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When Should I Use Kibana vs Other PeopleSoft Analytics?

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director

Many of you have probably heard from our conference presentations and webinars about the integration of Kibana into PeopleSoft.  For those that might be unaware, Kibana is a powerful, open-source analytic tool provided by the same people that bring us Elasticsearch.  It uses Elasticsearch indexes as the data source.

We first introduced Kibana in PeopleTools 8.57.  In that release, Kibana was only available for PS admins for index and system analysis.  

With 8.58, Kibana is integrated into the PeopleSoft user interface.  Now end users can use Kibana to run all sorts of valuable analytics on application data.  Kibana has an easy and intuitive user interface and it provides some unique capabilities that make it a worthy choice where other analytic solutions might not be optimal.  What's more, PeopleSoft role-based security is applied to the analytics, so users will only have access to the information to which they have permission.

Our application teams will be delivering Kibana visualizations and dashboards in upcoming images (running on PeopleTools 8.58), but customers will be able to easily create their own Kibana visualizations and dashboards as well.

So when would one choose to use Kibana, and when would one choose to use pivot grids or simplified analytics?

Generally speaking, when large volumes of data are involved and performance is a key consideration, Kibana is a good choice.  This is because Kibana draws its data from the Elastic indexes rather than the transactional database.  This enables Kibana to provide fast retrieval of data.  Another benefit is that running Kibana analytics will not affect transactional performance.  There is no hard rule, however.  In some cases, you could choose either Kibana or Simplified Analytics/Pivot Grids and either choice will be fine.  Evaluating your requirements using the above criteria will indicate the best choice.

We think Kibana is an important addition to our catalog of PeopleSoft analytic options and one that will appeal to many customers for their analytic needs.  It may even provide important insights and decision support in areas that were neglected because of the limitations of other solutions.

There is information on Kibana in PeopleBooks for PeopleTools.  This covers deployment and setup as well as using Kibana for application data.  More information on delivered visualizations and dashboards will be coming in application image updates.  There is also a Video Feature Overview posted on the PeopleSoft YouTube channel, and a Spotlight Series video is coming soon.  Keep your eye on peoplesoftinfo.com for additional information about Kibana with PeopleSoft.

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