How to Set Up OCI Tenancy for PeopleSoft Cloud Manager – Part II

In the previous blog on setting up tenancy, you learned that a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) and subnets must be created as a prerequisite for PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 6. In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you get the flexibility to configure networking to mimic your on premises environment.  Networking can be configured in many ways for PeopleSoft environments.  You can have separate subnets for demo, development, testing, pre-production and production environments. ...

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How to Set up OCI Tenancy for PeopleSoft Cloud Manager – Part I

In our previous blog we announced the release of the latest PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 6, which includes support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  Cloud Manager for OCI is designed to work in a simple way.  Let’s try to understand those design aspects that must be considered for your planning. Deploy all instances of a PeopleSoft environment in a single OCI Region. Cloud Manager can deploy PeopleSoft environments in only one region, the one in which it is running. ...

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Oracle Releases PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 04

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 04 is now available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  This new version brings in a number of new enhancements and fixes that customers were asking for.  We’re listening to feedback and working hard to incorporate your ideas into the product as quickly as possible. Here are some of the new features to try out in image 04.  Many thanks to Nagendra Krishnappa for putting this together. Multiple Middle-Tier Provisioning The prior images of Cloud Manager...

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PeopleSoft Cloud Manager - Now Available

We’ve been talking about running PeopleSoft Applications on the Oracle Compute Cloud ever since the release of PeopleTools 8.55.  In release 8.55, we changed the way PeopleSoft is packaged and installed, using automated scripts for deployment and configuration. We call that the PeopleSoft CloudArchitecture.  Today, we make it even easier by automating processes like moving on premise environments to the cloud, provisioning of environments, defining topologies,...

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Page Composer for PeopleSoft Fluid Approvals

There is new technology available from PeopleSoft that makes it very easy to configure Fluid Approvals. It’s called Enterprise Common Components Page Composer or often referred to as just Page Composer. With Page Composer, administrators can modify the contents, layout and format of Fluid Approval Pages without having to customize the underlying PeopleTools managed objects (pages and records). Fluid Approvals areoften one of the first product areas that many of you distribute...

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Sample PTF Scripts

There is a great new feature in the latest HCM and FSCM images. PeopleSoft now delivers sample PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Scripts. This is a feature that many have asked for a long time, and we’re happy to make these available. The sample scripts will be very useful. They are nice to see what PTF test scripts are and learn some of the capabilities of PTF. You'll also use them to see some suggested techniques and bestpractices for automating your PeopleSoft Application...

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