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Consumer Security for the season and Today's World

Greg Kelly
Product Strategy Director - Security

Just to go beyond my usual security sessions, I was asked recently to talk to a local business and consumer group about personal cyber security. Here is the document I used for the session and you might find some useful tips.

Protecting your online shopping

- check retailer
returns policy

- use a credit
card rather than debit card, or check the protection on the debit card

- use a
temporary/disposable credit card e.g. ShopSafe from Bank of America

- use a low
limit credit card - with protection, e.g. AMEX green card

- check your
account for random small amount charges and charitable contributions

- set spending
and "card not present" alerts

Protecting email

- don't use
same passwords for business and personal accounts

- use a robust
email service provider

- set
junk/spam threshold in your email client

- only use web
mail for low risk accounts (see Note below)

- don't click
on links in the email, DON’T click on links in email – no matter who you think
sent it

Protecting your computer

- if you
depend on a computer/laptop/tablet for business, ONLY use it for business

- don't share
your computer with anyone, including your children

- if you
provide your children with a computer/laptop, refresh them from "recovery
disks" on a periodic basis

- teach
children value of backing up important data

- if possible
have your children only use their laptops/devices in family rooms where the activity
can be passively observed

- use
commercial, paid subscription, antivirus/anti malware on all devices (see Note

- carry and
use a security cable when traveling or away from your office

Protecting your smart

- don't share
your device

- make sure
you have a secure lock phrase/PIN and set the idle timeout

- don't
recharge it using the USB port on someone else's laptop/computer

- ensure the
public Wi-Fi which you use is a trusted Wi-Fi (also - see Note below)

- store your
data in the cloud, preferably not (or not only) the phone/tablet

- don't have
the device "remember" your password, especially for sensitive

- exercise
caution when downloading software e.g. games/apps, especially "free" software
(see Note below)

Protect your social network

- don't mix
business and personal information in your social media account

- use separate
passwords for business and personal social media accounts

- ensure you
protect personal information from the casual user

- check what
information is being shared about you or photos tagged by your

- don't share
phone numbers or personal/business contact details,

e.g. use the "ask me for my ..." feature

General protection and the
“Internet of Things”

- be aware of
cyber stalking

- be aware of surreptitious

e.g. “Google Glass” and smart phone cameras

- consider “nanny”
software, especially for children’s devices

- be aware of “click
bait” – e.g. apparently valid “news” stories which are really sponsored

- be aware of ATM
“skimming”, including self serve gas

- be aware of
remotely enabled camera and microphone (laptop, smart phone, tablet)

Note: Remember, if you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the

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