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How IT Leaders Can Benefit from Autonomous Technology

Ilona Gabinsky
Principal Product Marketing Manager

Does your IT organization spend too much time and money performing manual, labor-intensive tasks managing your operations? If the answer is a definitive “Yes,” it’s time to reconsider. Manual tasks not only prevent IT from pursuing innovation but can also result in human errors which can have unfavorable effects on uptime, performance, and security. Now more than ever, enterprises understand that adopting data science and machine learning technologies is crucial for improving business productivity.

With Oracle Cloud, we’re offering a complete set of autonomous services that can help you and your team focus more on driving your business forward.

Enabling Autonomous Enterprise

Oracle Cloud offers the only Autonomous Database helping you and your team avoid countless hours of manual effort. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate manual tasks such as provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, encrypting, and repairing of databases.

It includes self-driving capabilities, so your IT team can focus on higher-value tasks that support the business. It is self-securing, so you can protect yourself from attacks. It also provides self-repairing capabilities, so you can keep your business continuously up and running. This level of automation helps your organization lower operational costs. It also reduces risks of a security breach, while enabling auto encryption of data at rest and in motion. These benefits allow you to accelerate innovation by focusing on your business and not on your to-do list.

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Transforming your IT operations with the Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database supports mixed workloads, such as data warehouses and online transaction processing. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse integrates with Oracle Analytics Cloud to create new data warehouses and models, drive insights, and deliver them faster than ever before. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing enables rapid application development and deployment. Supports all operational business systems with 100 times faster mixed workload processing.

These benefits allow you to:

1. Focus on data modeling

2. Spearhead security and information lifecycle projects

3. Stay informed on database trends

4. Get involved with agile development

5. Identify new revenue streams through data

6. Try new analytics tools

7. Lead migration and upgrades

8. Work as data architects instead of administrators

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Comprehensive data and privacy protection

Oracle Cloud’s security features automate encryption, adaptive authentication, visibility into application usage, and automation to detect anomalies. This ensures your data is safe at every level. In addition, customers can leverage Oracle Data Safe which provides a security service to detect gaps in your defense posture, give visibility into security issues with data, users, and applications, and provide recommendations on how to contain security risks. 

Improving your IT plans

With every company becoming an insights-driven company, IT is managing almost everything. Outside of daily system maintenance, your team is translating the needs of business experts to those in outsourced IT. On a daily basis, you’re also delivering data analysis for multiple lines of business—including finance, marketing, sales, and HR—and implementing reporting systems for each department. So how do you navigate it all?

Oracle has created the concept of a modern data warehouse—a single solution that provides a broad set of services for a self-driving data warehouse, integration, data lake, data science, and analytics services to enable organizations to innovate and get the most value from their data.

These services include:

The core of the modern data warehouse and what makes it truly modern is the Oracle Autonomous Database built on Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure. It delivers  a solution to concentrate on your core business, worry less about day-to-day operations, and create opportunities for innovation. With Autonomous Database cutting down on your administration costs, you can refocus your time and talent on what’s ahead.

For more information on how IT leaders move from administration to innovation, read our e-book here. Or, visit https://www.oracle.com/cloud/ and https://www.oracle.com/autonomous-database/.

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