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UPDATED! Where to find us in the Demo Grounds at OpenWorld

NOTE: The PeopleSoft demo pods are in Moscone South, not Moscone West. If you're going to be at OpenWorld, don't forget to visit us at the Demo Grounds in Moscone South. PeopleTools people will be in booths S-113, S-114 and S-116 and below is a table listing all the PeoplSoft booths (use "Edit>Find on this page" or Control-F to search the list) style='border-collapse:collapse;mso-table-layout-alt:fixed;border:none;mso-border-alt:outset black .75pt;mso-padding-alt:2.25pt...

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IB Out Bound Soap Messages with WS-Security

This introduces one of an occasional series which will be created by the PeopleTools Development Team. (remember, if you have any comments on this or any post, click on the email link on the "About" panel) WS-Security: Publishing outbound SOAP messages using WS-Security This document is a set of setup steps for Integration Broker Outbound WSS message on PeopleTools 8.48 and 8.49 ONLY. PeopleTools provides support for WS-Security standard enabling secure web services. It...

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Release Value Propositions available

Two new release value propositions are now available: one covers PeopleTools 8.50, another covers Enterprise Portal 9.1. Both documents provide an overview of the value proposition for the enhancements that are planned for PeopleTools 8.50 and Enterprise Portal 9,1. Both are intended to help you assess the business benefits of these products and to plan your information technology (IT) projects and investments. PeopleTools RVP Enterprise Portal RVP Here is synopsis of the...

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The insidious threat - the hacker behind the firewall

I showed this graphic recently as part of a security presentation and without the context it's probably difficult to see that there is a connection between the objects. This is by no means an exhaustive set but it does open the conversation around the problems of risk compensation and de-perimeterization. While not PeopleSoft or Oracle specific, it is within the realm of security, and Oracle does have products to help mitigate the risk. What are these objects?USB Adapter Cable W...

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Maybe one of the most useful links - EVER! (updated)

Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Hosted PeopleBook website This is the full searchable set of PeopleBooks. It will be updated as the the documentation changes. You can LINK your PeopleSoft applications directly to this site. This is a publicly accessible site. You can also access the PDF versions here - Check this link:Customer Connection References Within PeopleSoft...

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PeopleSoft and LDAP

There are 3 scenarios where LDAP may be used with PeopleSoftDelivered external authenticationIn this instance the customer chooses an attribute in the user object which will contain the PeopleSoft user ID. The login process is configured to access the LDAP server using the user credentials entered in the challenge screen. Signon PeopleCode connects to the LDAP server, retrieves the user object which matches the value entered by the user as the "UserID", extracts the DN from...

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