PL/SQL and edition-based redefinition:
the perfect marriage.

  • April 12, 2019

Oracle OpenWorld sessions delivered by customers about their successful use of EBR

Steven Feuerstein
Developer Advocate for PL/SQL

Here are the titles and abstracts of Oracle OpenWorld sessions delivered by customers about their successful use of EBR in their mission-critical production databases.

Wednesday 1-October-2014: CON7521

How Salesforce.com Eliminated Downtime for Major Releases Using Edition-Based Redefinition

Salesforce.com hosts many customer organizations, using a single occurrence of Oracle Database; availability is therefore critical. Previously, upgrading the application’s database component offline took six hours. A custom technique was developed in Oracle Database 10g starting with a 30-minute planned downtime for table changes, making PL/SQL changes online using a shadow schema and finishing with a five-minute downtime to repoint the active schema and bounce the application servers. This session describes how edition-based redefinition (EBR), introduced in Oracle Database 11g Release 2, replaced the custom technique to provide uninterrupted availability.

Monday 16-September-2015: CON8704

American Express’ road to zero-downtime releases via edition-based redefinition

The internet-facing application for customers of American Express's prepaid card products is backed by Oracle Database. Customers want to use their cards at any time, but before we began using EBR, application releases required three hours of downtime in the very early hours of the morning. This outage included feature testing that might determine a rollback decision. Now customer spending is uninterrupted, and additional significant benefits were achieved by providing early feature testing before release, and more frequent upgrades. This session presents design considerations for the EBR implementation, and lessons learned. It concludes by describing the use of EBR to move from a single-schema model to a multi-schema model.

Thursday 22-September-2016: CON3102

Learn from MoneyGram: Say YES to Edition-Based Redefinition/ NO to Application Release Downtime

Edition-Based Redefinition is an Oracle Database feature that offers multiple editions of database objects or provides a different projection of objects. Edition-Based Redefinition opens up an opportunity to run several versions of an application concurrently on the same database. In this session learn how MoneyGram International implemented Edition-Based Redefinition to minimize application release downtime significantly with no additional license cost. See a technical step-by-step of the Edition-Based Redefinition implementation at MoneyGram and hear about lessons learned of a real-world Edition-Based Redefinition implementation.

Wednesday 21-September-2016: CON6146

Upgrading the Moovit App with Zero Downtime Using Edition-Based Redefinition

The Moovit app serves many users around the clock, all over the globe, so uninterrupted availability is non-negotiable. Of course, the app evolves very quickly, and it’s critically important to be able to make changes in production at any time and with short notice. Moovit therefore adopted Edition-Based Redefinition and has been using it for several years for zero-downtime changes within a massive PL/SQL codebase and to a complex database structure. This session explores how the Moovit development team uses Edition-Based Redefinition to make all database-side changes in production, from small patches to major version upgrades. It also includes real use-cases, challenges, and solutions; and shows how Edition-Based Redefinition enables us to embrace changes rather than be afraid of them.

Tuesday 23-October-2018: CAS4042

Zero Downtime Upgrade of Core Banking Systems with Edition-Based Redefinition

The Avaloq Banking Suite, based on Oracle Database, is used by 150 banks with joint assets of US$4 billion. Downtime adds a huge opportunity cost so Avaloq recently adopted edition-based redefinition (EBR) to provide uninterrupted availability during application and customization upgrades. In this session hear a brief recap of EBR in Oracle Database 18c and then learn how the company adopted and uses EBR. This session also explores the various challenges this brought and how they were addressed, as well as how Avaloq extended the edition notion to the middle and client tiers, how it tests on production in new editions, how it supports canary upgrades, and how it extended internal and customer tool chains to simplify the use of EBR.

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