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    October 30, 2008

dimSTAT by examples

Oracle runs best on Sun series.

Last week I was attending Oracle RAC DD4D (deep dive for developers) seminar here in Moscow, Russia. No need to say how useful and full of information this seminar was. Thanks to Dmitry and all presenters!

Among many things we covered performance. Specifically it was Oracle RAC performance. System administrators, DBA and Users all wants to have better and faster system. But before you try to make your system better you have to take a look at your system from all possible angles. Users can tell you about their's personal feelings: “Oh, my program A works so slow”. In DBA's hands there are powerful tools from Oracle and other vendors. But what is in sysadmin's hands? Is it still \*stat commands producing rows of data?

What if you don't have experience looking into \*stat commands output and hardly can remember theirs syntax and even names? In that case all you need is dimSTAT. In this post I will show some screenshots of dimSTAT monitoring four Solaris 10 nodes cluster running Oracle RAC.

The main features of dim_STAT are:

  • A web based user interface

  • All collected data is saved in a central database

  • Multiple data views

  • Interactive (Java) or static graphs (PNG)

  • Real Time monitoring

  • Multi-Host monitoring

  • Post analyzing

  • Statistics integration (Add-On)

  • Professional reporting with automated features

  • One-click STAT-Bookmarks

Here are few examples of what can you see with dimSTAT. All screenshots shown here were taken from different times, so most of them does not correlate. Although shown examples are multi-host you may do analysis per hosts with any details you need.

CPU usage in User context:

CPU Usage in System and User+System:

Storage Read+Write and Network In+Out:

Next two charts will show you network packets In and Out:

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