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Configure PeopleSoft to Meet Your Needs

Matthew Haavisto
Product Management Director

One of the most popular and powerful aspects of PeopleSoft has always been the ability to customize and configure your applications to meet the unique requirements of your enterprise.  The downside of customization is that those changes were expensive to maintain.  Over the past several years and PeopleTools releases, we have introduced several features to enable you to isolate customizations, thus minimizing the impact and cost of maintaining them.  Such features include Page and Field Configurator, drop zones, event mapping, and App Engine plugins.

In this post, I'd like to distinguish between customization and configuration, and focus on features you can use to configure your PeopleSoft applications and align the user interface with your enterprise, tailoring it to your users' needs and preferences. Let's take a look at these features...

Benefits of Configuration

Consider these advantages of configuration

  • Easy to do without coding
  • Powerful—you have many options
  • Target navigation and interaction to your users and roles
  • Reduce impact on maintenance & image uptake (easier, faster, and cheaper)

Configuration Features

Here are the main features you should consider using. These are all simple, fast, and easy to do:

Home Pages & Dashboards
Create your own home pages for roles, projects, or teams in your organization. Include the tiles that are meaningful to you.

Create your own. Use Tile Wizard. Tiles can point to PeopleSoft or external content. Consider what your users need and what would make their navigation easier and more intuitive.

Navigation Collections
This simple but powerful utility, lets you provide groups of menu items for specific, targeted processes or activities.

Related Information
Add almost any information that can improve users' ability to complete transactions. This could include analytics, training/guidance/documentation, external resources, other PeopleSoft content.

Simplified Analytics
Puts analytic power in the hands of end-users. Lets users create analytics for their needs.

  • Simple 3-step process offering different visualizations and report templates
  • End-users can create their own analytics in the context of transactions
  • Secure, Fresh Data
  • Publish analytics and add them to Dashboards, Home Pages, or Related Information Frame
  • Publish to Tile Repository
  • Administrators can create and push prepared reports to end-users

Aggregates related menu items and other content in one convenient place.

  • Streamline navigation
  • More than just Master/Detail—Sections in Nav Pane offer more than just menu items
  • Designed for specific Role or Purpose
  • Can contain analytics and related information to assist with process and decisions

Activity Guides
Guide your users through complex or infrequently performed activities. 

  • Improve precision, reduce user errors 
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for training
  • Reduce or eliminate documentation
  • Increase productivity

Apply your enterprise colors, logos, and other elements that reflect your company's or institution's branding theme. You can create your own branding themes, and set over 200 different aspects of your fluid environment.

Forms and Approval Builder
Eliminate paper forms in your business processes and replace them with online forms. Make them available within your PeopleSoft business processes.

Page Composer
Create custom pages for approval processes.

Give Them a Try

These features can be used in concert to make meaningful changes to your user interface.  Note that our applications teams deliver many instances for all of these features with the images you install.  The key thing to keep in mind is that you can create your own without conflicting with the delivered instances. Give these features a try and tailor your PeopleSoft applications user interface to the needs of your users.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Paul Taylor Thursday, March 4, 2021
    Thanks Matt, this is a great high-level summary of the delivered configuration tools - maybe the most concise I've seen. I'll be pointing people to it!
  • Paul Taylor Thursday, March 4, 2021
    Thanks Matt, this is a great high-level summary of the delivered configuration tools; probably the most concise and comprehensive I've seen. I'll be pointing people to it!
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