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Now Available: PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 11

Mark Hoernemann
Platform Strategy Director

Now Available!

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 11. With its continued focus on making PeopleSoft environments easier to manage and more cost-effective, Image 11 delivers a number of great, new features from which customers will surely benefit. 

Environment Backup and Restore capabilities have been added in Image 11.  Now, you are able to backup all nodes of an environment to object storage and use the backup to restore the environment.  Cloud Manager keeps you informed with the status of both the backup and restore process. That adds robustness, don't you think?

Many customers need to refresh environments, whether that's needed for test environments or obfuscated copies of production databases used for development, you'll find the Environment Refresh from on-premises or cloud enhancement quite valuable.  PS_APP_HOME, PS_CUST_HOME and/or the database can now be refreshed. That should make things easier! 

When provisioning new environments, some easily corrected error conditions pop up from time to time.  Maybe you have a typo when entering a secure password, or there is an OCI quota issue.  If one of these errors would have come up in the past, you would have needed to start the provisioning all over, which can be frustrating if it had already been running for half an hour.  Now, Cloud Manager provides the ability to Retry/Resume following a recoverable error.  Fix that password and continue on from where you were - no starting over.  How's that for a time saver?

Another popular request that we've received is the ability to preserve customizations and configurations through a PeopleTools upgrade or patch application.  With image 11, Cloud Manager will maintain changes made to the application server and process scheduler (psappsrv.cfg and psprcs.cfg) as well as certain webserver config files.  This gives you one less thing to spend time on after an update.

For those looking for more capabilities around Disaster Recovery and High Availability, Cloud Manager adds support for OCI's Fault Domains in Image 11.  I tell you, there's something for everyone in this new image.

Are you looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with your PeopleSoft environments?  Image 11 provides the ability to start/stop environments.  So if you don't need the environments up over the weekend or all night long, shut them down and save the cycles.  Cloud Manager is saving you money.

There are a number of other enhancements packed into Image 11.  The highlights video does a great job actually showing you some of these, and I'd highly recommend spending ten minutes to watch it.  Here's also a link to the highlights video, and a cheat sheet you can use to see your favorite enhancement:

Image Highlights, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 11

00:12 – Database Refresh Support
01:44 – Environment Backup and Restore
02:57 – Retry/Resume Provisioning Support
04:43 – Shared File System for Linux Middle Tier using File Storage Service
06:02 – Zero Downtime Migration Support
07:20 -- Preserve Customizations through PeopleTools Update or Upgrade
08:05 -- Expanded Configuration Support for Elasticsearch and Kibana
08:30 -- Environment Start/Stop Support
09:02 -- Fault Domain Support

I hope you find the enhancements we've delivered in Image 11 beneficial.  We're certainly excited about it.  If you have suggestions for additional enhancements that you'd like to see, be sure to add them in the Ideaspaces so that other customers can evaluate and vote on them.  We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions.


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