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Using Elasticsearch with PeopleSoft

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director

We reported in April that PeopleSoft is planning to offer Elasticsearch as an option.  Our original plan was to make Elasticsearch available with the first generally available release of PeopleTools 8.56.  We have since revised that plan.  We now plan to make Elasticsearch available with PeopleTools 8.55/Patch 10.  This will enable us to offer Elastic as an option a bit sooner.

Oracle-PeopleSoft will continue to support Oracle's Secure Enterprise Search (SES) with PeopleSoft through the support of PeopleTools 8.54 at a minimum.  We are evaluating whether to extend that support, and we'll announce further support plans in the near future.  It's important for customers to know that if they have deployed SES, they will be supported for some time until they make the transition to Elastic.  Elasticsearch will be the only option offered in PeopleTools 8.56.

As described in the original announcement, we plan to provide guidance on migration from SES to Elastic as well as deployment guidance to help with peformance tuning, load balancing and failover.  We are also planning to produce training for Elastic with PeopleSoft.  We are also presenting a session at Oracle Open World on Elasticsearch with PeopleSoft.  We want to make the move to Elasticsearch as quick and easy as possible for our customers.  Based on customer feedback, we believe Elastic will be embraced by PeopleSoft customers, and it will provide significant benefits.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Graham Smith Friday, September 9, 2016

    Thanks for the update Matthew. Looking forward to the arrival of Elastic for PeopleSoft.

    Can I ask for clarification on the above post please?

    >>Elasticsearch will be the only option offered in PeopleTools 8.56

    This implies SES will NOT be available for 8.56. Can you confirm please?

    Many thanks

    Graham Smith

  • Matthew Friday, September 9, 2016

    That is correct Graham. Elastic will be the only search option delivered and supported with the 8.56 DPKs. See this follow up post:


    We think this will prove a big improvement for customers, and the process of installation and maintenance is going to be much easier. We'll be going through all of this in detail in our Open World session on Elastic.

    Session ID: CON7066

    Session Title: Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft: Transitioning to Elasticsearch

    Room: Moscone West—2004

    Date and Time: 09/21/16, 12:15:00 PM - 01:00:00 PM

    For those not attending Open World, we'll likely have a Spotlight Series video posted some time following OW.

  • john Friday, September 30, 2016

    looks like 8.55 patch 10 is available but I don't see any reference to ElasticSearch. did it not make it into patch 10?

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