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PeopleSoft Applications Portal 9.1 Feature Pack 1 Now available

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director


Oracle/PeopleSoft is happy to announce the
first feature pack release of the PeopleSoft Applications Portal. This is the
first release in the new continuous release model, which we believe will enable
us to make new functionality and features available to customers faster. We also expect that the new features will be
easier to uptake in more fine-grained packages. The release continues Oracle’s commitment to protecting and extending
the value of PeopleSoft applications. It provides valuable enhancements that improve
the productivity of end users, as well as improvements to help reduce the total
cost of ownership. While the feature pack contains many enhancements, in this post we'll highlight the major enhancements, including the following:

  • Unified and seamless navigation
  • Content management
  • Collaboration
  • User Experience/PeopleTools uptake

In addition, there
are some collaborative capabilities that are provided by the Applications
Portal that will also be enhanced. These
enhancements will extend beyond the use of the portal.

The English and Multi-Language CD
recuts for the PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.1 Feature Pack 1 enhancements are
now available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC).  Physical CD
shipments will be ready by January 30, 2012. Documentation updates are
also complete and available on OSDC and My Oracle Support.

The recertified upgrade scripts are
posted to My Oracle Support here:

Portal Solutions 8.9 to 9.1 Feature Pack 1 Upgrade

Portal Solutions 9.0 to 9.1 Feature Pack 1 Upgrade

The Feature Pack recut CD is
intended for organizations that are implementing PeopleSoft Portal Solutions
9.1 newly, or are upgrading from an earlier release.  Feature pack
enhancements and maintenance through PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.1
Maintenance Pack 1, and PeopleSoft Portal Solutions Bundle #6 are included in
these recuts.

New Release Model

Instead of large Portal releases that occur every two or
three years, Oracle-PeopleSoft is moving the Applications Portal to a new release
model based on Feature Packs. Feature
Packs are a new delivery mechanism supplementing the existing delivery
mechanisms of bundles and maintenance packs.

Feature Packs will
consist of a roll-up of new features and updates, and in addition, at the delivery
of Feature Packs, Oracle will include the roll-up of capabilities and updates
previously delivered in bundles and maintenance packs as well as re-certify
upgrades and integrations.

Unified Navigation

Setting up the PeopleSoft Applications Portal for use with other
PeopleSoft applications has been a manual process prior to Feature Pack 1 (FP1). For example, using Applications Portal to access PeopleSoft
HCM and other application pages, an administrator sets up the node and registry
entries for each CREF and assigns the security information manually. To automate this process in Applications Portal, we are providing
a Workcenter specifically supporting Unified Navigation. The Workcenter will guide administrators
through the process, and bring all the necessary pages together to streamline
the process.  The Unified Navigation framework federates all PeopleSoft application nodes
in one place so everything can be managed from Applications Portal. Unified Navigation supports systems using PeopleTools 8.50
and above.

Content Management

Content management is an important part of Applications
Portal, and the following new features make it more useful and powerful:

  • Configurable WorkCenter for delivering and
    managing content
  • Securable portal content by business data
  • Update Content usage

The content management WorkCenter offers the ability to more easily
manage and consume content, and it also provides the ability to capture and
display (in related content) additional contextual information such as ratings,
tags, and discussions associated with any piece of content. This enriches the
user experience by providing users with additional valuable collaborative
information about the content they are viewing. The WorkCenter also makes it
easier to navigate among published content items.


A few new features are included to facilitate collaboration
and other Enterprise 2.0 activities. This includes improvements to Related Attachments and the calendar.


Related Attachments is a new feature provided by Portal’s Related Links
service. This service can be used by any
application using the Related Content Framework, enabling users to attach files
to virtually any PeopleSoft page or component. The Related Links service is context-sensitive, so related attachments
can be keyed to specific data on a page.

Calendars in Portal and Collaborative Workspaces
will now support aggregating user tasks, worklist tasks, and action items. This brings all relevant time/date dependent
events into a user’s calendar, making them easier to manage and act upon. This consolidated calendar streamlines user
event management by enabling users to refer to a single calendar to manage
their work.

User Experience--PeopleTools Uptake

Some of the
enhancements that are extending the value of the PeopleSoft applications to customers
include the following:

  • Authorization as a Service
  • Guidance on branding and creating a rich
    self-service user experience
  • Global Search


Additional and detailed information is available in my.oracle.support:

Configuring a
Contemporary User Experience in PeopleSoft Applications Portal Red Paper (Doc
ID 1399586.1)

Portal Solutions Cumulative Feature Overview Tool [ID 793160.1

PeopleSoft Applications Portal Solutions 9.1 Documentation Homepage (Doc ID 887960.1)





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