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Top 10 most popular PeopleSoft Technology blog posts of 2020

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a difficult year for the entire world.  Despite that, Oracle-PeopleSoft and you, our customers and partners, have been quite busy.  Work at PeopleSoft hasn't slowed, and we've continued to work on new features for our next PeopleTools release as well as incorporating other Oracle and 3rd party technology.  One of our initiatives in 2020 was to increase the frequency and improve the relevancy of our blogging.  You, our audience, confirmed that the effort was worthwhile by your increased attention to our Tech blog.  We had over 50,000 views during the year, which was a significant increase over the previous year.

Our blogging efforts are an attempt to help inform the PeopleSoft community about developments in PeopleSoft technology and increase our connection to you.  We intend to keep up those efforts in 2021, so look for more interesting and informative posts in this coming year.  We have a new release of PeopleTools planned, and I think it will be a significant one with many valuable features.

Here is a list of the top ten blog posts by number of views for 2020


PeopleTools 8.58.03 Available for Download

David Bain announces the on-prem availability of PeopleTools 8.58 and provides some highlights.


Oracle Extends PeopleTools 8.56 Patch Cycle Due to COVID-19

Mark Hoernemann explains patch cycle changes made due to the pandemic and how that can help with release planning.


Oracle PeopleSoft Provides Additional Time for Micro Focus COBOL Migration

Once again, Mark describes changes to upgrade plans due to Covid, and its possible effects on customers.


Introduction to Machine Learning with PeopleTools 8.58

Rahul provides an introduction to how PeopleSoft is implementing Machine Learning and how you can benefit from it.  This is the first post in a series on this topic.


What PeopleSoft is doing with OAuth2 in 8.58

Greg Kelly explains OAuth support in PeopleSoft.


When Should I Use Kibana vs Other PeopleSoft Analytics?

Matthew Haavisto discusses the recently introduced Kibana analytics, and where/how they are most suitable for use.


New PeopleSoft PeopleTools Training Available!

Race Bannon informs us about the latest PeopleTools training.


Machine Learning with PeopleTools 8.58 – Data Acquisition

Another in Rahul's series on Machine Learning.


Isolate Your Customizations in App Engine Programs

Matthew describes a new feature that enables you to isolate App Engine customizations to reduce life-cycle impact.


Machine Learning with PeopleTools 8.58 - Model Deployment

The third installment in Rahul's series on Machine Learning.


Those are our 10 most viewed posts.  There are many more interesting posts in our blog, though, so in addition to reviewing these, I encourage you to follow the blog and learn about things happening in the world of PeopleSoft technology.


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