Friday Dec 21, 2012

Interaction Hub Video Feature Overview

There is a new Video Feature Overview available on the Oracle/PeopleSoft channel on YouTube.   This video provides an overview of the functionality of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, and describes how you can use it to present a contemporary web site-based user experience to your users.

While you are there, check out the video on PeopleSoft's new Global Search capability--another feature that significantly improves the user experience.

We have several more videos planned for PeopleTools technology, as well as PeopleSoft applications, so subscribe to or browse the PeopleSoft YouTube channel.  There is a lot of interesting material there with more to come.

Friday Nov 09, 2012

PeopleTools Collateral Available

We've posted a lot of documentation including presentations, white/red papers, data sheets, and other useful collateral on, a public site.  If you are seeking detailed information on a particular topic, this is a good place to start.  It's a bit hard to find so I'm posting it here.

This resource library contains collateral on general PeopleTools, user experience and interaction--including the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, platforms, security, life-cycle management, reporting and analytics, integration, and accessibility.  There are also links to video feature overviews, viewlets, and appcasts, and the latest release information.

There is much valuable information here, so if you need information about PeopleTools and related information, start here.

Tuesday Sep 18, 2012

New Paper on the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub-PeopleTools Relationship

A new paper has just been published that explains the relationships and dependencies between the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub (formerly the PeopleSoft Applications Portal), and PeopleTools.  This paper will help you understand which versions of the Hub work with which versions of Tools. 

The paper contains information on how new customers can install the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, and existing PeopleSoft Interaction Hub customers can apply PIH 9.1 Feature Pack 1 functionality if they are on an earlier version. It also describes how PeopleSoft Interaction Hub releases are aligned with PeopleTools releases, the general upgrade process within the Feature Pack model, and how customers can expect this to work with subsequent feature packs, maintenance packs, and bundles.

You can get the paper from Oracle support.

Monday Aug 20, 2012

Open World: PeopleSoft Preconference Training Opportunity

If you are attending Open World this fall, you may want to take advantage of some additional PeopleSoft training that will be available.  Finding time to squeeze training into your schedule is never easy, so you may want to consider attending Oracle University’s Preconference training.  This is a one-day event held on Sunday, September 30th from 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Hilton or Hotel Nikko.  You can choose from a couple of PeopleSoft sessions (and Fusion sessions) that are delivered in an accelerated, seminar-style format.  This is a particularly convenient way to get training if you are short on time.


·         PeopleSoft Test Framework Script Creation and Optimization

·         New Integration Technologies for PeopleTools 8.52

·         Oracle Fusion Applications: Security Fundamentals


Get the details about the event here.  To register for the training, just add it to your Oracle OpenWorld pass from the conference registration pages

Thursday Jul 05, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld is on the Horizon

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 is only a few months away, and we're excited about our slate of sessions and other activities scheduled this year.  PeopleSoft sessions are perennially among the best attended and well-received sessions, and we plan to keep that trend going. We have a full complement of sessions planned, from updates for some of your yearly favorites to lots of completely new topics.  Some of the long-standing favorites include the PeopleSoft Technology Roadmap, PeopleTools Tips and Techniques and a number of candid panel discussions.

Coverage of the latest trends include new sessions on PeopleSoft on mobile platforms, PeopleSoft's new user experience and interaction model, advances in reporting and analytics and employing virtualization to reduce costs.  The PeopleTools team is also working closely with Applications groups this year to demonstrate to users how advances in PeopleTools will have a direct and beneficial impact on the latest applications releases.  There are plenty of sessions for developers and administrators as well, from sessions on enhancing, integrating, maintaining, and securing your applications, to tuning for performance.  We'll also update you on the latest platform roadmap.

In addition to these conventional sessions, we will of course be manning the demo pods, where you'll be able to see the latest functionality first hand. We plan to engage in lots of direct customer interaction.  One of the highlights each year for our team as well as attendees is the session in which a panel of senior PeopleTools leaders talks candidly and engages in open Q&A with customers about our products.  This is definitely a discussion worth joining in on.

Keep your eyes on this blog in the coming weeks for details on many of the sessions we have planned.  We look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld 2012!

Wednesday Jun 27, 2012

Introducing the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

The PeopleSoft Applications Portal has just been re-branded as the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub.  It's not just a name change, however.  As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver a richer user experience to PeopleSoft customers, Oracle/PeopleSoft is now offering an extended restricted use license (login required) of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub free with PeopleTools.  This change extends the existing restricted use license to include the following additional capabilities:

  • Dynamic Unified Navigation.  Enables customers to easily provide seamless, unified navigation among their entire PeopleSoft application portfolio.
  • Site-wide branding.  Makes it easier to brand your ecosystem and provide a vivid, contemporary appearance for your applications.

These additions augment the capabilities provided in the previous restricted use license, which remain available: creation and use of collaborative workspaces, and pre-built collaborative services for use in related content.  (See the license notes (login required) for a complete list of everything that is granted with the PeopleTools license.)

PeopleSoft is moving to deliver a contemporary user experience for your applications users, and the this license change supports that direction.  In addition, the name change reflects our positioning of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub as a primary means for unifying your PeopleSoft ecosystem, and providing a richer, web-site-based user experience rather than a pillared, application-based experience.

See this white paper to get an idea of some of the capabilities that you can employ with the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub to enhance the PeopleSoft user experience.  In addition, this red paper provides valuable 'how-to' guidance.  In the near future we will be producing a best practices guide for deployment.  In the mean time, the most recent release/feature pack of the PIH automates the setup of unified navigation with a Workcenter specifically supporting Unified Navigation. This Workcenter guides administrators through the setup process, and streamlines things.  See this data sheet for additional guidance on the restricted use license.

So what should customers do if they still want to use the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub for traditional portal purposes?  Customers can employ the PIH's full capabilities such as multiple site deployment/management and content management, by buying the full, unrestricted license. We are continuing to enhance the product, and it remains part of Applications Unlimited, and we have some exciting features planned.

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Partner Showcase -- GreyHeller

This is the next in a series of posts spotlighting some of our creative partners.  GreyHeller is a PeopleSoft-focused software company founded by PeopleTools alumni Larry Grey and Chris Heller.  GreyHeller’s products focus on addressing the technology needs of PeopleSoft customers in the areas of mobile Enablement, reporting/business intelligence, security, and change management.  The company helps customers protect and extend their investment in PeopleSoft.

GreyHeller’s products and services are in use by nearly 100 PeopleSoft customers on 6 continents.  Their product solutions are lightweight bolt-ons--extensions to a customer’s PeopleSoft environment requiring no new infrastructure.  This makes for rapid implementations.

A major area of interest for PeopleSoft customers these days is mobile enablement.  GreyHeller's current mobile implementations include the following customers:

  • Texas Christian University (Live:  TCU student newspaper article here)
  • Coppin State University (Live)
  • University of Cambridge (June go-live)
  • HealthSouth (June go-live)
  • Frostburg State Univrsity (Q3 go-live)
  • Amedisys (Q3 go-live)
GreyHeller maintains a PeopleTools-focused blog that provides tips, techniques, and code snippets aimed at helping PeopleSoft customers make the most of their PeopleSoft system.  In addition to their blog, the GreyHeller team conducts and records weekly webinars that demonstrate latest PeopleTools features and Tips and techniques.  Recordings of these webinars can be accessed here.

Visit GreyHeller’s web site for more information on the company and its work.

Tuesday May 08, 2012

Partner Showcase -- IntraSee, Inc.

This is the next in a series of posts spotlighting some of our creative partners.  IntraSee , Inc. specializes in portal design and deployment, and providing practical solutions for implementing an Enterprise 2.0 strategy.  They help PeopleSoft customers understand their essential requirements and guide them to a successful user-centric technology strategy with implementations that meet the needs of business.

IntraSee has been successful with an impressive array of PeopleSoft customers from large commercial enterprises, to government agencies and major universities.  Their projects cover a wide range of businesses.  One of their customers' designs recently won an award from the International Association of Human Resources Information Management.  See a presentation with examples here.

IntraSee's approach is to deliver designs that require little or no customizations, but rather, are done as configurations or low-maintenance bolt-ons to PeopleSoft systems. They recognize that content and portals are essential to supporting modern business ecosystems.

Visit IntraSee's web site for more information on the company and their work.  You can also see an interview with IntraSee President Andrew Bedize about their partnership with Oracle.  

Thursday Mar 08, 2012

PeopleSoft and Social Media

Besides this blog, there are lots of public sources for information on PeopleSoft and PeopleTools, particularly in social media.  YouTube contains some great video feature overviews, webcasts, and interviews.  PeopleSoft's pages on Facebook and Twitter give you fresh and current information on all sorts of topics related to PeopleSoft.  You can also interact and collaborate directly with PeopleSoft employees and other customers.  These sites are not limited to PeopleTools, but cover a broad range of PeopleSoft applications and technology.

PeopleSoft on Facebook

PeopleSoft on Twitter

PeopleSoft on YouTube

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

PeopleSoft Applications Portal 9.1 Feature Pack 1 Now available


Oracle/PeopleSoft is happy to announce the first feature pack release of the PeopleSoft Applications Portal. This is the first release in the new continuous release model, which we believe will enable us to make new functionality and features available to customers faster. We also expect that the new features will be easier to uptake in more fine-grained packages. The release continues Oracle’s commitment to protecting and extending the value of PeopleSoft applications. It provides valuable enhancements that improve the productivity of end users, as well as improvements to help reduce the total cost of ownership. While the feature pack contains many enhancements, in this post we'll highlight the major enhancements, including the following:

  • Unified and seamless navigation
  • Content management
  • Collaboration
  • User Experience/PeopleTools uptake

In addition, there are some collaborative capabilities that are provided by the Applications Portal that will also be enhanced. These enhancements will extend beyond the use of the portal.

The English and Multi-Language CD recuts for the PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.1 Feature Pack 1 enhancements are now available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC).  Physical CD shipments will be ready by January 30, 2012. Documentation updates are also complete and available on OSDC and My Oracle Support.

The recertified upgrade scripts are posted to My Oracle Support here:

PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 8.9 to 9.1 Feature Pack 1 Upgrade

PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.0 to 9.1 Feature Pack 1 Upgrade

The Feature Pack recut CD is intended for organizations that are implementing PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.1 newly, or are upgrading from an earlier release.  Feature pack enhancements and maintenance through PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.1 Maintenance Pack 1, and PeopleSoft Portal Solutions Bundle #6 are included in these recuts.

New Release Model

Instead of large Portal releases that occur every two or three years, Oracle-PeopleSoft is moving the Applications Portal to a new release model based on Feature Packs. Feature Packs are a new delivery mechanism supplementing the existing delivery mechanisms of bundles and maintenance packs.

Feature Packs will consist of a roll-up of new features and updates, and in addition, at the delivery of Feature Packs, Oracle will include the roll-up of capabilities and updates previously delivered in bundles and maintenance packs as well as re-certify upgrades and integrations.

Unified Navigation

Setting up the PeopleSoft Applications Portal for use with other PeopleSoft applications has been a manual process prior to Feature Pack 1 (FP1). For example, using Applications Portal to access PeopleSoft HCM and other application pages, an administrator sets up the node and registry entries for each CREF and assigns the security information manually. To automate this process in Applications Portal, we are providing a Workcenter specifically supporting Unified Navigation. The Workcenter will guide administrators through the process, and bring all the necessary pages together to streamline the process.  The Unified Navigation framework federates all PeopleSoft application nodes in one place so everything can be managed from Applications Portal. Unified Navigation supports systems using PeopleTools 8.50 and above.

Content Management

Content management is an important part of Applications Portal, and the following new features make it more useful and powerful:

  • Configurable WorkCenter for delivering and managing content
  • Securable portal content by business data
  • Update Content usage tracking

The content management WorkCenter offers the ability to more easily manage and consume content, and it also provides the ability to capture and display (in related content) additional contextual information such as ratings, tags, and discussions associated with any piece of content. This enriches the user experience by providing users with additional valuable collaborative information about the content they are viewing. The WorkCenter also makes it easier to navigate among published content items.


A few new features are included to facilitate collaboration and other Enterprise 2.0 activities. This includes improvements to Related Attachments and the calendar.

Related Attachments is a new feature provided by Portal’s Related Links service. This service can be used by any application using the Related Content Framework, enabling users to attach files to virtually any PeopleSoft page or component. The Related Links service is context-sensitive, so related attachments can be keyed to specific data on a page.

Calendars in Portal and Collaborative Workspaces will now support aggregating user tasks, worklist tasks, and action items. This brings all relevant time/date dependent events into a user’s calendar, making them easier to manage and act upon. This consolidated calendar streamlines user event management by enabling users to refer to a single calendar to manage their work.

User Experience--PeopleTools Uptake

Some of the enhancements that are extending the value of the PeopleSoft applications to customers include the following:

  • Authorization as a Service
  • Guidance on branding and creating a rich self-service user experience
  • Global Search

Additional and detailed information is available in

Configuring a Contemporary User Experience in PeopleSoft Applications Portal Red Paper (Doc ID 1399586.1)

Portal Solutions Cumulative Feature Overview Tool [ID 793160.1

PeopleSoft Applications Portal Solutions 9.1 Documentation Homepage (Doc ID 887960.1)

Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

PeopleTools 8.52 Upgrade Availability/8.52.03 Patch General Availability

The full PeopleTools minor release can be downloaded from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.  The Patch release bundle can be found on when searching for Updates & Fixes.  The physical patch resides on the Oracle FTP site and will be linked inside documentation that is attached to the bundle.

(Note: Existing PeopleSoft customers on earlier PeopleTools releases who want to upgrade to PT 8.52 can now download and upgrade to PT 8.52!  Don't forget that the PeopleTools 8.52.03 Product Patch is required at install or upgrade when moving to PT 8.52.


The Release Notes, Hardware / Software requirements, Install Guides, PeopleBooks, and much more can all be found on   linked from the 8.52 Documentation homepage:

The PeopleTools 8.52 Upgrade documentation, templates, and related files, have been posted to My Oracle Support and can be found at the following location:

PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52 Upgrade Documentation and Files (ID 1362049.1)

Monday Aug 29, 2011

Creating a Great User Experience in PeopleSoft

There is a perception that PeopleSoft's user experience is somewhat dated and cumbersome, and that it can't be improved.  The reality is that PeopleSoft offers a modern and flexible user experience that can rival modern web applications and web sites.  PeopleTools and PeopleSoft applications are introducing new features and capabilities that will provide such a modern user experience, but there are things customers can do right now that to create a compelling UI for their users.


At Oracle Open World 2011 this fall, we will be presenting a session on how you can craft a great UI in PeopleSoft using configuration, style sheet manipulation, and a little web design--without requiring customization or coding.  This session will offer some basics on using the PeopleSoft Portal as well as some new PeopleSoft capabilities like Workcenters and Dashboards.  These features can greatly improve the user experience for all sorts of users from self-service to navigation and transaction work for power users and managers.  We'll describe what is being delivered, and what you can do for your specific requirements, and we will cover the factors that go into a great user experience.  If you are interested in this subject, please attend session 14020, PeopleSoft Answers:  How to Create a Great PeopleSoft UI.  This session will be on Tuesday, Oct. 4th at 1:15 in Moscone West, room 2024. 

Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Related Content Framework--Great Things Happening

Oracle/PeopleSoft introduced the related content framework in PeopleTools 8.50.  This open and flexible framework enables applications developers and customers to incorporate almost any type of content into the context of a PeopleSoft page to enhance the user's ability to complete a business process or transaction.  The related content framework provides the following overall features:

  • Mash-up PeopleSoft transactions with collaborative, analytical, an informational content (PeopleSoft or non-PeopleSoft)
  • Easy to configure and deploy.  Can be done by SMEs.
  • Can eliminate many customizations (services are configurations).
  • Fully interactive, not read-only.
  • Secure--Uses PS security, same as transaction pages.

  Since 8.50, we've added several enhancements, and at Open World 2011, we'll be demonstrating several of the latest, including...

  • The ability to display multiple services at once in individual pagelets.
  • Option to display related services on the right of the page (can employ screen real estate more efficiently), and within Workcenters.
  • Integration with related actions pop-up menus.  (Results of related actions can be displayed in related content frame.)

 At Open World, we will also be demonstrating how one customer is using related content to empower their users with some compelling use cases.

If you are interested, in learning about how related content can benefit your PeopleSoft applications, come to this session-- PeopleSoft Success: Using the Related Content Framework to Empower Users.

Monday Jul 25, 2011

Using Feeds in PeopleSoft

There are some new features coming in PeopleTools 8.52 that will make creating and managing Feeds in PeopleSoft easier and more useful.   This is provided through several enhancements to the Feed Publishing Framework.


Feed Publishing Wizard

A new Feed Publishing Wizard provides a simplified guide for content owners and administrative

users to create, configure, and maintain feed definitions and feed templates of various types.  This Wizard provides a single interface to create and edit all Feed Data Types in their system.  During the feed creation process, the Feed Publishing Wizard guides you through the creation or editing process with a series of numbered steps indicating where you are the process, including the following:

  • Specify Feed Properties
  • Select Data Source
  • Specify Data Source Parameters
  • Specify Publishing Options


The Feed Publishing Wizard will appear in the Feeds folder in PeopleTools navigation.


Feeds can still be published using existing components like Query Manager and Worklist as well. 



Feed Templates

Feed templates can be produced while creating new feed definitions, and existing feed definitions can also be saved as templates.  You can use the Feed Publishing Framework to use Feed Definitions as templates and then use those templates to create new feed definitions.  Feed templates will be available to users who have access to the Publish Feed Definition capability or the Feed Publishing Wizard in PeopleTools.  Administrators will be able to edit or delete feed templates.


Feeds as Managed Objects

Feed definitions, feed categories, and feed data types will now be PeopleTools managed objects.  This makes it possible to copy Feed Definitions, Feed Categories, and Feed Data Types from one database to another (or to a file) using Application Designer.  Feed managed object caching will help improve performance for Secure Enterprise Search (SES) feeds and public feed requests.  The following objects in Feed Publishing Framework will become managed objects.

  • Feed Definition
  • Feed Categories
  • Feed Data Type


(Note: Feed Templates will be implemented as a Feed Definition with a flag to indicate whether a definition is a feed or template, hence there will no separate managed object for Feed Templates.)



Feed Personalization

Feed personalization allows users or administrators to personalize or configure feeds via the My Feeds page.  For example, a Student might personalize their feed to contain only information pertaining to a class in which they are registered.   Users can click the Personalize link in the My Feeds page to access the User Personalization page, where they can select a Data Source Parameter value that they want to appear by default on the feed when they access it.


Wednesday Jul 06, 2011

New Portal Tech Feature Coming--Interactive Pagelets

A new feature will soon be available via PeopleTools that will fundamentally change the way in which WorkCenters, Dashboards, application homepages, portals, and PeopleSoft pages can be designed and constructed. We call it Interpagelet Communication, and it enables a more interactive and Web 2.0-style of design, where user actions in one pagelet can affect and be reflected in the content in another pagelet. This functionality is possible because in PeopleTools 8.52, PeopleSoft pagelets can communicate with each other by allowing key fields to publish their values to other pagelets and frames.  

A page that includes multiple pagelets can provide users with an experience that allows the content from one part of the page to interact with content from another part. For example, in a WorkCenter, a user might complete a transaction that triggers a status change. The status change could then be reflected in another pagelet that tracks workload and action items, and is also used to update another analytic or status Dashboard pagelet. In such cases, the user actions are reflected more quickly and intuitively in the application interface.

Interpagelet communication allows application page developers to construct PeopleSoft applications in a manner that will give users a more comprehensive and interactive view of inter-related data.  PeopleSoft Application developers are already taking advantage of this feature, and you will see the results in upcoming PeopleSoft Applications releases and feature packs.  Customers will also be able to use this feature for their own pages and PeopleSoft portals when they upgrade to PeopleTools 8.52.

In addition, partial pagelet refresh is now available in the pagelets that are developed using Application Designer. This allows greater user interaction with pagelets. For example, if a pagelet contains a grid control, users can scroll through rows or perform actions like searches and see the results refreshed in the pagelet. Prior to PeopleTools 8.52 any user action on such a pagelet would take users to the target page. This capability has significant benefit for homepages, Dashboards and WorkCenter pages, where functionally-rich pagelets can be displayed.


This blog provides information to the PeopleSoft community, about PeopleSoft Technology, otherwise PeopleTools.

For information about PeopleSoft see the PeopleSoft Strategy Blog.


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