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The journey of Lone Star College, a 3 time PeopleSoft Innovator award winner

Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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Back in 2009, Lone Star College located in Texas, USA decided to partner with Oracle for their technology needs. This move helped them replace their legacy administration system with various Oracle products including PeopleSoft. They now run PeopleSoft products - Campus Solutions, Human Capital Management, Financial Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Learning Management, and Interaction Hub.

In recent years, their focus on innovation has paid them rich dividends. They belong to a select few PeopleSoft customers who have won the PeopleSoft Innovator award 3 times from 2017 - 2019.

Let’s take a look at their journey…


2017 – Significant improvement to the search response time through Elastic Search deployment

According to Lone Star College, they register over 100,000 students per semester. With over 40,000 concurrent users during peak usage, there was a need to decrease the search response time for students looking to access data and login to applications. Deployment of Elasticsearch cluster across two data centers (located approximately 38 miles apart) with full Elasticsearch replication helped in achieving significant improvement in the search response time. The response time of the two data centers when recorded was less than 1 millisecond.

In the screenshot below you can take a look at the PeopleSoft architecture depicting the deployment of Elasticsearch cluster between the two data centers.

elasticsearch deployment


On deploying Elasticsearch, here’s what the PeopleSoft Security Administrator at Lone Star College said Campus Solutions uses Elasticsearch…for class search.  When in production this will offload those requests away from Oracle 12 RAC databases.  We register over 100,000 students per semester.  PeopleSoft Performance Monitor has registered over 40,000 concurrent users during peak usage on our Campus Solutions production environment. We saw dramatic response time improvement on our searches with Elasticsearch. – Manny Flores.

After having improved the search response time, the team at Lone Star College next focused on improving their end-user experience. 


2018 – Using a cloud solution to monitor performance and see how students and employees are using PeopleSoft

To better understand the performance and the “customer” satisfaction with the use of PeopleSoft (Customers being students, prospective students, faculty, staff, etc.), Lone Star College implemented the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution. Before this implementation, there was no such mechanism that could help in monitoring the application performance.

Implementing APM helped Lone Star College gain insights into how individual PeopleSoft pages and components are performing and specifically how the system is used. This included identification of issues and performance bottleneck down to the unique Page, Component, and Server Request in PeopleSoft. All of which enabled Lone Star College to tune PeopleSoft applications and improve the overall end-user experience. 

Making improvements to end-user experience didn’t stop in 2018, this continued in 2019 too with the focus now shifting to deploying Fluid for a tailored user experience.


2019 – Implementing Fluid User Interface helped increase mobile traffic by ~30%

With a steady rise in mobile adoption coupled with other custom requests, there was a need to provide a custom experience to all users including students, faculty, and staff. To cater to these needs Lone Star College deployed Fluid with an emphasis on user personas. This led to the creation of ‘Splash Pages’ catering to various personas helping meet the content needs of the users.

splash page

With content being streamlined and directed to the specific users, in a clean, easy to find, responsive layout, mobile traffic went up by ~30%.


What’s Your Innovation Story?

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