Montag Okt 15, 2007

Alec Muffett's CEC 2007 Presentation Online!

I just learned, that Alec Muffett did publish his presentation, I mentioned multiple times below.

Check it out at



Donnerstag Okt 11, 2007

The afternoon of Wednesday

Sitting at the airport, waiting for my laptop batteries to drown, I'll quickly add some more comments.

We finished with a podcast, that you can listen to on Constantin's CEC Podcast website. You can hear background noise, while the stage is being torn down.

As the international folks are leaving on Thursday, we had the afternoon off, and did some sightseeing. Together with Dave Levy, Mike Ramchand, Olaf Schnapauff, Eric Bezille, Hartmut Streppel we went to Aureol's in Mandalay Bay. This is a huge wine restaurant and lounge, and we shared two bottles for good redwine. This restaurant hosts a glass tube approx. 4 stories high, which contains all those wines. In order to retrieve one, an employee, the "Wine engine Angel" needs to climb and get it. Very appreciated, we like it there!

Dinner we had a the Tapas Bar in Fashion Show, together with some of our french colleagues, and the winner of the Video Blogging Contest, Dave Tong. In total we were 15 people, so we had the waiter bring us an assortment of the tapas, and then some assortments of the deserts. Again, we selected a couple of different wines during dinner, and the bootle of desert-wine, we had at the end, can be seen on my picasaweb webpage. This was a very good wine, we all were really sad, that we had only one...

So, with these impressions, my batteries come to an end, and I will finish this report, return to reading and hopefully a safe flight home from Las Vegas via Denver to Frankfurt.



Mittwoch Okt 10, 2007

Comments from Wednesday

First comments from Wednesday morning, again backstage...

The Virtualization debatte was not well visited, I assume, it's been due to the fact, that we were one of the last slots on Tuesday, and therefore one of the last breakouts... Still, we had a good discussion, and hopefully some of the audience did benefit from it.

Then coming in this morning, we found that some bloody morons did steal some of our equippement, so today we're running from the backup-option...

I always suspected security alone and using cables to fix laptops to tables wont be enough... Bloody morons...

On the message list of today are some complaining about the quality of the service at Palms yesterday, w.r.t. food and such during the party... It seems, Palms need to re-think it's approach to services...

This morning will have the breakouts by practices, and then the closing general session, and most are then off to the planes. So, everyone, thanks fo being here at CEC 2007, have a safe trip home, and hopefully see you all next year!



Dienstag Okt 09, 2007

Last comment for Tuesday...

Last comment on a session of today, before I have to jump into my session...

I just visited and fled the session of Ed Rak on the Sun Streaming System. Excellent topic, excellent slides, real boring presentator. Sad to need to be so bluntly outspoken, but many did flee that presentation for the same reasons...

Now into the Virtualization debatte (I'm the moderator, see below), and then off to the Party at Palms...



Highlights so far...

Having passed nearly half of CEC 2007, what have been the highlights for me so far?

For sure, shaking hands and talking with Jonathan before and during the podcast referenced in a former entry. Then the talk from Alec Muffett on Customers in 2012, and Christian Bandulet's talk on storage also already mentioned.

One thing is for sure! The overall quality of the breakout session this year seems to be even better then in previous years. Let's hope, that the second half will be as good!



Summary from the second day...

As tomorrow will already be the close of CEC, I try to write the summary from Tuesday's session as early as I can, so here we go:

The first one I went to was a session from Rich Zippel on Redshift, Virtualization and DataCenters. I should have choosen a better slot... Rich tried to map DataCenter layouts and buying and development trends onto each other, coming up with different images of representations for them. Nice, but I didn't actually see the real value in that. His summary slide, which he reached after 35 minutes (he could have been talking officially for an hour, that's the length for each presentation) simply stated: The thing that I wanted to relay to you is the simple fact, that readshift and blueshift companies are different... Oh, Boy, that's why we have two different words for them... ;-)

The next session was from Christian Bandulet and is entitled: The File System Survey: local, distributed, global, object, shared, clustered, parallel, SAN, NAS, FAN, WAFS...?

Boy, if ever I thought, storage was simple, I was completely mistaken!

Christian did an outstanding job in segmenting and structuring the products and technologies. I now have a crystal clear understanding of all of these things (and much more), and do honestly know, why we need a Storage Practice! Christian, hats up!

And now, I'm just spending a slot to write these summaries...



The Ultimate Device

I never ever thought, I might envy people for their devices...

But: This is the time...

You've ever seen an iPhone in action? You ever saw, how easy it gets to use a mobile device to access all the things on the internet? How smooth the display of big web-pages can be? How nice eMail can look on a phone? How easy it is to chat from your phone either via IM or SMS? How sleek a device running an Unix-like operating system can look like in the palm of your hand? How nice it feels to hold it? I could rant on forever... ;-)

This surely is a MUST-HAVE device, and I'm actively considering getting one... If only they could be used with EVERY networkprovider, and having the additional UMTS protocol implemented for us in Europe...

Damned, I never thought being forced to really consider to "hack" a tool to be able to use it was so challenging...



Mittwoch Okt 03, 2007

CEC 2007: Again: Behind the scenes...

This year again, I will be backstage during the Keynotes acting again as the Editor of the email stream coming in besides IM and SMS and via the microphones to act as WEb 2.0 channels for feedback. All the others from last year will also be there behind the scenes...

So, stay tuned for updates from "Behind the scenes".



Time to read again

On my way to the US again this year, it's been time to read. 11 hours on a plane can get boring... So, I went to the Airport bookstore in Frankfurt and skimmed the available englisch paperbacks. I left the store with three books, more on that later...

During the first hours, I finished reading Peter Glotz's book "Von Heimat zu Heimat", his recollections of his political career in the Fed Rep of Germany. The last chapters sounded a little bit disillusioned and skeptical as to the future of the political class worldwide.

Then I started to read one of the books, I bought at the airport store, the new book from Elizabeth George, What came before he shot her, because the text on the back did imply it to be a new Lynley book. I'm one third through, but Havers nor Lynley did appear so far, still it's interesting and a good read.

In the airport store I did meet a biologist from Chicago also scanning the books. I did propose to read Frank Schätzing's The Swarm, but he said, that he doesn't like to read science fiction, so I recommended Henning Mankell's Chronicler of the winds, which he took. Sadly, I didn't exchange addresses, so I will not know, whether my recommendation suited him.

I also used the time on the plan to read very old newspapers that kept piling up on my table at home...

With that I arrived refreshed at San Francisco and drove to the hotel.





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