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Cloud Manager 11 and Zero Downtime – Migrate and Manage Your PeopleSoft Applications in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Rajesh Muthukrishnan
Product Manager

Easy, Optimised Migration 

Operating your PeopleSoft environments in the cloud has become even easier with the availability of the powerful Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) tool from the Oracle portfolio of cloud services. ZDM provides support to seamlessly migrate your on-premises Oracle Databases to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The ZDM tool supports the migration of a wide range of Oracle Databases with almost no downtime.

As powerful as it is, an additional advantage of the ZDM tool is that it is adaptable with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 11. Your migrated environments can be easily imported into the Cloud Manager as a managed instance. Once imported, the LCM activities like PeopleTools self-upgrade, application of PRPs, maintenance of PS_APP_HOME, CUST_HOME, and the Database, Refresh, Start/Stop, Backup and Restore environments are some of the critical operations that can be performed on the managed environments.

This improves the user experience, reduces operational cost, and improved automation helps reduce manual tasks.

Let’s take a deeper look at how these two tools migrate and manage your environments.

Step 1 – Migrate the database using ZDM

The process to migrate your on-premise environment using the ZDM tool is intuitive and quick.

· The user downloads and configures the ZDM tool.

· ZDM connects the source database to the Object Store.

· ZDM orchestrates the database transfer and the backup of files.

· ZDM synchronizes the primary and standby databases.

· ZDM finalizes the migration process.

Note: The time to complete the migration depends on the size of your database and application.

Step 2 – Import and manage the database into the Cloud Manager

In this step, the migrated database is restored and managed as a Cloud Manager instance. The user gets to add a node, create a new DBaaS, and plug the new PDB and execute other life cycle management operations on the environment.

· Cloud Manager imports the metadata about the database from the object store

· Creates a new DBaaS with the new PDB plugged into it

· User can use the add node feature to add the mid-tiers into the environment

· Entire environment is now a Cloud Manager managed environment which enables the users to execute all the life cycle management activities.


Learn more about ZDM:

Learn more about the latest version of Cloud Manager here:




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