features that were introduced by Sun Java System Portal Server 7.

Su just published an excellent article that articulates how you can deploy and enable an enterprise-scale community in a production environment by switching to Oracle and taking advantage of its high-availability features.

On SDN --  Switching to Enterprise-Scale Databases in Sun Java System Portal Server for Collaboration




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