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Learn what the 3 PeopleSoft Innovators of 2020 have to say about their experiences and plans

Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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In this first-ever customer roundtable conducted as part of PeopleSoft NOW! - Episode 10, Rebekah Jackson is joined by John Bray from KAR Global, Umesh Gupta from Deakin University, and Firas Al-Hindi from Disys. The central theme of this roundtable discussion is to share their experiences and learnings on recent PeopleSoft initiatives, including user experience improvements, configuration, and responding to unexpected changes this year.


KAR Global and Disys are first time PeopleSoft Innovator award winners, while Deakin University is being recognized for the fourth time. The three Innovators represent diverse industries, geographies, and approaches to PeopleSoft.


The discussion starts with Rebekah touching upon the Innovators’ experiences of deploying Fluid and how it helped in solving the challenges posed by the pandemic. John (KAR Global) talks about how going live on Fluid during mid-February helped render PeopleSoft on devices of various sizes. This was crucial as the employees had to work from home and rely initially on their personal devices to carry out their responsibilities.


One of the most interesting discussion points comes when Firas (Disys) shares the why’s and how’s behind integrating Facebook Workplace with PeopleSoft. This innovation has enabled Disys employees to fill their timesheets while they are on Facebook Workplace.


The discussion then turns towards how the Innovators are keeping customizations down, usage of Page and Field Configurator, and other tools to isolate or remove invasive and expensive changes. The strategy adopted by Deakin University as stated by Umesh (Deakin University) to set targets every year for keeping customizations down seems very interesting and quite doable.


While concluding the discussion, the Innovators share their upcoming plans on PeopleSoft and also their ongoing approach to tackling the pandemic related challenges. There’s more to the discussion and a lot you can learn from the three of our latest PeopleSoft Innovators. Watch the video below and see how you can implement the learnings from this discussion.



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