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New Portal Tech Feature Coming--Interactive Pagelets

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director

A new feature will soon be available via PeopleTools that will fundamentally change the way in which WorkCenters, Dashboards, application homepages, portals, and PeopleSoft pages can be designed and constructed. We call it Interpagelet Communication, and it enables a more interactive and Web 2.0-style of design, where user actions in one pagelet can affect and be reflected in the content in another pagelet. This functionality is possible because in PeopleTools 8.52, PeopleSoft pagelets can communicate with each other by allowing key fields to publish their values to other pagelets and frames.  

A page that includes multiple pagelets can provide users with an experience that allows the content from one part of the page to interact with content from another part. For example, in a WorkCenter, a user might complete a transaction that triggers a status change. The status change could then be reflected in another pagelet that tracks workload and action items, and is also used to update another analytic or status Dashboard pagelet. In such cases, the user actions are reflected more quickly and intuitively in the application interface.

Interpagelet communication allows application page developers to construct PeopleSoft applications in a manner that will give users a more comprehensive and interactive view of inter-related data.  PeopleSoft Application developers are already taking advantage of this feature, and you will see the results in upcoming PeopleSoft Applications releases and feature packs.  Customers will also be able to use this feature for their own pages and PeopleSoft portals when they upgrade to PeopleTools 8.52.

In addition, partial pagelet refresh is now available in the pagelets that are developed using Application Designer. This allows greater user interaction with pagelets. For example, if a pagelet contains a grid control, users can scroll through rows or perform actions like searches and see the results refreshed in the pagelet. Prior to PeopleTools 8.52 any user action on such a pagelet would take users to the target page. This capability has significant benefit for homepages, Dashboards and WorkCenter pages, where functionally-rich pagelets can be displayed.

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