January 19, 2021

Podcast #389: Tech Predictions for 2021

By: Javed Mohammed | Community Manager


Predicting the future isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In the absence of having a magical crystal ball, it requires amongst other things, experience, vision, creativity, good judgement, recognizing patterns beyond the obvious and a track record. When I think of making predictions, or forecasting the future, I am thinking of people who can determine inflection points. This is not an easy task, and there are some people like serial entrepreneurs who do it better than others. It doesn’t mean they get it right all the time or in all aspects of life, but they can do it well in a particular field.

In that regard, Bob Quillin who is a serial entrepreneur graced this Podcast, and gave us a year in review of 2020 and his predictions for 2021. I asked him about what an inflection point is, and he gave a non-textbook answer, “Inflection points are from an entrepreneurs point of view moments of opportunity, something that’s significant, a change, an event, or a confluence of events that come together and create an opportunity to do something interesting and new.”

Before we delved into 2021, I asked Bob to do a year in review of 2020. Of course the Coronavirus pandemic overshadowed many things and it had been foreshadowed in movies like Contagion back in 2011.  Bill Gates had alerted us to it in a TED talk in 2015 "The next outbreak? we’re not ready.” Bob helps us to connect the dots of change and its impact on technology. Here are the five plus one bonus inflection points as far tech and the cloud goes for 2021:

  1. The Agility Imperative Explodes
  2. Scale & Scalability
  3. Technical Debt - Bill Comes Due Now
  4. Lift and Shift Experiment Fails
  5. Modernization Gets Modern
  6. Bonus inflection point: Family, Life Balance, Health is #1


To wrap it up I asked Bob, "What scares you, what excites you about 2021”. He answered in part, “we might see more of these things, like climate change, pandemics, being ready for those and being able to reach to react to them as a society, as businesses, as entrepreneurs, and technologists, all those things all the way down are things to be excited about”, so there is plenty to look forward to (as well things to be aware off.)

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Bob Quillin

Chief Ecosystem Officer, vFunction




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