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Get up to speed on PeopleTools 8.59 with these June events

David Bain
Sr. Director PeopleTools Product Management

Now that you know PeopleTools 8.59 has been released, I'm sure you want to dig into the details and get as much information as you can.  You've probably already visited the information portal and watched the release highlight video, and now you want more.  There are a couple of great opportunities just around the corner.

The first is the Health Industry User Group Interact conference.  All virtual this year (just like last year), this is an opportunity for those in the Health Care industry to get together, share their stories and learn what's new with PeopleTools.  The conference is scheduled for June 14-16.

The PeopleTools strategy team will be at Interact conference and there are a few sessions and panel discussions to put on your calendar.  The opening session on Monday is a good chance to meet, talk about what you are doing, and answer some of your questions.  On Tuesday, there is a PeopleTools Technology Roadmap which will focus on release 8.59, and a Platform Roadmap to cover platform, infrastructure and cloud manager features and direction.  The security roundtable on Wednesday will be joined by Greg Kelly (no introduction necessary). and the conference will wrap up with a chance to learn about how to lower your infrastructure costs and improve your compute performance by running your PeopleSoft Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The following week, June 21-25 is Quest PeopleSoft Week.  Definitely put this virtual event on your calendar.  It's free for corporate and professional members, and only $49 for non-members.  

The session list at PeopleSoft Week has got some outstanding content.  Chatbots, Kibana, Peoplesoft on OCI, PeopleTools Roadmap, you name it, it will be covered.  We'll top it off with a panel where the PeopleTools SIG board and PeopleTools strategy team will host a PeopleTools 8.59 Q&A.  

This is a great opportunity to get some great information from Oracle and the PeopleSoft community. Hope to see you all at these events.