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“What Cloud means for PeopleSoft Customers” - PeopleSoft NOW! Episode 11

Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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In this two-part episode, the discussions revolve around “What Cloud means for PeopleSoft Customers”. Rebekah Jackson and the guests on the show help you answer questions like

  • How can cloud infrastructure reduce your operating costs and by how much?
  • What are the advantages of running a cloud application and how is it different from what you do today?


Part One of the episode is focused on the cloud options you have, what kind of value they offer, and where & how you can explore them. The episode opens with Paco Aubrejuan and Rebekah taking you through strategy around Cloud including PeopleSoft customers having the choice to stay on PeopleSoft, transition PeopleSoft into the cloud, or choose Oracle Cloud Applications. David Bain, Craig Mikus, and Rebekah discuss the benefits of running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the resources that customers can take advantage of and most importantly the benefits of running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud versus other Cloud Instructure providers.  


Part Two of the episode starts with Chris Leone and Rebekah discussing Oracle Cloud Applications and providing some insight into the cloud applications community. The discussion also highlights some of the questions PeopleSoft customers have when considering a transition to Cloud.  In the next segment, Robbin Velayedam talks about the resources available to answer these questions and a cloud webinar series specifically for PeopleSoft customers to learn about the cloud applications.


Don’t miss the Top 5 segment (covered in ‘Part Two’ of Episode 11), where five PeopleSoft Partners share their best recommendations for you when considering your cloud options. Each partner condenses years of insight gained from working with PeopleSoft customers on both Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Applications to provide you with their advice. Just a few examples include…

  1. “Focus on adapting your business processes to industry best practices” -  Julie Seitz, Managing Director, Accenture
  2. “Plan for significant organizational and process changes as you move to cloud [applications]… Sell the benefits” – Keegan Olson, Senior Director (HCM Practice), Apex IT
  3. “By taking advantage of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and Oracle Database Cloud Service…that are available for you exclusively on OCI you can reduce the effort on lifecycle management, database patching, PeopleTools upgrades, and other maintenance activities to reduce your overall cost of operations for PeopleSoft” – Arvind Rajan, CEO, Astute Business Solutions
  4. “….With the governance features in the OCI console, you can set up hard or soft caps on your spend with automated email notifications when thresholds have been reached… Make sure you turn on quota policies which stops a costly service from being accidentally turned on” – Cameron McClurg, Managing Director, SpearMC Consulting
  5. “If [you’re] already live [on] OCI and are looking to optimize performance consider application clustering to provide higher availability and scalability. Leverage a tool that can actually measure the user experience itself, not just the infrastructure and database metrics” – Adeline Elliott, Project Manager, Velocity Business Solutions


The episode closes with Rebekah taking you through the “Keeping in the Know!” section and highlighting many important announcements and resources including these highlights:

  1. PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 36
  2. PeopleSoft CS Update Image 19
  3. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Spotlight Videos
  4. Discover anomalies with User-Friendly Kibana Analytics for Financial and Operational Reporting
  5. Save up to 38 percent in costs by running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  6. Updating Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana


Here are some additional resources mentioned in Episode 11

  1. Cloud Q&A for PeopleSoft Customers (e-Book)
  2. PeopleSoft and Cloud Virtual Summit
  3. PeopleSoft and Cloud Applications Webinar Series

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