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PeopleSoft’s Browser Story Gets “Chromed”

Mark Hoernemann
Platform Strategy Manager

The discussion of Chrome as a supported browser goes back quite some time – I actually don’t recall when the first questions on Chrome support came up, but it was a some time ago and it comes up more often as of late.  Some people played with the new browser in a PeopleSoft environment, and found it to be rather fast, and it made a positive first impression.  But when I pinged customer audiences at OOW and other RUGs, SIGs, PUGs and CABs, very few customers said they were looking to adopt it internally.  Some customers have external interfaces where the browser used can’t be explicitly controlled; but, Chrome was relatively easy to dismiss - until now.

For those that have reviewed the recently posted PeopleTools 8.52 Release Value Proposition, you will see that we announced our intent to support Google Chrome.  Currently, we’re looking at adopting a minimum version of Chrome 10, that’s very likely to change with Google’s aggressive release schedule.   Look in My Oracle Support under Certifications when 8.52 goes GA later this year to see what the minimum version actually is.

We weren’t looking for additional browsers to add to the mix, just to see how big we can make the testing matrix, that’s for sure, so why did we make the change?  Customer input and market share were two big reasons.  As companies process external resumes and university students look to sign up for classes, more and more are looking to use Chrome.  One can find market shares all over the board depending on where you look and what you want to see.  However, the adoption rate of Chrome has been impressive any way you look at it.  Wikipedia tracks multiple sources following Chrome’s adoption rates and they range anywhere from Net Applications’ 12.5% to StatCounter’s 19.4% as of May 2011.

Chrome’s market share continues to grow, and it receives good reviews on the performance front – so it must be clear sailing, right?  Well, that depends on your organization.  There are a vast number of customers that will not be able to tolerate the rapid release of browsers, as well as the automatic updates.  I still have customers asking me for Internet Explorer 6 support with PT 8.5x, *ten years* after IE 6 was first released (BTW, the answer is still no, for anyone still thinking about asking).

I look forward to watching Chrome's adoption within the PeopleSoft community.  If your group decides to get “Chromed”, let me know how it goes.


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  • guest Friday, July 1, 2011

    I use Chrome daily in my work and it goes really well. The only problem I found is that Ctrl+J is not working because that same shortcut opens the download tab. Anyway I take the name of the component from URL.

    It's a great browser, I have no doubts of this.

    Cheers from Argentina!

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