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Personalizing PeopleSoft--Make it Yours

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director

We've talked a lot lately about the ways you can change PeopleSoft to meet your enterprise requirements while minimizing or eliminating the impact on the life cycle. Those conversations have covered isolating customizations and doing configurations. There is another area that is often overlooked and sometimes even resisted by customers: Personalization.

Personalization enables individual end-users to tailor their PeopleSoft user interface to their preferences. They typically do this to make the things that they want prominent and easy to access. Personalization allows users to organize things in a way that makes the most sense to them. Personalizations only affect the user making them, and don't affect other users. Such changes also don't affect any delivered images or functionality, so there is no impact on the life cycle.

I've heard some customers say that they don't permit their users to personalize, but the customers that do permit it are glad they do. Look at it this way: everyone that uses a smartphone personalizes their phone by adding apps, adding pages, moving widgets around, and changing the order of things. People also personalize the desktop of their computers. They do this to operate their devices more efficiently. Your PeopleSoft pages--whether operated on a phone or desktop--are really no different. Users simply want to organize things to suit themselves.

Let's look at some of the ways you can personalize PeopleSoft.

Personalizing Your Homepages

Most users will have access to more than one home page, and the ones you can view depend on your role. Each of those home pages can be personalized to suit your needs. 

To begin, choose the Personalize Homepage option from the ellipsis menu.


This opens the Personalize page. 

Here you can do the following:

  • Remove tiles--Click on the red x in the corner of the tile. This removes the tile from the homepage but doesn't delete it from the system, so you can add it again later or in another location.
  • Move tiles within this homepage--Drag them to your desired location.  Note that this can be done directly on the homepage as well.
  • Add a homepage--You can add any homepage for which you have permission or you can create a new home page. In many cases, users will want to create a personal homepage where they will include tiles they find useful that don't necessarily belong on one of the role-based home pages.

  • Add a tile--You can add any tile to which you have access. Again, you can add a tile to any of your homepages, including your personal homepage. You can search for a tile or browse. Tiles are grouped by area or category to help you find the ones that interest you.

  • Move or Copy a tile--You can move a tile from its current homepage to a different homepage, or copy a tile so it appears on more than one homepage.


Personalizing the NavBar

You can personalize the NavBar in much the same way to can a homepage. You can change the order of tiles, and remove or add tiles.


Setting Your Preferences

Preferences offer a wealth of choices to users. You access this from the My Preferences choice in the ellipsis menu.

On this page, you can set General Settings and how you want to receive Notifications. Pretty much all users can set these preferences. 

You can also set preferences for specific areas based on your roles. In this case, this user can also set preferences for Time and Labor, and Recruiting.

In addition to General settings, you can set preferences based on the region you work, system and app messages, navigation, pop-up notifications, and advanced settings. These are all pretty self-explanatory so I won't cover them in-depth here, but you can read more about them in PeopleBooks if you are so inclined. 

As you can see, there is a lot you can do in the way of personalization and preferences that enable you to make the PeopleSoft UI fit the way you work. So take advantage of them! Also, we're planning some more personalization options in a coming release, so I'll write about that in the future.


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  • peopleux Friday, March 19, 2021
    Thank you for sharing your blog, seems to be useful information can’t wait to dig deep!
  • Ananya Dutta Wednesday, March 24, 2021
    So many times we ignore the existing features and miss out on maximising them. This blog a good reminder of that. Thank you.
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