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Cloud Accelerates with Urgency

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New research – Cloud 2020: Cloud Accelerates with Urgency

This post was contributed by Fred Kost, Global VP Cross Platform, Security and Analytics

With COVID-19 impacting nearly every industry, businesses are finding cloud capabilities to be at the forefront of how they build, run, and adapt to global shifts from this pandemic. Many forward-looking organizations have already begun to standardize on a new generation of cloud services that position them for the future. As explained in a recent Oracle research report, commissioned in collaboration with Longitude, these second-generation clouds are intelligent, self-governing, and powered by AI and machine learning (ML) technology.

Second-generation clouds build on the capabilities of first-generation clouds, such as pay-as-you-go pricing and instant elasticity. They have been architected to accommodate a new set of cloud native applications and most importantly offer autonomous capabilities.

Oracle’s second-generation cloud can run all your workloads while giving you cloud native options for everything from application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, AI and blockchain. Each layer of the cloud technology stack—compute, network, storage, database, and apps—has been engineered for the cloud and designed to meet the needs of mission-critical applications.

How important is this to today’s organizations? To find out, Longitude surveyed 1,150 senior executives whose firms are at various stages of cloud implementations. The report analysis reflected four key advantages that are motivating organizations to adopt a next generation cloud.

Autonomous Operations

According to the survey, “cloud leaders”—organizations that consider cloud native as a core part of their strategy—are more than twice as likely to use autonomous technologies and nearly four times as likely to use AI and ML.

Oracle’s second-generation cloud is the only one built to run the first and only Autonomous Database. Built with machine learning capabilities, Oracle Autonomous Database automates tasks related to the configuration, tuning, scaling, and patching. It dramatically lowers the cost of running a system, while increasing data security and reliability.

Automated Security

Once seen as an inhibitor to cloud deployments, security has now become a compelling reason to move to second-generation cloud as a way to exert greater control over your data and systems.

Oracle’s cloud security philosophy is simple: focus on your most valuable asset—your data—and build a security strategy that protects data at its source. Oracle’s always-on full encryption, self-securing and self-repairing capabilities help cybersecurity professionals stay ahead of external attacks.

Serverless and Elastic – Only Pay for What You Use

According to Longitude’s research into cloud usage patterns, the share of applications developed in the cloud is set to double by 2025. Cloud-native strategies have already taken hold at almost a quarter of the firms that participated in the survey, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. To maximize cloud-native deployments, Oracle’s second-generation cloud has been architected to take advantage of the innate scalability of serverless computing. Oracle Cloud is not only serverless, but elastic. If you need to scale from two cores to twenty cores, you can do it instantaneously, while your database and information systems are still running.

Next Generation of Cloud - Enabling the Autonomous Enterprise

Cloud adoption rates are continuing to accelerate as the global pandemic has shifted how organizations adopt new ways of working - collaborating, and keeping their businesses up and running. Intelligent automated systems are quickly taking hold in many industries, driving shifts in systems design, logistics, manufacturing, infrastructure, and more. It’s providing more-productive ways to develop applications, gain predictive insights, and bring new revenue-producing services to market. With Oracle Autonomous capabilities and systems - we’re enabling a generational shift in technology where the systems are more secure, data loss is preventable, risk is reduced, and labor costs are eliminated.

To learn more, read the Oracle iPaper that highlights our take on the Longitude findings, and download the complete report to see how leading companies are transforming their businesses.

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