PeopleTools CPU analysis and supported versions of PeopleTools (update for Jan 2017 CPU)

Questions often arise on the PeopleTools versions for which Critical Patch Updates have been published, or if a particular PeopleTools version is supported.  The table in the attached page shows the patch number matrix for PeopleTools versions associated with a particular CPU publication. This information will help you decide which CPU to apply and when to consider upgrading to a more current release. The link in "CPU Date" goes to the landing page forCPU advisories, the link...

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New PeopleTalk on Security

So it looks like I've gone mainstream! I had the opportunity to have a talk with Marc Weintraub which has been posted on the PeopleSoft YouTube channel, here: In this episode of PeopleSoft Talk, Marc talks with Greg Kelly about PeopleSoft security.https://youtu.be/w9n00P2xJCE Don't forget to review the links in the associated My Oracle Support document:My Oracle Support - Useful PeopleSoft Security Links: DocID 2060772.1  https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=...

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Consumer Security for the season and Today's World

Just to go beyond my usual security sessions, I was asked recently to talk to a local business and consumer group about personal cyber security. Here is the document I used for the session and you might find some useful tips. Protecting your online shopping experience -check retailer returns policy -use a credit card rather than debit card, or check the protection on the debit card -use a temporary/disposable credit card e.g. ShopSafe from Bank of America -use a lowlimit credit...

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Security Testing and Defect Discovery

We are often asked, particularly in conversations with customers, if we do vulnerability, or penetration, testing with PeopleSoft and if we discuss the tools we use, or the external testing agencies. The short answer is: Yes, we do vulnerability testing, as part of the release cycle; and no, we don't discuss the testing results, for security reasons. Product development adheres to Oracle's internal secure coding standards and practices.This topic is timely, since the...

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RSA Sign and Verify using PeopleSoft [pluggable] Encryption Technology (PET)

This is another entry created by the PeopleTools Development Team.IntroductionPeopleSoft Encryption Technology enables you to secure sensitive data and ensure secure communications for business processes. It provides a way to determine the degree of cryptography for your need using the ability to build your own encryption profiles. The encryption profile consists of an algorithm chain which is a series of steps that include one or more algorithms and required PeopleSoft...

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