Friday Nov 25, 2011

Enterprise 2.0 - How to

Today I had a very interesting lecture at the  Fachhochschule Nordostschweiz "Hochschule für Wirtschaft" around

How to design & implement an Enterprise 2. 0 solution.

We had a great (and sometime pretty skeptical)  discussion around Social Value Models.
The presentation can be found below.

Enterprise 2.0 - How to

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Thursday May 12, 2011

Der Business-Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0

Wie kann ein Unternehmen eine Enterprise-2.0-Strategie erfolgreich implementieren und dabei den direkten Business-Nutzen messen? Wie können Mitarbeit motiviert werden, aktiv in Communities mitzuarbeiten? Ein Fallbeispiel von Sun Microsystems (Oracle) zeigt, wie mit «Enterprise Communities» messbare Resultate erzielt werden.

Lesen Sie zu diesem Thema meinen  Artikel, der im neusten Tim Special 11 publiziert wurde.

Fazit des Artikels

Um den optimalen Nutzen von Enterprise 2.0
innerhalb einer Firma zu erreichen, müssen zwei
wichtige Aspekte berücksichtigt werden:

Business: Der direkte Business-Nutzen muss
aufgezeigt werden können, indem die Web 2.0
Services mit den Core-Business-Prozessen einer
Firma verknüpft und relevante Community-Metriken
mit Business-Metriken kombiniert werden.
Mitarbeiter: Um eine hohe Akzeptanz der
Enterprise-2.0-Platform und eine aktive Partizipierung
der Mitarbeiter zu erreichen, muss der
persönliche Nutzen jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters,
der sogenannte «What Is In It For Me» (WIIFM)
Faktor, beantwortet werden können. Integrierte
Reputations- und Anerkennungsmodelle sind
ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Enterprise-2.0-

Wednesday Oct 20, 2010

Business Benefits of Enterprise Communities

Do you want to know how to prove the business impact of communities and the social enterprise ?

Then you should read the presentation below

Monday Sep 20, 2010

Enterprise 2.0 - how to build vibrant communities

I was invited to speak at a partner event from CNLAB and CSI Consulting in Zurich, Switzerland.

The theme of the event was "From Telephony to Communities".

B. Fahrni, CSI Consulting talked about the transition of the business telephony into an integrated (IP-based) multi-channel strategy (pdf - german)

W. Lampart, CSI Consulting give an excellent overview about Social Communities for Enterprises (pdf - german)

P. Schoebi, CNLAB talked about Secure Communities and the associated risks ( pdf - german)

C. Birchler and T.Lüthi, CNLAB, explained the Security Model from the Microsoft MPOS suite (pdf- german).
Then they did an interesting online demo on how to do
"man in the middle" attack between Microsoft Outlook Social Connector and Facebook
This was pretty scary....

Last but not least I had the pleasure to talk about Enterprise 2.0 - how to build vibrant communties

View more presentations from Peter Reiser.

This was my first public presentation as an official Oracle employee!

My next presentation will be at the Oracle E2.0 in action event in Zurich on October 19th where

I will talk about "Business Benefits of Enterprise Communities"

and I will share what we have done within Oracle using Oracle WebCenter. Don't miss it and register for this event :-)   

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Sunday Oct 26, 2008

Sun takes Web 2.0 into the Workplace

Do you want to know what Sun is doing in the Enterprise 2.0 space ?

check out the White Paper

Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

Folksonomies and Taxonomies Cookbook

Daniela Barbosa from Dow Jones just published an excellent ebook about Folksonomies and Taxonomies.

200806250830.jpg Great work Daniela

... and while you reading it you will find a nice reference to our CE 2.0 project ...

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

Risk Management and Community

Royal Bank of Scotland is holding their International Risk Congress in Edinburgh this week.


The theme is "join the conversation" and it is all about communities, Web 2.0, sharing and participation.

I had the pleasure to lead a workshop with RBS on how to build vibrant communities.

It is a great sign that large enterprises like RBS are really getting serious about Web 2.0 and Communities.

It is fascinating to see how a bank can differentiate and distinguish themselves by applying communities to their existing business processes.

And yes - building a community value system as part of strategy is very important to drive active participation and contribution - and our Community Equity model fits very well :-)

Thanks Gareth for the invitation ! I hope I can blog soon about your pilot ...

Friday May 09, 2008

The ultimate business justifcation for Enterprise 2.0

I could not resist to post this ultimate business justification for Enterprise 2.0 investments.
Specially after all the tough discussions  I had internally and externally about this topic in the last few weeks...


Credit goes to :

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Wednesday Mar 19, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 How-to-Guide:Strategy

Web 2. 0 dynamics
Before we work  on  the strategy we  should first  try to understand what is happening in the Web 2.0 space.
In recent presentations I summarized the trend with:


(and yes I mean Exhibitionism in a positive  sense :-) )

The web move towards  a  social read/write web.

Everything will have a publish button !
(This is Tim Brays vision around the ATOM protocol- see recent interview)

People  are:

  • expressing themselves trough blogging, flickring, youtubing, twittering etc.
  • contributing  on wikis, forum and share their best practices, know-how
  • building large  open source applications with excellent quality and vibrant community support
  • active participating  trough rating, commenting content, downloading videos, photos, blogs
  • are building social contexts  by join social sites like facebook, linkedin, xing etc.
  • having  fun by leveraging mashups like google maps, etc.

and what is happening with the good old Intranet ?

  • boring  portals centric sites  with mainly  top down information flow
  • complicated access from the Internet via VPN, SecureID Card etc.
  • stale and obsolete content
  • inefficient search
  • etc.

... and a lot of frustrated users  escaping from the Intranet - and start using  Facebook, Ning or other Social sites  and have fun ....

Web 2.0 Paradigm Shifts

So - what  are the paradigm shifts  ?


Enterprise 2.0 Strategy
ok - so how can we build a strategy around the paradigm shifts ?

pretty easy ... it  just needs three elements

Personalized Mashup

1. Who am I  (people centric)
We need to change  from a web centric  to a people centric view
- Who am I ?
- What are my contributions ?
- What are my skills ?
- What are my interests ?
- What is  my social network ?
- What is my value in the community ?
- etc.
(looks a bit like Facebook :-) )

2. What  I need
Make all your enterprise  resources and content mashup ready
- turn your resources  into web services
- tag all your content  (enterprise tagging service)
- capture the social value of your content and resources (enterprise rating/commenting service)

3. Personal Mashup
Analyze the needs from your users and build dynamic and personalized mashup services
between the users need and the enterprise resources
- tags/metadata  are key for todays mashup services.  Semantic based mashup will be the killer app...
- combined with a community value system  will add  quality and predictability  to the mashup

In my next blog post I will describe an Enterprise 2.0 architecture

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Sunday Mar 09, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 How-to-Guide: Vision and Community Framework

The Vision

How could  it look like when you have Enterprise 2.0 implemented in  your company ?

  • the old fashioned Intranet has turned into vibrant online social networks which are aligned with your core business processes.

  • your employees are actively participating in forums, wikis,blogs and share their best practices, experience in real time

  • you always find what you need in seconds even if you don't know exactly what you are searching for..

  • people feel valued for their participation and contribution and have fun doing their job.

ok.. this sound pretty interesting... but how do you get there ?

I will publish a series of blogs posts which will explain how we implement Enterprise 2.0 as part of our Customer Engineering CE 2.0 project.

so lets start with the non obvious one.

Enterprise 2.0 is not just Technology...... If you want to successfully implement Enterprise 2.0 for your company you need to look at three things

Community Framework

1. Architecture

Design an Enterprise wide architecture which allows you to integrate existing and new internal and external services and data

which can be used to build highly personalized mashup services.

2. Methodology

Vibrant Communities and active participation does not happen over night.

Communities are about people and we need to understand the physiological and social aspects on how to build and run virtual communities

3. Value System

Community members need to understand the value they create in communities and what value they get back from the community.


In my next blog post I will describe a simple but efficient Enterprise 2.0 strategy

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