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How Oracle Autonomous Will Change the Future of IT

Guest Author

This post was contributed by Oracle's Director of Cloud PR & Communications, EMEA & JAPAC, Rebecca English 

What if organizations were able to shift the responsibilities of IT from maintenance tasks to higher-value mission critical assignments for business end users? To that end, what if IT organizations were able to use their skills for solving problems at the front-end of the organization?

This is a new reality with autonomous technology

Today's IT professionals need automation. According to an Oracle survey, we found a staggering 95% of IT professionals are still creating or upgrading databases manually. The workloads for DBAs are increasing with 39% of DBAs handling 50 or more databases. With Oracle autonomous, organizations can redefine how their business runs to drive real innovation and real change for their business. 

Autonomous technology represents the next great leap in the evolution of enterprise IT technology. Combining the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous technology delivers self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities across a wide range of IT functions and applications. With Oracle Autonomous, organizations are able to run smarter, more efficiently, and more securely. 

Move from Operations to Innovation 

For IT professionals, autonomous technology means moving beyond the operational procedural work of keeping an IT system functioning. It enables them to use their skills and knowledge for solving more mission critical problems. Organizations will be able to consider and design new processes and practices with autonomous technologies. They can shift IT responsibilities from managing backend systems to focus on frontend applications and services that matter most to employees and customers. 

As Timothy Miller, from Drop Tank, a loyalty and rewards company focused on fuel and convenience said, "Simply put, with cloud and autonomous we can focus on our business and not the backend of technology. It promises a future where we don't have to rely on an army of people. Autonomous gives us the tools to do amazing things quickly and at a low cost."

Autonomous technology represents a fundamental shift in IT - where it becomes a hub for innovation. It provides organizations with the necessary speed, and flexibility to deliver cost savings and value. 

When applied for example in a database, autonomous automates database operations ensures patches are applied and the data is secured. For integration, autonomous technology simplifies integration spanning Oracle and non-Oracle apps, both on-premise and in the cloud. And when applied in a data warehouse, autonomous technology can provision a data warehouse in seconds accelerating time to innovation and time to market. And it can do all of this with minimal human intervention. 

As Clark Kho, Senior Technology Architect, at Accenture said, "In today's intelligent enterprise era, having a self-driving database is a natural next step. Freeing DBAs from the basic operational nuances of running a database is of tremendous value-and from a security standpoint, the autonomous capabilities get us closer to the holy grail of being automatic, predictive and self-healing."

Drive Better Outcomes

Ultimately, autonomous technologies provides IT professionals with the ability to re-align their focus on new projects and enabling them to respond to business requirements at a speed never seen before. 

As Michael Morales, CEO at QMP Health, a user of Oracle's autonomous data warehouse said, "When you're dealing with human lives, time is everything. Having Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud automatically tune and manage itself with no downtime means faster response times and quicker decisions - that's critical for us and our patients."

Autonomous drives efficiency in existing systems management, freeing up human resources and generating quick wins that can be reinvested in further implementations. With Autonomous, the IT function can become a true partner to the organization. Ultimately, autonomous technology can lead to a future where there is no discernible difference between IT and the business - they are converged. 

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