Monday Oct 01, 2012

Oracle Social @ OpenWorld

 Hi there -  Wanna know what going on at Oracle OpenWorld and Social?

 Here are the hot tips!

 Do you want to see  the Oracle Social Engagement Center in action ?

You can explore the power of social publishing (Vitrue)  and the live social  monitoring of  the Social Buzz around OpenWorld.
Let's see if you appear in the Tweeter stream :-).

Visit us  at Moscone South main entrance (foursquare place)  and meet  the Oracle Social Geeks  , @dankmbp and team.

Are you a  social developer  and want to discover Oracle Social Network (OSN) ?

cool - you can still  join the OSN Developers Challenge , take the OSN technical preview tour and meet our WebCenter evangelists Jake (@theappslab) and @noelportugal.

Do you want to meet the Oracle Social Geeks and have some fun? 

Then join us at the Social Plaza @ Oracle OpenWorld event on Tuesday, October 2, Noon–8:00 p.m. at the  Mint Plaza, Fifth Street between Mission and Market.

cu you all at #oow

Friday Aug 31, 2012

Oracle Social Network -The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications

Tom Petrocelli of Enterprise Strategy Group published a report recently, “Oracle Social Network: The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications”, on Oracle Social Network (OSN) and how traditional social products create social silos whereas OSN is the “social glue” for enterprise applications. 

This report supports the point of Oracle’s Social Business Strategy to seamless integrate social capabilities into the main business processes.

Quote from report:

Oracle has adopted the correct approach to creating a social layer and socially enabled applications. Oracle Social Network is not simply another enterprise social network product; it is a complete social layer for the enterprise application stack. This approach will serve Oracle users well in the future.

OSN allow to capture the related Conversations of a business process right where it’s happens – within the respective Business application. 

Fusion CRM is an excellent example for this approach.

Quote from report:

Oracle’s new software, Oracle Social Network, is an example of a solution to the silo problem. While Oracle fields a typical enterprise social network application with microblogging, file sharing, shared documents or wikis, and activity streams, the front-end application is only a small part of what Oracle Social Network does. Instead, Oracle Social Network is a platform that provides social features as a service to other enterprise applications. In effect, Oracle Social Network socially enables all of Oracle’s enterprise applications—all enterprise applications really—with not only the same features, but also the same conversations. As a result, the social conversations act as a conduit for inter-application communication and collaboration.

Source: ESG Research Report, Oracle Social Network: The Social Glue for Enterprise Applications, August 2012.

cross-post from Oracle WebCenter blog

Friday Aug 24, 2012

WebCenter Customer Spotlight: Organization of America States

The Organization of American States (OAS) brings together all 35 independent states of the Americas and is the primary political, judicial, and social government forum in the Western Hemisphere.

OAS’ mission focuses on human rights advocacy, which is carried out via the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

The objective of the project was to manage more efficiently large volume of documentation to accelerate the petition process while reducing the security risks associated with routing paper-based petition files for internal reviews.

OAS deployed Oracle WebCenter Content for IACHR to automate and expedite petition and case processing.

OAS gained the ability to efficiently and securely manage 1,500 new human rights petitions each year as well as 8,000 ongoing petitions,improving traceability and visibility, as well as accelerating petition processes.

OAS received international recognition for the implementation, including being named a 2011 Computerworld Honors Program Laureate, and the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) 2011 Carl E. Nelson Best Practices Award

WebCenter Customer Spotlight: ArRiaydh Development Authority

ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) Government agency is responsible for the development of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital city with a population of nearly 7 million citizens.

Using Oracle WebCenter Content - ADA implemented a centralized enterprise content management system which serves as a complete, secure and compliant repository of digitized urban planning data. The repository stores over 300,000 high-resolution images, more than 1,000 high-definition videos and has a size of over 25 Terra Byte.

ADA deployed Oracle WebCenter Portal to deliver a single source of truth for all city and regional projects, streamlining business processes and ensuring rapid access to information.

Social Inside Strategy workshop @CAS IT Spotlight-day

This workshop was given at the CAS IT Spotlight-day at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

The presentation is covering:

  • Web 2.0  technical and cultural paradigm shifts
  • Social Inside Strategy
    1. Socialize your business process
    2. Measure your social ROI
    3. Engage your employees trough social adoption
  • Use Case examples


enjoy - feedback welcome :-)

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

WebCenter in action @ SocialNow conference

cross-post from WebCenter blog

On June 27th & 28th the SocialNow conference took place in Opporto, Portugal. Social Now is an international event with a interesting format, conceived to help you choose tools and identify approaches for the social organisation, not forgetting the importance of adoption and accompanying processes

Oracle presented following use case based on Oracle WebCenter.

1. Customer is requesting a proposal for a Service Level Agreement

2. A CRM opportunity is automatically created and the Sales Person initiates the project

3. A project collaboration space is automatically created and all related resources (documents, people) are added

4. The Sales team collaborates on the proposal using WebCenter social tools on web and mobile clients

5. The contract and SLA get's approved and moved under Enterprise Records Management

6. The customer receives the contract and electronically signs the document.

The audience was using Twitter for live comments during the presentation.

Joaquim Baptista @pxquim
#socialnow @peterreiser did the best demo so far, by telling a good if long story. Bravo! 

Samuel Driessen @driessen 
Social has to be embedded in business processes acc to Oracle @peterreiser #SocialNow 
Didn't know Oracle webcenter also has an iPhone app #SocialNow 

Oscar Berg @oscarberg 
Smart move of @peterreiser to record and show a screencast of his Oracle WebCenter demo and talk to it #socialnow 
@peterreiser: At Oracle our strategy is to embed social into business processes #socialnow

jneves @jneves 
#socialnow @peterreiser mapping the use-case to a process before showing tech :)" alt=":)" class="smiley" src="" />

Here you can view the presentation including the demo videos .

SocialNow presentation
View more presentations from OracleWebCenter

Friday Jun 08, 2012

Oracle Social Network in the Cloud - the videos

On June 6th  Larry Ellison announced the  Industry’s Broadest Cloud Strategy (Webcast – watch the replay)

As part of the Oracle Cloud announcement Larry unveiled the Oracle Cloud Social Services, the most broad and complete enterprise social platform available in the cloud today.

So you are wondering how these services look like?  Here are a few videos which shows Oracle Social Network in action. Enjoy !

PS:  Larry recently joint the Twitterverse and did his ever first tweet on June 6th. In a few days he got 25,000 followers and a Klout score of 61. I wish he would follow me :-)

Connect with Oracle Social Network  

Oracle Social Network: Getting Started

Oracle Social Network: Conversation Basics 

Oracle Social Network: Notifications and Preferences 

Oracle Social Network: Basics of Chats

Tuesday Jun 05, 2012

Social Business Forum Milano: Day 2

@YourService. The business world has flipped and small business can capitalize  by Frank Eliason (twitter: @FrankEliason )

Technology and social media tools have made it easier than ever for companies to communicate with consumers. They can listen and join in on conversations, solve problems, get instant feedback about their products and services, and more. So why, then, are most companies not doing this? Instead, it seems as if customer service is at an all time low, and that the few companies who are choosing to focus on their customers are experiencing a great competitive advantage. At Your Service explains the importance of refocusing your business on your customers and your employees, and just how to do it.

  • Explains how to create a culture of empowered employees who understand the value of a great customer experience
  • Advises on the need to communicate that experience to their customers and potential customers
  • Frank Eliason, recognized by BusinessWeek as the 'most famous customer service manager in the US, possibly in the world,' has built a reputation for helping large businesses improve the way they connect with customers and enhance their relationships

Quotes from the Audience:

Bertrand Duperrin@bduperrin
social service is not about shutting up the loudest cutsomers !

Paolo Pelloni @paolopelloniGautam Ghosh @GautamGhosh

RT : you need to change things and fix the approach it's not about social media it's about driving change 

Company Experience = Product Experience + Customer Interactions + Employee Experience

Engage or lose! Socialize, mobilize, conversify: engage your employees to improve business performance

Christian Finn (twitter: @cfinn)

First Christian was presenting the flying monkey :-) 

Then he outlined the four principals to fix the Intranet:

1. Socalize the Intranet

2. Get Thee to a Single Repository

3. Mobilize the Intranet

4. Conversationalize Your Processes

Quotes from the Audience:

Engaged employees think their work bring out the best of their ideas

I like 's "conversify your processes" A nice related concept to "narrating your work", part of working out loud.

Organizations are talent markets - socializing your intranet makes this market function better

For profit, productivity, and personal benefit: creating a collaborative culture at Deutsche Bank

John Stepper (twitter:@johnstepper) Driving adoption of collaboration + social media platforms at Deutsche Bank.

John shared some great best practices on how to deploy an enterprise wide  community model  in a large company. He started with the most important question

What is the commercial value of adding social ?

Then he talked about the success of Community of Practices deployment and outlined some key use cases including the relevant measures to proof the ROI of the investment.


Community of practice -> measure: systematic collection of value stories 

Self-service website  -> measure: based on representative models

Optimizing asset inventory - > measure: Actual counts 

This use case was particular interesting.  It is a crowd sourced spending/saving of infrastructure model.  User can cancel IT services they don't need (as example Software xx).  5% of the saving goes to social responsibility projects.

The John outlined some  best practices on how to address the WIIFM (What's In It For Me) question of the individual users: 

- change from hierarchy to graph

-  working out loud = observable work + narrating  your work 

- add social skills to career objectives - example: building a purposeful social network course/training as part of the job development curriculum

And last but not least John gave some important tips on how to get senior management buy-in by establishing management sponsored division level collaboration boards which defines clear uses cases and measures. This divisional use cases are then implemented using a common social platform. 

Thanks John - I learned a lot from your presentation!  

Quotes from the Audience:

Ana Silva@AnaDataGirl

what's in it for individuals at Deutsche Bank? Shapping their reputations in a big org says

Ana Silva @AnaDataGirl

Any reason why not? MT is Deutsche B. experience on applying social inside company applicable to Italian people?

Your career is not a ladder, it is a network that opens up opportunities -

Oscar Berg @oscarberg

: Institutionalizing collaboration is next - collaboration woven into the fabric of daily work

Ana Silva @AnaDataGirl

talking about how Deutsche Bank is using to build purposeful CoP & save money

Social Business Forum Milano: Day 1

Here are my impressions of the first day of the Social Business Forum in Milano

A dialogue on Social Business Manifesto - Emanuele Scotti, Rosario Sica

The presentation was focusing on Thesis and Anti-Thesis around Social Business

My favorite one is:

social business manifesto theses #2: organizations are conversations - hello Oracle Social Network :-)

Here are the Thesis (auto-translated from italian to english)

From Stress to Success - Pragmatic pathways for Social Business - John Hagel

John Hagel talked about challenges of deploying new social technologies. Below are some key points participant tweeted during the session.

Favourite quote this morning 'We need to strengthen the champions & neutralise the enemies' John Hagel. Not a hard task at all ;)
Minimize the power of the enemies of change. Maximize the power of the champions - John Hagel
John Hagel change: minimize the power of the enemies
John Hagel social software as band-aid for poor leadtime/waste management? mmm
"information is power. We need access to information to get power"John Hagel, Deloitte &Touche
Information is power and Knowledge is subversive. John Hagel
john Hagel: innovation is not rational.
John Hagel: change is a political (not rational) process

Enterprise gamification to drive engagement - Ray Wang

Ray Wang did an excellent speech around engagement strategies and gamification

More details can be found on the Harvard Business Review blog

Panel Discussion: Does technology matter? Understanding how software enables or prevents participation

Christian Finn, Ram Menon, Mike Gotta, moderated by Paolo Calderari


Below are the highlights of the panel discussions as live tweets:

Q: social silos: mega trend social suites - do we create social silos + apps silos + org silos ...
A: Social will be less siloed - more integrated into application design. Analyatics is key to make intelligent decisions
- A: its more social be design then social by layer - Better work experience using social design.
Ram Menon: A: Social + Mobile + consumeration is coming together
Q: What is the evolution for social business solution in the next 4-5 years?
Adoption: A: User experience is king - no training needed - We let you participate into a conversation via mobile and email
A:Adoption - how can we measure quality? Literacy - Are people get confident to talk to a invisible audience ?
Ram Meno: A:Adoption - What should I measure ? Depend on business goal you want to active?
Q: How can technology facilitate adoption
Ram Menon: 100% of data is in a system somewhere. 100% of collective intelligence is with people. Social System bridge both worlds
Adoption is specific to the culture of the company
- drive adoption is important - activity stream + watch list is most important feature in a social system
Ram Menon respond: there is only 1 questions to ask: What is the adoption? you like this ? :-)
- just replacing old technology (e.g. email) with new technology does not help. we need to change model/attitude
Ram Menon: CEO mandated to replace 6500 email aliases with Social Networking Software
A: How to bring interface together . Going from point tools to platform, UI, Architecture + Eco-system is important
Q: How is technology important in Social Business A: - technology is enabler , user experience -easy of use is important
particiapte in panel "Does technology matter? Understanding how software enables or prevents participation"

Thursday Nov 24, 2011

Social Media Workshop AFSM Switzerland

Today I had the pleasure to run a Social Media workshop with the Association for Service Management AFSM Switzerland.

Below is the presentation - Enjoy

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Tuesday Nov 22, 2011

The power of explicit social networks

Last week I had the pleasure to write a guest post on the Oracle WebCenter blog  with the topic

where I described Implicit and Explicit Social Recommendations models and how they relate to a Social Engagement Strategy.

Now let's look at a real live example.

Apple has implemented an explicit Social Network model with

So what ? Users do this already on Facebook and Twitter!  (see ZDNet blog post : Ping: Apple should leave social to Facebook, Twitter)


there are some major  advantages:

"100 % control over the explicit Social Network
->  direct customer relationship without a social intermediary like Facebook or Twitter
Total  access to the Social Graph ->  own the Social Graph data from their users and no need to "buy" it from external social network providers
Integrated into the core business model
->  harvest all Social Graph data  to provide  highly personalized and trusted recommendations

    Isn't this the dream of any company which thinks about their social media strategy? 

    and guess what - Oracle Social Network is all about this - building explicit Social Networks with seamless integration into  your core business processes and applications

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    Friday Jan 29, 2010

    Emerging Social Web Standards

    There is an excellent article from Dion Hinchcliffe about emerging social web standards.

    Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

    sweet - update


    Yesterday we launched a new version of our internal micro blogging service call sweet .

    So what's new ?

    UI and logo redesign (by mprove  - looks awesome)


    Single Sign On (SSO) with SunSpace

    Existing or new users are automatically logged in to sweet.

    a.) this is convenient
    b.) allows us to implement deeper integration into the SunSpace community platform feedback service

    Experimental service to capture feedback and request for enhancements. Also a good example how to integrate external web services.


    Support for Sun's internal URL shortening service

    We integrated our internal URL shortening service to keep internal URL's internal ( IT security loves this one :-) )


    Recent trends tag cloud

    Shows the recent used tags of the community


    A special thanks to mprove and Olof Tjerngren for their contributions to the project

    Wednesday Mar 05, 2008

    Interview with Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

    Yesterday I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel .
    It was a lot of fun. Specially when you do live interview while you drive on&nbsp; Highway 101....

    Thanks guys

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    Friday Jan 18, 2008

    Automated archiving through Social Value aging .....

    Content accuracy
    Do you know the problem ?
    There are a lot of information in your wikis, blogs, document management systems etc. .. and the majority of the content is stale, obsolete and out of date.
    In a recent user survey we conduced on our most valued internal technical site called Onestop, our users clear expressing that the top priority, by far, is accurate, complete, and up to date content.

    Aging - Helps
    What if we would use the Information Equity (IQ) - this is the Community Equity value which is automatically calculated per Information based on Community members activities like create,edit,tag,view,rate, comment etc. - and just add an algorithm which lets the Equity value age of time ...

    Hmm - that would allow us to easily build an automated Community Equity based archiving model ....

    More details on this idea will be disclosed soon (we just need to finish some legal work on this idea)

    Stay tuned... 

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    About Enterprise 2.0,Community Equity, Semantic Web, Social Enterprise and how to Build Vibrant Communities


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