Monday Sep 24, 2007

Sun's Portal Named to Leaders Quadrant

Gartner The Sun Java System Portal Server was named to the leaders quadrant in Gartners latest Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals!  Visit "On the Record" for more info. 

Monday Sep 17, 2007

Thanks to OpenPortal, Sun Integration Partner gets it done "now" for their customer

Building a successful open source community requires having access to a capable set of individuals/organizations that have a passion for the technology the community represents. Thanks to the success Sun Java Portal Server has had over the years, the OpenPortal project inherited thousands of customers and partners interested in Sun's portal technology. One recent example - ICSynergy, a long time Sun system integration partner, found having access to the Sun Java Portal Server source helped them to resolve a major issue for their customer in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the "old days". Read the ICSynergy story

Thursday Sep 06, 2007

WSRP component consumed by the Portal Server implementation

WSRP component consumed by Portal ServerThe componentization strategy, or as some call it, the consumables strategy (read an earlier blog entry and/or this SDN article for background) being executed by the OpenPortal community has hit another important milestone.

As reported earlier, along the lines of the Portlet Container component having been integrated into the  Enterprise-class Portal Server implementation in the OpenPortal community; next the WSRP implementation has followed suit. Rajesh describes the new development here.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2007

Code for freedom!

Code For Freedom To commemorate India’s 60 years of Independence, we have announced a unique contest today, aptly named “Code for Freedom”.

Open to undergraduate and graduate students in any college/university accredited by the Government of India, the contest invites contributions to 5 Open Source projects namely OpenSolaris, NetBeans, Project GlassFish, Apache Derby and OpenPortal and will run until January 2008. The winners of the contest are set to win Laptops, iPods and every contributor gets a T-shirt and certificate from Sun.

You can find more information at the Code For Freedom site.

As you have come to this blog, I am assuming you are interested more in an open source enterprise portal - and we will be very happy to help you in any way we can. You can contact us at

If you want to contribute to the development of the OpenPortal project, you can find details over here

If you want to create cool JSR168 based portlets, please check Satya's blog to learn about some easy steps on how to do portlet development.

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

Consumables from the OpenPortal Community

OpenPortal Community Some time back we had decided to open source some on the key components of the Sun Java Portal Server product in a piece-meal fashion. The idea was to enable those components to be consumed by other communities or software products (refer this article for the goals).

Since then we have open sourced the Portlet Container (based on the JSR168 standard) implementation, the WSRP implementation, the JSFPortlet bridge, and also created some new innovative projects such as Portal Pack (NetBeans and Eclipse), SAW and Mirage. And to further walk the talk, I am happy let you know that some of these components have already been consumed back by the enterprise class open source Portal Server implementation in the OpenPortal community.

A successful open source community is about adopting other communities and getting adopted by other communities, I would like to welcome other communities and software products who believe in open source to come and look at what we have to offer as part of the components mentioned above.

To go back to the article that states the goals of the OpenPortal community --

The objectives for the Portal Server open-source initiative are threefold:

- Expose Portal Server's mature and proven enterprise-class capabilities to the community and evolve it there through active participation from the community of developers, users, partners, and like-minded individuals.

- Build composable, decoupled, and lightweight components that can be used by the developer community and other projects, for example, components that serve as development or test runtimes in tools.

- Collaborate with other portal, middleware, or similar open-source efforts in the software universe for the benefit of the community.

Note: Please stay tuned for news on JSR286 and WSRP 2.0.

Wednesday Aug 01, 2007

Google commands and Sun Portal internet-facing deployments

Sun Portal welcome pageRajesh has an interesting observation on using Google commands to discover some external/internet-facing deployments of Sun Java System Portal Server. So essentially a peek at the power and simplicity of Google search, as well as some insight into the adoption of Sun's Portal in a particular category (i.e. external-facing), if you will.

Basically, you can type -- inurl:"/portal/dt" -- in the Google search text box to get a sub-set [1] of the external/internet-facing [2] Sun Portal deployments on the web. The results show diversity of deployments; traction in the commercial/enterprise, government, education, etc spaces..

[1] sub-set since this may only capture the deployments that have not modified the default, out-of-the-box URL ("/portal/dt"), as well as largely picking non-localized deployments (Sun Portal is localized in many languages), etc. Also, the search results presumably reflect the extent of what Google picks up at any given moment. Other caveats may apply.

[2] internet-facing since obviously the search results do not capture intranet URLs; a large proportion of deployments are inside company firewalls (e.g. B2E, etc).

Thursday Jul 05, 2007

Getting Started with OpenPortal


To get started, request the observer or contributor role in the OpenPortal project. This gives the details ...

You can grab the source from the project's subversion repo:

The build instructions are here:

And the install instructions:

Windows is still flaky it is best to start with Linux or Solaris at this point.

And finally, subscribe to the users and dev aliases:

The OpenPortal developers are happy to start answering your questions and help you get involved in the project.




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