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  • April 22, 2009

Using Data Guard with PeopleSoft

Mark Hoernemann
Platform Strategy Manager

A question regarding the compatibility of PeopleSoft and Oracle Data Guard recently came up and I thought I'd share this with all.

Can Data Guard be used with PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft does not use any unsupported data types for logical or physical standby databases. As of PeopleTools 8.49, PeopleSoft Enterprise only uses VARCHAR2, DATE, NUMBER, BLOB, CLOB, LONG RAW, LONG VARCHAR.

However, none of our reporting options are strictly read only and therefore we cannot use an active standby database; a customer might want to do this to set up a separate reporting database. Reports are usually run through the process scheduler, and the PS reporting tools and the scheduler update the database (think of the status updates that are made as the report is run).


Customers can use Data Guard 10g to set up standby databases for failover purposes (logical or physical standby), but they can’t use Active Data Guard (11g) for reporting, as that requires opening the database read only. UPDATE May 17, 2011: PeopleTools 8.51 *does* support Active Data Guard - see the release notes or 8.51 PeopleBooks for additional information.

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  • Hemant K Chitale Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Are there any Notes / Best Practices available ?

    For PTools 8.47/8.49 with Oracle 10gR2.

    Hemant K Chitale

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