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How Autonomous Technologies are Advancing Businesses

Guest Author

This post was contributed by Jason Jacquez, Senior Product Marketing Manager.

The start of each new year is always met with excitement, but 2020 is special as we have also embarked on a new decade. At the beginning of the year we often ask ourselves several questions… What were my wins in the past year? What did I do wrong?  What did I learn?  What are my current goals?  How can I accomplish those goals? Whether it’s to drive our individual growth or to progress the businesses we run, these questions remain prevalent as we look forward into the coming decade.

Looking at current technology trends, automation and autonomous technologies have become pertinent tools to driving digital transformation. With Autonomous technologies, customers now have the means to automate insights and manual tasks, while reducing costs and risk. It has completely reshaped our approach to IT, allowing us to free our budgets, free our resources, and free our imaginations for customers to focus on business growth and innovation. And, we’re seeing a new generation of capabilities and innovation.

Driving Greater Business Value

Enterprises today are looking to accelerate their digital transformation in order to remain competitive. IT budgets are often spent on maintaining existing information systems, while maintenance drawbacks such as manual patching and tuning can be debilitating to organizations, resulting in more than one negative outcome. Autonomous technologies such as Oracle’s Autonomous Database help to eliminate these manual tasks, and enable faster time to provisioning and higher performance than on-premises. For example, a leader in hybrid cloud managed services, one company decided to move its Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as well as its Business Intelligence workloads onto Oracle Analytics Cloud on the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. As a result, it saw 10 times faster time to provision and 4-5 times higher performance than on-premises, with no downtime and zero administration involvement. Using the power of autonomous, IT pros now have more time to implement new projects and extract more value with their data.

Data-driven Transformation

Regardless of the institution you are a part of, managing data effectively, efficiently, and securely is now more essential than ever.  Autonomous technologies are a requisite for data-driven transformation and only Oracle delivers a platform that supports data of all types and sources. Oracle can automate the collection of data across multiple applications, visualize millions of data points, and do so seamlessly. The result is having a system that is automatically making recommendations and delivering actionable intelligence to any type of business. For instance, a marketing firm that houses 260 million U.S consumer records used Autonomous Data Warehouse, Analytics, and Marketing Cloud to personalize its campaigns and measure ROI. These new insights enabled the company to improve performance by 70% and grow its revenue 14 times by reducing the average cost of customer acquisition by 52%. With the Autonomous Database, companies can optimize operations, develop real-time marketing campaigns, and better understand their markets and their customers. 

Reduce Risk

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, the expanded attack surface poses new risks for security breaches. To compete with these threats, organizations need a platform that’s autonomous. Oracle pursues a layered security approach that spans data, applications, users and infrastructure. The Autonomous Database enables rapid defenses with self-securing features that identify and respond to threats, protecting all paths to the data. For example, an Italian government department dedicated to veterinary science used Autonomous Database to enhance its data security with advanced data encryption and embedded back up service, ensuring the protection of its sensitive data generated from 3 million exams a year. Oracle’s broad security portfolio leverages AI and Machine Learning to automate encryptions, improve data visibility, and detect anomalies so that businesses can remain resilient and focus on higher value tasks.

While it’s easy to see how autonomous technologies have shaped digital transformation in recent years, it’s most exciting to imagine the possibilities they will bring in the years to come. Autonomous technologies are fundamentally changing how we experience data and opening a new world of possibilities for organizations. Companies can now harness the abundance of data to gain predictive insights and analytics into their business, enabling new ways to deliver apps, services and experiences. So as you’re reflecting on the last decade’s innovations and considering your next step, think less of what these technologies have already done and more on what they can do for your future.

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