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Save up to 38 percent in costs by running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy

Hard-pressed to decrease IT operational costs or limitations in IT spend, there could be many reasons why our customers ask us “Can we cut our IT operating costs by moving to OCI?


Our analysis states that you can save up to 38 percent in costs by running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) versus running it on-premises. This is mainly due to cost optimization by reducing or eliminating investments in hardware and infrastructure. Think of the significant savings your organization will see by moving to the Oracle cloud.


Let’s also look at the other benefits that moving to OCI brings. Your PeopleSoft application on Cloud will become more elastic and help you either scale up, look into a new IT environment, divest, acquire, or scale down. The flexibility that OCI provides at a lower cost is significant.  And you’ll be able to administer and manage your applications using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.


Various customers have already made the switch to OCI and are experiencing lower costs as well as other benefits. Our customers have taken a unique path to OCI which is best for their business needs. One such customer who has shared their journey to Oracle Cloud is Saint Paul Public Schools. By moving to Oracle Cloud there is almost zero downtime and the infrastructure costs are also down by 75%. You can watch what Saint Paul Public Schools has to say on moving to OCI in a short (1 min 44 sec) video embedded below



As a PeopleSoft customer, you have the option of moving to the cloud. PeopleSoft has made it easy by enabling lift-and-shift to move your environments from on-premises to the cloud. As a PeopleSoft customer, you are also an Oracle customer and can benefit from Oracle’s best-in-class cloud offerings including subscription-based cloud technologies with industry-leading analytics capabilities and infinitely-scalable infrastructure to support your business needs.


If you would like to get a better understanding of the benefits of moving to OCI, watch the video below and also look up the additional resources for further reading…



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