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How Cloud Platforms Remove Barriers to App Development

Paul Way
Senior Principle Marketing Director, Cloud Platform

In a global economy showing modest growth, at best, the ability to increase innovation and time-to-market are at a premium (read Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s thoughts on that topic here). 

Simply put, legacy on-premise platforms aren’t suited to meet that challenge—they’re inflexible, and costly to maintain, upgrade, and integrate. It’s no surprise that cloud platform growth is achieving the staggering numbers we see today, as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and engineered systems eliminate so many of the roadblocks to application development. All of this was on full display in June at the Oracle Technology Network Developer Cloud Challenge, part of the AMIS Oracle Conference in the Netherlands.

As part of The Challenge, teams were asked to build cloud-based projects in just one day. The results highlighted exactly what IT teams can do with the right tools and processes. 

Among the highlights of the event:

  • One team built mobile app that lets you share travel plans with colleagues, so you can book at the same hotel or share a cab if you’re attending the same conference.
  • Another created a cloud-based conference-planning tool to share information on speakers, sessions, and more.
  • Another team designed a system aimed at reducing car pollution in Mexico City, Mexico, tracking how much a given vehicle travels by tapping into the city’s license-plate readers.
  • Next was a mobile dashboard to let DBAs track metrics and detail pages, with the ability to do drill-down analysis and even make changes using their mobile phones.
  • Finally, a team built a mobile app that merges a public REST feed of restaurant data with ratings data from a review site to provide a choice of restaurants based on a user’s location. A Twitter feed would let a user send a tweet on how they liked the restaurant.

Debra Lilley, an Oracle ACE Director and vice president at systems integration firm Certus Solutions, thinks IT teams—especially enterprise IT shops—don’t fully appreciate how cloud has changed the pace of software innovation, including how quickly Oracle is adding new features and refinements to its cloud services based on user feedback. While it used to take years to revise and upgrade on-premises applications and databases, now she sees new features and functions added even in the monthly patches, which are more typically used just for bug fixes.

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