Wednesday Jun 27, 2012

Introducing the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

The PeopleSoft Applications Portal has just been re-branded as the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub.  It's not just a name change, however.  As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver a richer user experience to PeopleSoft customers, Oracle/PeopleSoft is now offering an extended restricted use license (login required) of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub free with PeopleTools.  This change extends the existing restricted use license to include the following additional capabilities:

  • Dynamic Unified Navigation.  Enables customers to easily provide seamless, unified navigation among their entire PeopleSoft application portfolio.
  • Site-wide branding.  Makes it easier to brand your ecosystem and provide a vivid, contemporary appearance for your applications.

These additions augment the capabilities provided in the previous restricted use license, which remain available: creation and use of collaborative workspaces, and pre-built collaborative services for use in related content.  (See the license notes (login required) for a complete list of everything that is granted with the PeopleTools license.)

PeopleSoft is moving to deliver a contemporary user experience for your applications users, and the this license change supports that direction.  In addition, the name change reflects our positioning of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub as a primary means for unifying your PeopleSoft ecosystem, and providing a richer, web-site-based user experience rather than a pillared, application-based experience.

See this white paper to get an idea of some of the capabilities that you can employ with the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub to enhance the PeopleSoft user experience.  In addition, this red paper provides valuable 'how-to' guidance.  In the near future we will be producing a best practices guide for deployment.  In the mean time, the most recent release/feature pack of the PIH automates the setup of unified navigation with a Workcenter specifically supporting Unified Navigation. This Workcenter guides administrators through the setup process, and streamlines things.  See this data sheet for additional guidance on the restricted use license.

So what should customers do if they still want to use the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub for traditional portal purposes?  Customers can employ the PIH's full capabilities such as multiple site deployment/management and content management, by buying the full, unrestricted license. We are continuing to enhance the product, and it remains part of Applications Unlimited, and we have some exciting features planned.

Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Oracle Hosts Successful PeopleSoft Customer Advisory Board Meetings

Last week, Oracle hosted the annual Customer Advisory Board meetings for various PeopleSoft applications, including the PeopleTools CAB.  The three day event at the Oracle headquarters brought together over 90 customers, with over 170 representatives taking part.  This was the largest CAB event PeopleSoft has had to date.  The focus of the event was to share our vision for PeopleSoft, and gain valuable input from our customer base on our direction and focus areas. 

The customer feedback we received for the event was extremely positive, matching the sentiment on our side.  The information our CAB members provided was excellent; it will help ensure that we focus on the areas that matter most to our customers.   I’d like to thank all the customers that took the time out of their schedules to hear where we’re looking to go in the future, and provide guidance on how we can best assist our customer base on remaining successful in the marketplace.

Thursday Mar 29, 2012

Partner Showcase - Succeed

As the first of an occasional series where we showcase some of our more creative consulting partners, Succeed, based in the UK, has produced this video showing the use of open source tools with PeopleSoft.
(note this opens in a new window)

Succeed is one of the feeds on the Google reader feed on this PeopleTools blog page, but you can go directly to their blog here:

You can see the Google feeds in the right hand navigation panel, scroll to see "Bookmarks" 

Friday Oct 28, 2011

PeopleTools 8.52 is Generally Available

Oracle PeopleSoft is pleased to announce the availability of PeopleTools 8.52. Effective 10/28/11, this release is generally available for electronic download from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Existing customers who wish to upgrade to PeopleTools 8.52 will be able to do so beginning in November.

PeopleTools 8.52 is important to PeopleSoft customers because it provides significant end-user value and demonstrates Oracle's ongoing commitment to the PeopleSoft product family. The PeopleTools features and capabilities in our recent releases have created more customer excitement than we have seen in years. Many customers have told us they are preparing upgrade plans in order to gain access to these important and valuable features.

The release includes many new features and enhancements that will benefit owners of existing applications while also providing the basis for upcoming application Feature Packs to be released in coming months. PeopleTools 8.52 is a certified upgrade for 8.9 and later applications (eg. 9.0, 9.1 plus 9.1 Feature Packs). It is also certified as an upgrade for FMS8.8. Please note that it is not certified for use with other 8.8 or earlier applications. (See note on My Oracle Support regarding Maximum PeopleTools Release "MPR")

Check out Oracle's PeopleTools 8.52 PeopleBooks:

Check out, or revisit, these new and expanded PeopleBooks:

Development Tools
- PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Documents Technology
- PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Search Technology
- PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleTools Portal Technologies

Reporting and Analysis Tools
- PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Pivot Grid
- PeopleTools 8.52: Reporting Web Services

Integration Tools
- PeopleTools 8.52: Feed Publishing Framework

Administration Tools
- PeopleTools 8.52: Performance Monitor
- PeopleTools 8.52: Security Administration
- PeopleTools 8.52: System and Server Administration

Lifecycle Management Tools
- PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Application Designer Lifecycle Management Guide
- PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Change Impact Analyzer
- PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Test Frameworkv

Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Related Content Framework--Great Things Happening

Oracle/PeopleSoft introduced the related content framework in PeopleTools 8.50.  This open and flexible framework enables applications developers and customers to incorporate almost any type of content into the context of a PeopleSoft page to enhance the user's ability to complete a business process or transaction.  The related content framework provides the following overall features:

  • Mash-up PeopleSoft transactions with collaborative, analytical, an informational content (PeopleSoft or non-PeopleSoft)
  • Easy to configure and deploy.  Can be done by SMEs.
  • Can eliminate many customizations (services are configurations).
  • Fully interactive, not read-only.
  • Secure--Uses PS security, same as transaction pages.

  Since 8.50, we've added several enhancements, and at Open World 2011, we'll be demonstrating several of the latest, including...

  • The ability to display multiple services at once in individual pagelets.
  • Option to display related services on the right of the page (can employ screen real estate more efficiently), and within Workcenters.
  • Integration with related actions pop-up menus.  (Results of related actions can be displayed in related content frame.)

 At Open World, we will also be demonstrating how one customer is using related content to empower their users with some compelling use cases.

If you are interested, in learning about how related content can benefit your PeopleSoft applications, come to this session-- PeopleSoft Success: Using the Related Content Framework to Empower Users.

Sunday Jul 03, 2011

Oracle Critical Patch Update and Security Alerts

This is opportune, since the next Critical Patch Update will be released on July 19. You need to ensure that you, and other members of your team involved with systems maintenance and security receive these alerts. If you don't already, you can subscribe to the alerts on Oracle technology network, OTN.

Go to

Login with your My Oracle Support credentials.
Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on "Subscribe"
Subscribe to security alerts.

By the way, anyone on your team should have an OTN account, it doesn't cost anything and doesn't get you on a spam mailing list, and they don’t need to have a personal My Oracle Support account. There’s a wealth of information on OTN.

Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts

A great resource!
RSS Feed:
(This is really useful, just add it to your favorite feed reader)

From CPU alert page you can navigate to a particular advisory, including historical information.

For additional reference see the following  blogs: (where you're probably reading this!)

There are some PeopleTools security related posts here, but check the reader feeds as well under bookmarks on this page:
o Google Reader feed for PeopleSoft 
o Google Reader feed for Security

See also:
This is the Oracle security blog with great postings by people deeply involved in all aspects of security and the standards organizations.



Friday Jul 01, 2011

PeopleSoft’s Browser Story Gets “Chromed”

The discussion of Chrome as a supported browser goes back quite some time – I actually don’t recall when the first questions on Chrome support came up, but it was a some time ago and it comes up more often as of late.  Some people played with the new browser in a PeopleSoft environment, and found it to be rather fast, and it made a positive first impression.  But when I pinged customer audiences at OOW and other RUGs, SIGs, PUGs and CABs, very few customers said they were looking to adopt it internally.  Some customers have external interfaces where the browser used can’t be explicitly controlled; but, Chrome was relatively easy to dismiss - until now.

For those that have reviewed the recently posted PeopleTools 8.52 Release Value Proposition, you will see that we announced our intent to support Google Chrome.  Currently, we’re looking at adopting a minimum version of Chrome 10, that’s very likely to change with Google’s aggressive release schedule.   Look in My Oracle Support under Certifications when 8.52 goes GA later this year to see what the minimum version actually is.

We weren’t looking for additional browsers to add to the mix, just to see how big we can make the testing matrix, that’s for sure, so why did we make the change?  Customer input and market share were two big reasons.  As companies process external resumes and university students look to sign up for classes, more and more are looking to use Chrome.  One can find market shares all over the board depending on where you look and what you want to see.  However, the adoption rate of Chrome has been impressive any way you look at it.  Wikipedia tracks multiple sources following Chrome’s adoption rates and they range anywhere from Net Applications’ 12.5% to StatCounter’s 19.4% as of May 2011.

Chrome’s market share continues to grow, and it receives good reviews on the performance front – so it must be clear sailing, right?  Well, that depends on your organization.  There are a vast number of customers that will not be able to tolerate the rapid release of browsers, as well as the automatic updates.  I still have customers asking me for Internet Explorer 6 support with PT 8.5x, *ten years* after IE 6 was first released (BTW, the answer is still no, for anyone still thinking about asking).

I look forward to watching Chrome's adoption within the PeopleSoft community.  If your group decides to get “Chromed”, let me know how it goes.


PeopleSoft Test Framework enhancements

by Scott Schafer

One of the most talked about features of the 8.51 release of PeopleTools is getting better and easier to use with proposed enhancements in the 8.52 release. This new feature is the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF). For those of you not familiar with PTF, it was introduced in the 8.51 and is a tool that automates the testing of the PeopleSoft application. In addition to system testing, PTF provides critical information for understanding how change will impact a PeopleSoft application. The change analysis comes from the integration of the PTF test case meta-data and compare report and usage monitor data.

The proposed 8.52 enhancements will help users implement PTF much quicker and easier by shortening the time needed to create new test cases or edit existing ones. Tool bar enhancements help optimize the test case development process by easing the way users set variables, add documentation, add screen shots and start/stop the test case recording sessions. Test case developers are also given the ability to export test cases to flat files, so that large volumes of test data can be edited quickly and easily before importing the data back into the database for playback purposes.

To learn more about the new features of the PTF and the 8.52 release of PeopleTools, please review the Release Value Proposition (RVP doc id = 1327656.1) document located on My Oracle Support.

Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

The popular Cumulative Feature Overview Tool now has a new column that indicates if functionality was introduced in a bundle or maintenance pack (see example).


The CFO tool helps you plan your upgrades by providing concise descriptions of new and enhanced solutions and functionality that have become available between your starting and target releases. You simply identify the products you own, your existing release, and your target implementation release. With a single click, the tool quickly produces a customized set of high-level, concise descriptions of features developed between your starting and target releases.

The CFO is available for PeopleTools as well as PeopleSoft applications.

Monday Jun 20, 2011

New PeopleSoft Applications Search

As you may have seen from the PeopleTools 8.52 Release Value Proposition , PeopleTools intends to introduce a new search capability in release 8.52. We believe this feature will not only improve the ability of users to find content, but will fundamentally change the way people navigate around the PeopleSoft ecosystem. PeopleSoft applications will be delivering this new search in coming releases and feature packs.

PeopleSoft Application Search is actually a framework—a group of features that provides an improved means of searching for a variety of content across PeopleSoft applications. From a user experience perspective, the new search offers a powerful, keyword-based search presented in a familiar, intuitive user experience.

Rather than browsing through long menu hierarchies to find a page, data item, or transaction, users can use PeopleSoft Application Search to directly navigate to desired locations. We envision this to be similar to how people navigate across the internet. This capability may reduce or even eliminate the need to navigate PeopleSoft applications using the existing application menu system (though menus will still be available to people that prefer that method).

The new search will be available at any point in an application and can be configured to span multiple PeopleSoft applications. It enables users to initiate transactions or navigate to key information without using the PeopleSoft application menus.

In addition, filters and facets will enable people to narrow their search results sets, making it easier to identify and navigate to desired application content. Action menus are embedded directly in the search results, allowing users to navigate straight to specific related transactions – pre-populated with the selected search results data.

PeopleSoft Applications Search framework uses Oracle’s Secure Enterprise Search as its search engine. Most Customers will benefit from the new search when it is delivered with applications. However, customers can start deploying it after a Tools-only upgrade. In this case, however, customers would have to create their own indices and implement security.

Tuesday Jun 14, 2011

Sneak Peek of PeopleTools 8.52

For those that want a sneak peek into the 8.52 release of PeopleTools, the 8.52 Release Value Proposition has been posted on My Oracle Support (see link below).

The PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52 release continues Oracle’s commitment to protect and extend the value of PeopleSoft applications by providing additional technology options and enhancements that reduce ongoing operating costs, as well as improve the end user’s experience.

Key areas of investment for the 8.52 release include:
  • Increasing User Productivity
  • Improving System Navigation
  • Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership

The scope for the PeopleTools 8.52 release continues the practice of including accumulated bug fixes as well as enhancements based upon customer feedback. In addition, features are being added to improve the application user’s experience, introduce a new paradigm of navigation and page interaction, and improve the cost-effectiveness of PeopleSoft applications by certifying new versions of platform components.

Thursday Aug 26, 2010

PeopleTools 8.51 Advisor Webcast available

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Monday Jun 21, 2010

Windows 7 Now Certified with PeopleSoft

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Thursday Apr 29, 2010

PeopleSoft and Fusion Middleware White Paper

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Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

Release Value Proposition for PeopleTools 8.51 is now available

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Thursday Oct 29, 2009

PeopleTools 8.50 Upgrade Scripts Now Available

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Friday Oct 02, 2009

General Availability of PeopleSoft Portal Solutions 9.1

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Monday Sep 28, 2009

Why are we concerned about a "sniffer" behind the firewall?

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Thursday Sep 24, 2009

New Update on "Got PeopleTools enhancements?" posting

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Tuesday Sep 08, 2009

Got PeopleTools enhancements? Be part of the PeopleTools future!

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